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2019-01-01, 08:34 PM
So as usual, I took my game completely off of the rails and decided to theme an adventure entirely around an old evil PC whose player left our game. So the regular Ritual trap that I had planned for the party somehow turned into sacrificed bodies burning with hellfire, which had to be destroyed so the party could progress.

So now I have three players who've been scorched by what I described on a whim as "Cursed Fire."

My campaign in general revolves around some curses. but this feels like I've improv'd myself into a unique opportunity to give my players some kind of permanent gameplay reminder of how Bad Curses are Bad.

What kind of weird effects could a Hellfire Scar have for a character whose been torched by it? Positive or Negative Effects welcome, be creative!

Hellfire Scar Effects
1. Characters hellfire scar tingles with increasing panic while in the presence of evil.
2. Your cursed flesh prefers to be in shadows. It throbs dully when in bright sunlight or near to fire.
3. The Scars around your face and eyes darken when you're angry or threatened.

2019-01-01, 08:36 PM
4) The scar "bleeds" when you're in pain, dripping a foul-smelling black substance.

5) The scar glows with a dull red light in darkness.

2019-01-02, 11:46 AM
6) your hell scar strengthen your body you gain fast healing 1

2019-01-02, 01:21 PM
7) Your scar feels no heat, it cannot burn or catch fire (reduce fire damage by 1?)
8) Your scar gives off heat like that of a lit torch
9) Your scar feels like freezing cold, even whilst wrapped or next to heat source
10) Your scar twists and turns, keeping the same size, but changing shape (either each day, slowly over time, whenever you're injured, etc)
11) Any scars obtained from the same Hellfire source share a connection, such that if you physically touch another person with a Hellfire Scar from the same source the scars burn open and you're dealt 1d2 damage

2019-01-02, 06:01 PM
12) You may determine the proximity of hellfire or other hellfire scars by how intensely your scar darkens or throbs.

2019-01-02, 06:33 PM
13) Whenever you're within 10 feet of fire, your scar opens up and screams (as a Magic Mouth spell). If the fire is cursed, it instead chants ominously in Infernal.

2019-01-02, 07:32 PM
14) The scar smarts or aches when you are in the presence of one (1) of the PCs of the party.

15) The scars on your arm itch when you aren't using that arm to attack, kill, cast spells, or otherwise hurt or break things.

16) The scars around your head sprout horns like those of a fiend.

17) The scar hums and/or vibrates when it is bathed in direct moonlight (perhaps conferring some kind of bonus, perhaps not).

18) The scar sends shooting pains up the arm, forcing the player to put fresh blood on the scar before being able to gain any bonuses from sleep.

19) In moments of emotion - including, but not limited to, anger, sadness, fear, pain, joy, and love - your scars catch fire. The fire is harmless, but may singe clothing, hair, worn equipment or others' clothing, hair or equipment, and the fire is either deep red, sickly green, bright purple, or black. The color may be decided at the DM's discretion or at the roll of a d4.

20) You can channel the dark power of your scar to increase your bodily might. A strength kind of score (depending on system) is increased drastically - perhaps beyond mortal measure - at the hefty cost of hit points every turn and imposing some form of exhaustion on the user. If used too long, users may die or permanently injure themselves. Only usable every once in a while, and only for so long.

21) The scars look like leprosy or some other dangerous/contagious disease, however, in reality, they are harmless.

(This is fun! I'll probably be back...)

2019-01-02, 08:04 PM
22. Paranoia- Your scar now smokes, bleeds, pusses, or burns in proximity of creatures fitting a certain archetype. This causes an irrational Disadvantage on saving throws against Fear, because these creatures are always out to get you. (even if you've never seen one)

23. Hatred- Choose a Favored Enemy type. Your scar now causes you to irrationally hate that creature type and blame it for everything wrong with the world. You gain Advantage on initiative rolls when fighting your Favored Enemy.

24. Necrotic Flesh- Casting spells that deal necrotic damage heal you by 1 point.

25. Hellfire Callous- +1 AC, Disadvantage on Dexterity Saving throws.