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2019-02-03, 04:36 PM
Waddle dee

Ability score increase. Your charisma increases by 2 your constitution decreased by 2.

Age. waddle dee reach adulthood by 5 years of age and rarely live to about 45 years of age.

Alignment. Similar to humans they don't tend to be any alignment. They usually serve someone greater than them following their alignment.

Size. waddle dee greatly range in size however the average waddle dee is under 3 ft in height.

Speed. Your base speed is 25ft

Darkvision. You have darkvision of 60ft.

Boneless. You can squeeze through the space a tiny creature could.

Weapon training. You have proficiency in the spears and morningstars.

Cute charm. You have proficiency in performance(charisma) and persuasion(charisma) checks. However you have disadvantage an all intimidation(charisma) checks.

Languages. You speak Common and another of your choice.