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2018-12-30, 03:07 AM
Even though I have barely any experience with D&D I wanted to try to make a class purely for speculation or maybe evening proposing it to my DM. I had an idea for a character called the Alchemist who used potions and elixirs to aid their allies and demolish their foes. They would make the potions through the alchemy and maybe (b/c i dont know if it makes sense) brewery supplies. They had they have three archetypes so far (they dont have cool names btw) A healer style build who uses supportive brews like a cleric, a strait potion lobber (large aoe damage and high range), and an alchemists who uses their potions to fight better by buffing their weapons and themselves. Here's the word doc so far. Any constructive criticisms and ideas greatly appreciated.

The Alchemist:

Emerging from the billowing cloud of
smoke is a woman wearing a dark cloak. Around her belt is a bandolier of vials, each containing a different substance. There a some full of gases from vibrant blue to blood red, while others contain liquids of black and gray.
Reeking of noxious fumes and alchemical brews,the meer scent wafting of her clothes knocks a lone monster to his feet. The woman then lunges forward and, with uncanny accuracy, throws and lands a bottom of contained blue flame on a carefully hidden foe.
While alchemist’s are often seen as unbridled madmen who seek to torture the world with their elixirs. They’re in fact like many other intelligent people who just desire to learn more and gain knowledge and wisdom. The use this gathered knowledge to craft new brews and potions for use in their adventures.
Not all alchemist’s are so cut and dry though. Many use their different concoctions in different ways. From applying it to basic sword fighting, lobbing them from a safe distance, or using their well made mixtures for a support role. The ways the alchemists can use their decoctions are nearly infinite.

The Elixir of Life:
Not all ale brewers and voodoo magic users can acquire the skills of the alchemist. Many alchemist must be taught the trade by other alchemist to attain the knowledge required to become an alchemist. Those who are able to attain the abilities of a true alchemist find their mere touch to be enough to purify water or turn it into alcohol.
Many alchemist’s are set nomads, forever wandering in order to attain more power through the gaining of knowledge. They search ruined cities and rifle through abandoned households looking for anything holding information they don’t already know.

Creating an Alchemist:
The key to an alchemist is their backstory and why they became an alchemist. Did something happen to them as a kid, leaving them to turn to tonics to fix their sadness. Or did they simply wish to be more powerful and as such turned to learning alchemy. How they acquired their alchemy is important too. Were the taught by an older mentor or given the knowledge through books and scrolls. Maybe their god blessed them, allowing them to gain alchemical powers. The choice is truly yours.
Quick Build:
Put Wisdom as your main stat as it determines your potion making ability as well as the potency of the elixirs. Then put a stat like Strength and Dex for weapon combat, and Intelligence for a more potion-lobber based fighting style. Any background works.

Class Features:
Hit Dice: 1d8 per alchemist level
Hit points at 1st level: 8+Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + your Constitution modifier per alchemist level after 1st

Armor: Medium
Weapons: Simple weapons, Thrown weapons
Tools: Alchemist supplies, Brewer supplies
Saving Throws: Wisdom, Constitution
Skills: Choose 2

Starting Equipment:
(a)Simple weapons (b)2 handaxes
(a)Scholar’s pack (b)Explorer’s pack
Alchemist and Brewer’s supplies
(a)Hide armor (b)Scale mail

Koo Rehtorb
2018-12-30, 12:06 PM
This should be in the D&D subforum.

But, also. https://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/alchemist/

2018-12-30, 01:32 PM
Seems to be 5e. Don't know if there are any alchemists in that edition. But yes, the proper subforum would be a better place to ask. Most people looking at this thread here don't play 5e and thus can't comment.

2018-12-30, 01:39 PM
Or even the Homebrew forum rather the game subforum.

You can reference the 3.5 ed Artificer, which had some similar mechanics. The Alchemist presented strikes me as like a specialized Artificer who deals with potions and oils.

2018-12-30, 02:46 PM
Or even the Homebrew forum rather the game subforum.

This, Homebrew outside the homebrew subforum annoys me. Is it that hard to read down one forum from Roleplaying Games to see we have a forum specifically for Homebrew? Anonymouswizard knows that there is a somewhat larger chance to be noticed in this subforum. He doesn't care, because you'll get better feedback in the Homebrew subforum.

You can reference the 3.5 ed Artificer, which had some similar mechanics. The Alchemist presented strikes me as like a specialized Artificer who deals with potions and oils.

The 5e UA Artificer, although lacking (it needs a handful more abilities and for the pet to be moved to a dedicated subclass*) has an Alchemist subclass focused on having a limited number of potions to pull out every short rest.

* On that note, I dislike how the Artificer's only two officialish subclasses have been 'magic gun wielder' or 'potion lobber', as having a magical drone that I continually tinker with is totally cool.