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2019-01-29, 12:50 PM
My apologies if this is answered elsewhere, but I'm looking for a simple answer on a few situations.

My understanding on how Ranged Weapon enhancements work with enhanced ammunition is as follows:

Bonuses and effects applied to the weapon and the ammunition do not stack if they are the same type, so,

Situation A: Normal Longbow firing a +1 Holy Arrow - The attack roll is at +1, and the damage is at +1 and has the holy effect.
Situation B: +2 Longbow firing a +1 Flame Arrow - The attack roll is at +2, and the damage is at +2 and has the flame effect.

The part I'm not sure on is if the enhancement on the ammunition applies to the attack roll of the weapon (my thinking is it does), and second is whether the additional damage from the ammunition enhancement stacks with the weapons enhancement or not (my thinking is it doesn't).

I am looking for a RAW answer here.

Thanks in advance!

2019-01-29, 02:14 PM
Assuming you mean D&D 3.5 or related (Pathfinder), you have it mostly right. Generally, it works like this: Use the higher enhancement between the bow and arrow, ignore the enhancement number on the other item. Combine any relevant special properties on the bow and arrow (it's possible for the bow to be enhanced with properties that don't transfer to the ammo, although it's rare that you'd want to do so.)

So a +1 Flaming arrow fired from a +2 Icy bow hits as a +2 Flaming, Icy weapon. Typically the bow will have the higher bonus, because it can be transferred to any arrow fired from that bow, and the arrows will have most of their budget reserved for special properties.

Mark Hall
2019-01-29, 03:13 PM
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