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2018-12-10, 09:03 AM
This is my first thread post, and i dont really know much of the rules here, so if i make a rookie mistake please tell me.

Template:The Plagued

Sometimes the dead rise for reasons other than the powers of negative energy or great divine power. sometimes their biology is changed in such a way as to make them akin to constructs such as flesh-golems, or more commonly, creatures that still have the fire of life, such as the famous yellow musk zombie

Plagued undead is an aquired or inherited template that can be added to any undead, referred to as the base creature

-the creature gains the (augmented undead) subtype
-the creature is healed by both positive and negative energy
-lose their immunity to ability damage and drain, immune to negative levels, which instead cause it to take damage equal to HD rather than inflict negative levels.
-lose their immunity to poison effect, disease effects heal them an amount equal to the DC, or in the case of not having a DC such as the negative energy attacks of fellow plagued undead, are healed for the damage that would be dealt.
-all effects that use negative energy are changed to using disease, with bacterial infection causing the damage. for example, a plague lich's touch delivers a surge of bacteria that consume the target from within, as well as a vampires energy drain causing the victim's systems to suffer from mass cellular necrosis. this is a disease effect, but immunity to disease offers no particular protection.
-use their charisma modifier for the purposes of hp, fortitude saves, abilities and prequisites

any thoughts?

2018-12-10, 11:48 AM
Wait so does their effects still counts as their base effects?
Because otherwise it is not counter-able since it is basically "a disease but you can not be protected by stuff that protects against diseases"
Also they gain the augmented undead and augmented X is usually obtained when you stop being X but they do not stop being undead nor do they acquire additional types.