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2019-01-30, 04:13 PM
Withstand are there other abilities like this for will save and con saves?

Withstand is a special ability that a Kensai gets that allows concentration checks to take place of reflex saves.

Are there other abilities that allow the same kind of thing with concentration or other type skills ?

2019-01-30, 04:42 PM
You would be better off posting this in the forum for whatever game system you're asking about. This is the general roleplaying forum.

2019-01-30, 04:52 PM
Assuming, you're talking about 3.5, there's the 'Moment of perfect mind' (for will saves), and 'mind over body' (for fort saves) martial maneuvers from Tome of Battle. A martial initiator can pick those up at level 1 and 5 respectively, or a non-martial initiator can pick them up with feats at level 2 and 10. Do note that these are not always on abilities, but rather abilities you can sue a limited number of times per encounter. If you pick them up with feats, you get one use per encounter, while a martial initiator can use them more often if they refresh the maneuvers.

If all of the above references to mechanics made no sense to you, I suggest you read Tome of Battle, it'll be a lot clearer.