View Full Version : Seeking 1-3 Players for a playtest one-shot using Google Hangouts

2019-01-05, 11:19 AM

If anyone wants to play a session in real-time on a Google Hangout, I'm doing one 1-4 CST today.
The Risoan Empire rules most of the continent with an iron hand. The fingers of this hand are the Potion-Bred Legions, warriors that have been engineered physically and spiritually to be soulless killers. You know none of that.

You woke up two minutes ago, pulled out of a cauldron by several helmeted warriors, who ignored all of your questions. You looked around, noticing many cauldrons and confused people. The people in the same columns all look the same. They came back a minute ago, handed you some clothes, a pack, a set of armor, and a sword. Now, one of the soldiers yells from the center of the giant room, "Brothers and Sisters, You must flee. You have five minutes before the Soulless Ones get here, so get dressed and run." The masked warriors assemble at the end of the room.