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2018-12-14, 01:44 AM
I've always wondered how you would go about statting the Special Substance called Cuendillar, also known as Heartstone from the novel series Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. I'm trying to convert it to Pathfinder, but I'm not sure how to.

I've found a website that has a great description of the material: http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Cuendillar

For those that don't know about it, it is often described as:

"Cuendillar (pronounced KWAIN-de-yar), also known as heartstone, is an almost indestructible substance created during the Age of Legends (http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Age_of_Legends). It absorbs any force attempting to break it, including the One Power (http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/One_Power), and is believed to become stronger as a result. Cuendillar objects have been shown to be unharmed even by balefire (http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Balefire)."

Balefire goes so far as to remove things/people backwards through time itself, so a bit more powerful than Disentigrate, or possibly a Sphere of Annihilation...

Any suggestions?

This is the 'base' that I've come up with. I know a lot of people think that the material is far too 'epic' to be given any justice, and should be left as a plot substance rather than something that could possibly be something the players are able to get their hands on and use.

I've also altered it drastically to fit more in line with what's available cosmologically within my campaign setting (most everything).


~ Homebrew
The product of magically and alchemically transmuting the right materials together to produce a semi-psi-crystal metal, but has the transparency of glass, with ever so slight dark hairs flowing through it giving it a dark undertone and somehow without seeming to refract b light at all, making it appear somewhat dull and lackluster. The material has natural facets that make it even more effective for whatever use it is put to. The material is considered psionic crystal and metal, but is impervious to rust, and corrosion, as well as heat/warp metal and transmute earth. The transmutation process for creating heartstone is kept extremely secret by those that know how to make it. Besides being a focus for psionic abilities, it has an unheard of quality that makes it sought after by those that know of its existence.

It has the amazing quality of taking any damage it sustains and making it stronger and more resilient. An item made of heartstone starts with a hardness of 10 and double its hardness in hit points (20) per inch of thickness. Half of any hit point damage taken (if the item isn't Destroyed), are, in the instance after whatever dealt the damage, added to the items hardness permanently, and the hit points are restored to the new total of double the hardness. To destroy a Heartstone Item, you must reduce it's HP to 0 or less in one "attack".

For example, a longsword made of heartstone would initially start with 10 hardness, and 5 hit points. If someone manages to overcome the 10 hardness or by other means deal 4 hit points of damage to it. In the instance that the item retains 1 or more HP, it instantaniously transmutes/converts the energy intended to or that could possibly have harmed the object. Half of the damage taken is converted to Hardness, and a new HP total is calculated with the new Hardness, so the same Longsword would have a Hardness of 12, and and 24 HP / inch of thickness (with this example, the HP of the Longsword does not increase, but almost).

The last property of heartstone is that with the right magical and alchemical techniques, it can be coaxed to absorb the properties of other materials, permanently giving that item the specific properties of whatever Special Material is being 'added' to the Heartstoen. For example, heartstone could be infused with the properties of Mithral to overcome DR/Silver, and for its weight to be reduced by ½. Heartstone can only absorb the properties of any specific material once, so it couldn’t be infused with Celestium (Green Ronin Press Advanced Players's Guide) later to enhance the properties of Silver it already has, but it would gain a Good alignment, and it’s weight would be further reduced by ¼, since you’re using the better of the properties between Mithral and Celestium.

Requirements to create heartstone: Ability to cast 5th level transmutation spells, Craft: Alchemy 10 ranks. To further enhance the properties of heartstone with other materials, a Spellcraft check of the Transmutation school must be made, adding the Craft: Alchemy skill for a total. The DC of adding a property to heartstone is 20 + 2 for each property already added. For example: If a heartstone dagger has the Silver property of either Mithral or Alchemical Silver infused to it, it would take the on the ability to bypass the damage reduction of creatures that are resistant to everything but silver. Heartstone may take on any number of properties, but each property requires an equal amount of material (Mithral) equal to the weight of the item made of heartstone (using an iron item as the basis). The base material becomes a worthless powder, and all the material being sacrificeds properties are then infused into the heartstone, which takes the best properties infused into it. For example: a dagger of iron, transmuted to heartstome normally made of 1 pound. You would still need 1 pound of Mithral to infuse its properties into the heartstone, not an equal volume.

The Cost of this procedure in ritual components is 2,000 gp per material to be infused, plus the material to be infused cost. For example, if you were to wanting to infuse the properties of 3 materials into the heartstone, the ritual would cost 6,000 gp + (the cost of 1 lb of Mithral) + (the cost of 1 lb of Crystal, Blood) + (the Cost of 1 lb of Umbrite) and the DC checks may be made all at once, but at an increased DC equal to 20 + 2 per any other infusions previously successfully made, and + 2 for each substance to be infused in the current ritual.

It can initially be crafted from Primordial Clay that is transmuted in a specific way to become hard, but retains it's chaotic malleable essence within that can be further manipulated (Knowledge: Planes DC 30).