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2019-02-03, 04:42 PM

Ability score increase. Your constitution increases by 2 and your wisdom increases by 1.

Age. big chungus live very long lives, living to 600 years on average, far longer than most races. They also never truly mature.

Alignment. Big chungus are prone to becoming chaotic neutral because of their tendency to raid villages in search of carrots.

Size. big chungus are medium ranging from 4 to 5 feet. However there girth causes to to weigh far more than any normal medium creature. This means they usually weigh in the ten hundreds when it comes to weight.

Speed. Big chungus are very slow creatures. Your base walking speed is 20ft.

Gargantuan girth. Thanks to your massive weight creatures have disadvantage when is comes to moving to by any means. You also have advantage on checks to avoid being shoved.

Wide build. You take up the same amount of room as a large creature.

Bounce off. When you take bludgeoning damage you can use your reaction reduce the damage by 1d10. If you reduce it to 0 the object your struck with flies 10 ft in a direction you choose.

Fatty food. When you eat a days rations you may spend hit dice up to your constitution modifier as if it were a short rest.

Languages. You speak common and memish.

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Please no. Not again