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meet shield
2007-09-21, 02:02 PM
Hi to everybody!
Yes, my pseudo-elemental-character-vulnerable-to-the-water is here again.
Cause I need of tell to someone what my DM give me for 15000 XP and my soul too.
(In this case, 1d10+3 pf, +1 base attack bonus, +1 to the constitude and will save rolls and +1 spellcaster level).
So, he give me automatic and obblygatory energy sostitution (fire), when I am a warmage and I live for blast). He give my resistence 10 at the fire and vulnerable at the cold damage. He give me vulnerable at the water (he consider it like lava for me. Fortunatly, here don't rain). He give me +1 spellcaster level, but only for the enchantment with the base descriptor "fire". And, when I cast a base "Fire" spell and I inflict incisivity damage, my target also have to roll on constitude or have one damage to constituction. WOW.:smallconfused:

So, at the end.

1 he give me one spellcaster level, but only for some spells, when if I normally take a new level I have one spellcaster level for ALL the spells.

2He give me resistence 10 at one energy tipe, vulnerable to one other energy tipe and vulnerable to the water! and, fotunatly, I have a feat and I take Bonus Spell: immunity to the energy, so, for a seventh level spell slot I don't take damage from the water, but I'm not immune to the cold.

3 He give me one advantage, but a simple fourth level cleric spell can destroy it .

4 with obligatory energy sostitution, a seventh level spell make me useless.

So, for you, I have to use the poison or the knife for kill my DM?

2007-09-21, 02:05 PM
Ummm. Dust of Dryness?

Could you rephrase the question?

2007-09-21, 02:19 PM
First of all. Demand Fire Immunity. Nothing less makes sense. Then at least you can blast without worrying about yourself.

Secondly, 5th level Wizard Spell (Anti-Fire Sphere) completely negates you, in an area. Yeah, you are screwed.

Finally, Knife. He needs to see it coming and he needs to know it is you doing it to him.

DISCLAIMER:I do not condone murder or torture, above is only a joke.

2007-09-21, 02:27 PM

I'd see if you can convince your DM of one other thing: That your Fire energy deals 100% damage against objects when you cast a spell to destroy them; normally, Fire only deals half damage, but you could say your fire is intense enough to destroy things like stone and metal.

From there, you get creative. When someone is defended from fire magic, you destroy objects around them; collapse the ceiling onto them, that kind of thing. You could do that sort of thing with 50% damage reduction on your spells, but it'll be tricky.

meet shield
2007-09-21, 02:27 PM
Yha, I also prefer the knife.

But, how I can do?

He promise my some sort of "tatoo" with some power, in the immediatly future... but... what for now!

We are in a civil war, and in the next section we and our enemyes will fight toghethere versus another group of badguyus... And, of course, my enemyes will discover all this thing! And then? How I can do!?:smallfrown:

meet shield
2007-09-21, 02:32 PM
It's an idea... but our best enemy have damage reduction 35... I don't think I can do same damage to him whit this type of attack...
Also, I can cast Strenght spell without energy sostituction, but I am a shadow of the blaster of I was... and I have only three spell of strong damage, one with light damage and one negative energy damage...

2007-09-21, 03:05 PM
it sounds to me like your dm is ripping you off? :smallconfused: