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2019-02-01, 12:57 PM

This wizard sub-class is designed to use the fatigue and Hit Die mechanics to represent channeling the forces of magic through sheer stubborn will and self-destruction. For those of us that haven't delved into the Fatigue rules too deeply, Fatigue has 6 stages which have progressively worse effects, potentially leading to death. A long rest restores just 1 level of effects, with the only other options to recover them being the 5th level spell Greater Restoration or the Potion of Vitality (very rare).

School of Channeling
The School of Channeling focuses the caster's magic inward, allowing them to draw power from their own vitality, using their willpower to keep them going beyond physical limits, even if it ruins their health. An example of this in literature might be Raistlin of Krynn.

Open the Pathways
Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, you may cannibalize the energy flowing through your veins to fuel additional power into your spells. When you cast a spell you may use your reaction to take one level of exhaustion to apply one of the following abilities to the spell:

Maximized Spell. When you would roll damage dice on this spell it deals maximum damage instead of rolling.
Widened Spell. When you cast a spell with a radius of at least 5' you may double this spell's area of effect.
False Mastery. The effect of this spell is treated as though it was cast using your highest level spell slot, or 5th level, whichever is lower.

You may not Open the Pathways in the same round you use Metamagics, should you have access to them.

Finding the balance
Starting at 6th level, your mastery of the arcane flow running through your body is such that you may dillute the effects of fatigue on your body through meditation. During a short rest you may spend 3 Hit Dice to reduce your fatigue level by 1.

Arcane Torrent
Beginning at 10th level, you are able to avoid the fatigue of channeling magic through controlled means. You release the tight controls you have formed on the arcane flow. Allowing magic to rage through your body uncontrollably comes at a great cost, however. You may now spend 5 Hit Dice to Open the Pathways instead of taking a level of fatigue.

Breaking Limits
Starting at 14th level, Your body has grown accustomed to the constant flow of energy through your body. Due to this, the strain caused from breaking conventional limits is reduced. The costs of Finding the Balance and Arcane Torrent are reduced by one Hit Die.

Additionally, when you fail a constitution check to maintain concentration on a spell you may use your reaction to spend one Hit Die and succeed instead.