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2007-09-23, 01:13 PM
I was thinking about the World, and the petition that really isn't going to get anywhere. And I though, "I wonder if Mr. Burlew would let someone else take over the world project; he's admitted that it is very low priority-wise, and let's face it, the chances don't look good."

And I wondered what anyone else thought.

Cade Shadow
2007-09-23, 08:55 PM
Perhaps he can find time, or perhaps the petition will push the world higher up on his priorities.

2007-09-30, 04:43 PM
I would'nt want to see anyone else do the world articles.
I think the articles are a great idea and I love reading them.

I hope rich will have time to continue with them because they are realy good.


Marcus Heinous
2007-10-08, 06:16 PM
Switching authors on The World series at this point would be a tragic mistake, IMO. As great a loss as it would be, I would rather see the project go unfinished, than have it continued by another author.

2007-10-09, 11:04 AM
As Marcus said, it would be terrible for a new author to take over. The articles are already helpful. They taught me how to make campaign settings. We should just hope that he'll continue them someday.

2007-10-09, 12:27 PM
I just think its a terrible shame that the things are never going to get finished. Currently, the guy can't make a comic strip even remotely on time, which is supposed to be his day job. I think its safe to say that whatever's the matter, its serious.

2007-11-05, 11:03 AM
While I do agree that no other author should be tasked with finishing the 'New World' series of articles, I see no reason why the setting should not be expanded upon in these forums.

Unofficially, of course.:smallwink:

Speaking of which, what forum do you think would be the most suitable for a thread doing just that?

Occasional Sage
2007-11-06, 02:04 PM
I'm all in favor of seeing how other people design settings. I'd enjoy seeing other world-builder articles from other people. I just don't think it would work to change the thought-process behind this one now, and i'd be (probably) very disappointed by the results of the change.

That said, can anybody point to other creative process explanations?

2007-11-17, 11:20 AM
We love it because it's creator is Mr. Burlew. So if a different person tries to continue it won't be good.

2007-11-17, 02:37 PM
It would be wrong for anyone else to continue the World, because the point of the articles is not the end result, it is the journey. Anyone could take what Rich has done and finish the world, probably with some pretty cool results. The important part of these articles, why I loved reading and rereading them, is Rich's clear headed view to game design. These articles express all the problems and obstacles one runs into when designing a new world, but from the point of view of one who knows how to solve them. The articles aren't meant simply to introduce us to a new setting to play in, but to be guided on the path to building our own. In much the same way that the message of "An Inconvenient Truth" would be rather different if anyone else but Al Gore gave the lecture (in terms of style, choice of content, and organization), anyone else continuing the articles would drastically alter the content of the lecture. For example, if I were to write an article about world building, it may very well be the opposite of Rich's process, in that I would start with very specific features of the world and build generalities around those.