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2018-12-08, 06:19 PM
Hello all. This is the Warrior subclass for the Fighter of 5th edition. I know the Champion is usually regarded as the "Generic Fighter", in the vein of the Thief, Open Palm, etc. subclasses. But you know, the Champion always seemed a little specific(And not very good compared to the others) for the "Generic" subclass option. It regenerates, has elements of Skillmonkey, and is kind of a crit-fisher. None of those are really elements of the initial Fighter class, so it's not really... You know. "Generic".

I've attempted to remedy that fact. The Warrior doesn't really do anything a normal fighter wouldn't already(Survives and doles out a lot of pain, makes a lot of attacks, etc.), it's just better at them. Here it is.

Warrior (https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/SJUmAqwCX)

Superiority Dice
These stay as d8's the whole time, and they're not the focus. Just a little help with things they're already good at. Deal some damage, survive some damage, be good at not dying via Fireball, etc.

Warrior Dice
The warrior die exists mostly as a Ribbon until 9th level, since Fighters will be using Longbows, Longsword/Rapiers, Greataxes, etc. The damage will usually be higher on it's own. 9th level is when it starts to meaningfully impact things(Particularly TWF and Throw, since your Javelins and Scimitars now get to compete with Longswords), but even then it's a relatively small damage booster(~3 damage per turn). At 13 it's a bit more, but still losing/tying with just normally wielding weapons(Two-handed weapons or weapons with the Dueling Fighting Style, but still). And by 17th level, you're basically gods, so the ~3-4 damage buff on your attacks isn't even noteworthy, in the end.

Special Training
These are the ones I'm worried about, but I think they're pretty much fine.

It's some blindsense at the cost of an action, and it's not even a big radius. Just in case your dragon becomes invisible, or you wanna be Daredevil. It's still an action, though, so it should be fine.

This is to help them Fighters with not-great AC's. Realistically speaking, Fighters will have AC 15-20, with a bit of a magic bonus later on. (Studded Leather and +5 being a 17, right in that middle, with Plate+Shield hitting 20). They're real easy to hit, so this is basically a modified DD feat(Which is a little weak, so I think it's fine). You're still giving up an action, it just means that your Dodge helps a bit more. You're still just surviving the onslaught.

Feinting Attack from Battlemaster is kind of meh, but has a resource cost and adds damage. Attacks have a pretty good chance of hitting without advantage(Some exceptions apply, obviously, but generally speaking), and it's pretty easy to get otherwise. This shouldn't be much of a problem.

Basically Heavy Armor Master, but not utter garbage. This might save your life a couple times, and if it's paired with the superiority die effect that does the same, it can be some pretty reliable survival tactics. The net benefit probably won't be too big, but this is one I'd like feedback on especially.

A nice damage buff on melee weapons. At higher levels, this makes your attacks deal 1d12+11(14 with +3 weapon) damage a pop, which is pretty nice. I don't think it's all too much, though. This is another I want some feedback on.

Extra Attack for Dodge, Help, Cast a Spell, etc. This one is neat, but I've tried it in actual play with no real issues, so I'm not too concerned about feedback on this one. Interested, but lower priority, if you get my meaning.

True Technique
This is as filler as they come. Cut ghosts with a random butter knife, it'll be fine now.

Unrelenting Onslaught
Just makes Attacks of Opportunity a bit better. Again, I've tried more or less this same thing, it's not incredible, worked pretty well, it's whatever.

True Warrior
Never attack at Disadvantage again, pretty much. At 18th level, it could be better, so I'm kind of interested in hearing feedback more geared thematically and in possible replacements than purely on current mechanics.