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2007-09-21, 09:38 PM
I am playing a sorcerer that I was planning on taking into Palemaster, but I am having second thoughts on that decision. I was wondering if there were any other sorcerer PrCs that I could get into off of the same prereqs.

I have the following feats:
Spell Focus Necromancy (free, due to houserule)
Skill Focus: Knowledge (religion) (Was shooting for Palemaster)
Craft Wondrous Item (want to become a Lich later in life)
Improved Initiative (seemed like a good idea at the time)

I have max ranks in Knowledge: Religion, Geography, and Arcana, as well as Spellcraft and Bluff

The homebrew sorcerer class I am playing gets a free Spell Focus at 1st level, and a wizard bonus feat at 5th, 10th, etc.

I am currently 4th level, so I get a feat at 5th, and as a sorcerer, will likely be unable to get into spellcastery PrC until after I get 3rd level spells.

Also, do you think that losing a level of spellcasting is worth it to get Animate Dead as a spell-like ability via a two-level dip in Palemaster?

Base Stats: 16 Int, 18 Cha, 8 str/con/wis 14 dex

2007-09-21, 09:48 PM
Well, given you're current fairly low level and high intelligence score, taking three levels of wizard (probably necromancer) could be a good lead in to ultimate magus, probably the only theurge-type class that ends up actually being worth it. All you'd need would be a few ranks in spellcraft (not exactly onerous) and a metamagic feat to go with the three levels of wizard. Ultimate magus is from complete mage. You'd be able to start taking it when you make 8th, only two levels past the usual starting point.

As far as pale master goes, really the main benefit to getting that 2nd level ability is that it does not take a material component. And it's hard to justify buying tons and tons of onyx to the authorities when any competent spellcaster could tell them what you're doing with it. It also means that you can be a lot more flexible in your use of a spell, destroying your creations to eliminate the evidence of their existence then remaking them when the coast is clear no longer is a waste of a good bit of change.

2007-09-21, 09:53 PM
Oh, right- The homebrew sorcerer is the only arcane caster class available. There are also no clerics, only PHBII druids. The lack of clerics in the setting was part of my decision to play a necromancer character (the first in the setting, actually).

2007-09-21, 10:06 PM
Okay. Kinda makes me feel silly for suggesting ultimate magus given how utterly unusable it is in your situation, but hey, it's all good.

Really, if you're going to take 2 levels of pale master, you might as well take all of the rest. Going off of the libris mortis version, you don't lose a single caster level other than that initial one, and the abilities and immunities are more than worth the feats you're losing as far as sorceror levels go.

Usually, the best part of pale master is you don't lose your constitution score, which while it's loss might be a benefit to you right now (effectively giving you another hit point), is not so good in the long term when it's fairly easy to up your constitution score to where you're getting bonuses. Also, you can be raised normally and don't automatically get destroyed at 0. Handy.

Lastly: Deathless master's touch.

Fortitude save or die and come back as a zombie under your control in one round, permanent, and it doesn't count for hit die controlled purposes. Unlimited zombie army, and all you have to do is use a save or die (which is effectively a 10th level spell when you finish up the PrC) to kill 'em.

2007-09-21, 10:23 PM
Going off of the libris mortis version

Is there another version?

2007-09-21, 11:23 PM
Dont know the differences (if there are any), but Tome and Blood features the pale master prc.

2007-09-22, 01:30 AM
Dont know the differences (if there are any), but Tome and Blood features the pale master prc.

Tome and Blood is 3.0, Libris Mortis is the update to 3.5, and that's all I know. The only reason I specified which one is because some people do indeed still play 3.0 or Skjaldbakka could have been using one that had been converted from tome and blood.

Didn't want to assume anything, so I got more specific than was probably neccessary.

2007-09-22, 10:53 AM
I can't think of any off the top of my head, maybe you could think about talking to your DM to possibly tweak your stats and get into another more difference PrC thats more fun for you?