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smart thog
2007-09-23, 03:43 PM
In honor of the third season of My Name Is Earl, I going to try to put what Earl does with his list into a feat. Here is my try:

Vow of Karma [Exalted]


Scared vow, A Spiritual awakening, a formerly neutral or evil aliment, a way of keep track of past sins (such as a list)


You gain a floating Karma bonus of 30+ your level. Whenever you roll a dice you may expand any amount of points of Karma bonus to get a bonus equal to that of the expanded Karma bonus. you may only expand a point of Karma bonus if you are preforming a good act. You regain expanded Karma points whenever you cross something off of your list


You must cross off (or work on) at least one Item on your list each week or you gain a Karma penalty equal to your Karma bonus. these Karma peneaty points work like Karma bonus points except the DM decides when you are stricken with the penalty.
When you cross off all the Items on your list you lose this feat and may replace it with a Exalted feat of your choice and you gain the saint template.
You May not take this feat at first level , even if you meet the prerequisites.

The DM will decide if you can have this feat, how long your list is, and what is on the list.

Any comments would be helpful