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2007-09-23, 01:29 AM
Ok, I'm working on my own DnD homebrew world, and have alot of it mapped out, and I thought about giving a general idea here looking for reviews on it.
Okay there are Four main powers in this world-
The Elven-Orc allience
Okay, the biggest&most powerful thing in my world, the Elven-Orc allience is what it sounds like, an allience between the Elves&Orcs thats been going on for over 500 years, That starting after the War of 1,000 arrows, (Named such for the elves overall use of arrows, and avoidence of head-on combat), when the two weakened races signed a pact of allience. It whent on to become the greatest power ever known. It takes up a large amount of land and is generally a benign power, although it has enslaved just about all dwarfs and humans on the continent, as well as all the high elves(whom rebelled against the other elfs when they signed the pact I.E. Drow,wood,grey&wild.)
The Goblin Kingdom-
Not to much of a kingdom, it is composed of a capital& and 20 scattered citys, whose only land is the citys and some land surrounding them, so not a really connected land, it is known as a mercenary kingdom, lending aid in the smallest to largest conflicts(and often betraying them on a whim.) It is considered the weakest power on the map, but is respected enough that an out-right war seems to costly, without any real benefit.
The Gnome-Kobold towers-
Not so much a goverment as a group, you see most spellcasters are either kobolds or Gnomes, and they having such a love for they craft, gather in large towers or castles that are abandoned and unclaimed, repair them, and start there own ones with pops from 100-2500, they aren't really linked to each other although some share alliences, they are good-willed they just guard their craft well, they are masters on not only all magics, but of making scientific magic blends.
A small, but powerful nation composed of a couple Gnome-Kobold towers, some rebelloius goblin citys, & some Elven-Orc allience citys that succeded, this is a rather strange nation. Its customs are a blend, it opinions mixed, it is generally a wild card.
There are ten gods-
Corellon Larethian
Differences-Only two really, St.Cubert is CE, and Zebioms favored people are orcs.
There were 4 others but they left-
Heironeous-Left this world cursing its evil-
Gruumsh-Screaming about his lost people(Orcs)
Moradin-Crying over the dwarfs lost.
Hextor-Got bored when the fights ended.
The idea of the gods-Each god is actually a small percent of the greater god, each sent a world as a representive-when they leave they rejion the large body inorming it of the world.
PC races-
I'll give a defining history when I'm less tired, so any reviews?

The Neoclassic
2007-09-23, 09:55 AM
Interesting concept. I like how you stuck together elves and orcs, who are almost always bitter enemies. What alignment are they? Are you using alignment in your setting?

If you put spaces between the sections, it would be much easier to read.

So, all dwarves and humans are enslaved by elves and orcs? What has happened to their culture? Do they worship their oppressors' deities out of forced piety or true devotion, retain their traditional gods, or follow new gods who carry the hope of freedom?

How does Tuzarra exist? Is it a crossroads between the three major powers? Why doesn't another force try to take it over? I guess I just don't understand how there's a kingdom that lives fairly peacefully and governs itself when it is comprised not just of three major factions, but of three different nations. It's like a country with Canadian cities, American cities, and Mexican cities. How would this happen, and why would they all give up power to some other random government? Inevitably one or more would conquer it, or at least attempt to (and if they failed there'd have to be a darn good reason).

Is this world primarily evil? If so, will PCs be expected to be evil?

Are the kobolds and gnomes allied, or do both just happen to often be arcane spellcasters? I made a homebrew deity of gnomes and kobolds, so it's nice to see I'm not the only one with such ideas. How do they support themselves? Do they demand tribute, sell magic items or services, engage in other crafts, or grow/create everything they need within their compounds?

Why are you using PH gods? Your setting seems fairly unique, and personalized gods might add more flavor. Just my two copper though.

I hope some of the above is helpful, and look forward to seeing more.

2007-09-23, 10:35 AM
To answer your questions-
Generally both elves&Orcs are neutral, the whole dwarf, human enslavement is less out of spite, and more of an age old thing that just doesn't seem to have an alternative at this point.

Dwarf Humans answers-

Enslavement-All humans&Dwarfs live as miners in underground mines, rarely
seeing day, sending up whatever they mine.

Culture-Humans never had a culture as they were still wondering tribes when The Orc forces captured&enslaved them. Dwarfs had a culture, but when your diety leaves weeping, and you spend 500 years in mines, it gets evaporated, generally what little they know is what they catch from above, or when they go from mine to mine, they will pray to just about any god who isn't an evlen or orcen favorer, I.E Zebiom, they don't know which gods do and don't favor elves, so they just avoid Zebiom.

Its not a cross road, it is its own nation.
Doesn't try to take it over-
Goblins-To weak to try to go against a combined power-
Gnome&Kobolds-Each tower/keep is its own nation, they don't care if a couple of towers join together.
Orc&Elf allience-A mix of reasons-
1.Like the goblins they see it as a waste of resources-
2.Its got some of their own in it, they might know their strategys and therefore counters.
3.They generally make good trade with the Allience, so why take it out?

The goverment-There is three members from each group in a 9 people council that is elected each decade, rules are a good mix, they generally joined each other because they didn't like how the groups where running them, or in the gnome kobold case, to make sure they could strive to new levels of advancement.

Why-See above.

Generally evil-The allience is mainly neutral, The goblins are lawful evil, Although it varies, most gnome kobold stuff is chaotic good.

The Gnomes&Kobolds like each other based on common goals, abilities, &likes, to they point where gnome kobold crossbreeds exist, support is based on there things-

Binding Extraplanar beings-Things like elementals bound as guards and such.
Magi-Tech-A mix of magic and tech that is becoming a whole new thing in warfare.
Enchantment-Things like guardians&weapons&such.\

Why am I using PH gods, and a dragonlance goddess?
I SUCK at making Dietys.

Also something I forgot-

Magi-Tech is the term for war machines or helpful things that are a mix of tech&magic, Like the Dragon Tank, A cannon which fires fireballs as ammo, is self replenishing, can fire maximized fireballs, and lighting, basically the magic-users or the GKs(Gnome Kobolds) have made blends that since they are replenishing, are sold to people for large amounts of gold, current marvels are-

Hand cannon-Looks-A flintlock pistol-Effect-Fires a Magic missle that can be bought with-or upgraded as if-Being cast by a higher level caster, & Maximized damage.
Dragon Tank-Looks, Imiagine a large blue metal tin box on Large wooden weels with a cannon on the end.Effect-above.
Airship-Guess-Basicially the airships from Final fantasy four, only with the air ballons, they are contorlled from a helm on the the captain's head via thought.
Others-Come with time.