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2018-12-23, 05:42 AM
I have seen, (and come up with) many monk subclasses that highlight many faces of their possibilities, from old school movie styles and Avatar to DBZ style and Ninjas. Iím still using my Lancer monk (dragoon) but I was wondering if a Reaction based type would be possible and hereís what I came up with.

Mindís Eye Monk revised
Requires constant Ki refinement and an untainted mind from Previous Classes.

You have opened your Minds Eye allowing you to process information at a high rate of speed allowing you to react to almost any situation. Note you cannot take a Reaction During a Reaction

ē Level 3 Mindís Eye
You gain a number of extra reactions equal to half your Monk Level (rounded down) per round.

ē He doesnít try for OP, but for the sake of argument... You gain a number of extra reactions equal to your Proficiency Modifier per roundē

ē Level 3 Pin-point Defense.
Add your Wisdom modifier to your Deflect Missile and half (rounded down) to Dodge.

ē Level 6 Counter Striker
You may spend a reaction against any melee attack (within 10ft) that misses you to make an d6 unarmed strike. Also during your turn you may spend a reaction to use Disengage.

ē Level 11. Heavenís Eye
As an Action you may spend 2Ki Points to gather and focus Ki into your Mindís Eye, granting True Sight with a 30ft range for 1 minute. May use once per short or long rest with 2hrs of meditation during rest. Also unless otherwise effected you gain Advantage to any Perception checks made by you.

ē Level 17. Rapid Flurry
If your Attack and/or Extra Attack hits you may spend a reaction and a Ki point to Land a Flurry of Blows against the same Target. You may use with Counter Striker attack, but each hit must use separate Attack Roll and only uses d6ís for damage rolls

2018-12-26, 11:09 PM
The ability to make multiple reactions per round could be extraordinarily powerful in certain multi classes; as a third level ability, it isn't too hard to spend a few level in order to get this amazingly powerful ability. The second level three and the level six abilities are both amazingly powerful. I feel that this subclass is amazingly powerful at the low levels, although at the higher levels the abilities get more tame. Still powerful, but not OP.

I'm not entirely sure what to do to make it balanced, as the extra reaction is the core feature but also what makes it so powerful. Maybe if the reaction attacks from counter striker and rapid flurry have disadvantage?

Also, before you give this subclass to a player, think about what kind of player they are. If they frequently make OP builds, then DO NOT give it to them, as they will likely do a crazy powerful multi class. But if they are the person who would play the subclass for the flavour... then this is perfect for them, and I'm sure that they will find no end of joy in this imaginative work of art.

2018-12-31, 11:34 AM
An easy fix to the multiclassing OP concerns: limit what types of actions you can take with the reactions.