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2007-09-22, 04:16 PM
Basically, this takes place on a bunch of moonlets. Travel is done mainly by rigger ships, which use gas inside of kether bags to float. Fall off of a moonlet, and you basically get sucked into oblivion. (more to come soon)

How character skills work:
Basically, whether a character can do something or not is determined by skills. Skills come in combat or non-combat. Combat skills are generally skills that are more powerful and have an application in combat. Add magic to this. Non-combat skills are generally skills used outside of combat.

Skills and Levels: You basically have levels in skills. Skill levels can range from 0-10 (Exception: Magic skill levels can range from 0-15, and Use Artifact can only be raised to level 5).

Also there are two types of skills: declared effect and constant effect.

Declared Effect: You must declare that you are using the skill for it to have an effect. Ex: Lockpicking

Constant Effect: The skill consistantly has an effect on the character. Ex: Toughness.

Some skills can have both a constant effect and a declared effect.

A character can also only raise skills up to level 5 unless they become a master at something. To become a master, you must raise certain skills to level 5, and go on a challenging quest, after which you are permitted to raise certain skills to level 10.

Once a declared effect skill is used, the levels invested to use that skill are unavailable. However, levels spent using that skill regenerate at 1 every fifteen minutes.

Combat and magic:
Basically whenever you hit an opponent with the foam sword, or a bean bag representing a damaging spell or arrow you call out a damage number. The opponent takes this damage unless they use a counter, like the dodge skill.

Also creatures have health, (3/2/1 for a starting character) but this can be modified. Damage taken is applied to the first number. If the first number is reduced to zero, the character cannot deal damage with a weapon or cast spells on an unfriendly target. If the second number is reduced to zero, the character is knocked out, and can't do anything but tell other characters that they are knocked out. But if the third number is reduced to zero, they must count out "1 I'm dying, 2 I'm dying ..." until they are healed or dead.

I'm sorry, I don't have much time, but I'll try to answer your questions about this system and put more stuff in here. Personally, I liked this system, except for a few things.


2007-09-22, 04:17 PM
Space in case I need it.

2007-09-22, 04:20 PM
I would suggest getting it moved to the homebrew forum, not only does it belong there but you'll get a lot more people who are used to critiquing and suggesting things.

2007-09-22, 04:24 PM
I am actually using a different system then d&d. Combat was originally fighting outdoors with foam swords, and bean bags (for ranged effects and spells). (Although you can also use it as a dice game with d6's.) I have the rulebook for it, and I was just using it to see how rpgs could be improved.
This is not my homebrew, in other words.