View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Martial Archetype: Martial Psion

2019-01-24, 08:01 PM

My most recent subclass, the Martial Psion! You're basically a controller-variant of the Eldritch Knight. You share the same progression of spells and spell slots, but where the EK gets Evocation and Abjuration spells, you instead get Illusion and Enchantment (from the same spell list). I modeled the first ability of this subclass of the Paladin's smite. While you don't have the melee restriction (you've awakened the potential of the mind; how could you not be able to throw psychic energy into an arrow?), you don't get buffs to damage against certain enemies and your damage is capped earlier. War Magic and Improved War Magic are both so good and so perfect for a martial-first, caster-second build that they got copied into this subclass. Your 10th ability is more for flavor, and is basically just an improved, team-based version of what the Great Old Ones Warlock gets at 1st level, upping the range and number of creatures. The last unique feature is the spell-slot regeneration. When you action surge, you regain either a first or second level spell. Given that you do get a second Action Surge shortly after this ability, I added that you can redeem at most two first-level spell slots, or one second-level spell slot, that way you don't end up with a staggering FIVE second level spell slots. That said, while I don't think anything is blatantly broken, I'm always open to criticism. If you liked this, be sure to check out some of my other home-brew work (in particular, Aster's Arcane Atlas is linked below). Thanks!