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2019-01-07, 12:54 PM
Alright, so there is a player who wants to play a Way of Long Death Monk Death domain cleric. 12/8 split eventually. There was a suggestion based off the lore of the Church of Myrkul. There are 11 Ranks in the church and in order to ascend a rank, one has to perform a ritual.

Daring One (novice, addressed formally by other Myrkulytes as “Daring Death X,” where “X” is the novice’s name)
Night Walker
Bone Talker
Shroud Wearer
Crypt Carver
Bone Dancer- lead the bone dance ritual (a variant of animate dead), wherein guardian undead were conjured up and placed around something to be guarded
Ritual Consecrator-dedicated altars, scythes, and the materials to be used m the making of magical items to the service of the god;
Undead Master
Withering Lord-wither, a prayer that brought them a spell able to duplicate the powers of a stuff of withering,
Deathbringer-quench the spirit, a priestly, grislier version of finger of death.
Elder Doom (a title used by all clergy who ascended in rank and influence beyond rule over a temple).

These are the ranks in the church and based off the lore that we can find, those rituals next to them are a few that the church requires. Here are the suggested spells to plug into the titles for each rank, as well as the level the title can be obtained.
Notes: A few spells will gain the ritual tag. All rituals will require the symbol of Myrkul and components. Each ritual cast takes 10 minutes. I suggested that the player can only perform one ritual per DUSK. Due to the flow of divinity would be too much for the body to handle.

Order of spells corresponds to ranks above.

1. None.
2. Level 3. Invisibility. Requires the eye of a fresh corpse covered in Gum Arabic.
3. Level 5. Speak to the Dead. Requires burning incense and the body.
4. Level 7 Shadow of Moil. Requires obsidian gem worth 150gp(reusable) and an eye of a corpse.
5. Level 11. Soul Cage. Requires tiny silver cage worth 100gp(reusable)
6. Level 11. Animate Dead. Requires the corpse and your blood willingly given.
7. Level 11. (Un)Holy Weapon. Requires The weapon
8. Level 11. Create Undead. (One clay pot filled with grave dirt, one clay pot filled with brackish water, and one 150 gp black onyx stone for each corpse)
9. Level 13. Wither. Requires unholy water. Opposite of regenerate according to lore.
10. Level 15. Quench the Spirit is Finger of Death. Requires ???
11. Level 17. Elder Doom. Allows more divinity to flow through you. able to perform each ritual maximum once per day. Only one Elder Doom may reach this rank.

Any suggestions? Comments. Concerns?

Edit: These are mainly for out of combat use and mainly for role play aesthetics.