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Holy feth this stuff is magical!

Ogrine is an ENORMOUSLY rare material to be found naturally, though it can be created artificially. Artificially created Ogrine is usually impure, though to what extent is determined by the crafting process.

But what IS Ogrine? It's, put simply, condensed magic. When enough raw magic is in the air, under the sea, buried underground, or otherwise allowed to join together, it results in a pearly, light-blue, almost gem-like material.

As a material, Ogrine is very malleable to its crafter's wishes, but inordinately hard to alter in other fashions. This is because Ogrine is able to sense when it is being worked and when it is finalized. Armor made from Ogrine is nigh-impenetrable, and highly resistant to hostile magic while still allowing friendly magic through. Weapons made from Ogrine are, in addition to being stupid easy to enchant, maintenance-free and impossibly sharp. Tools made from Ogrine are incredibly responsive to their crafter's wishes and superb in nature.

It is also possible to prepare Ogrine to be released, creating what's commonly called a Pearl Of Power. These Pearls are able to be held in the hand and focused on to restore magical energy to a mage. They can also be eaten as a tasty, filling, and magically healing snack.

In game terms, Ogrine has the following properties:

Ogrine Armor
Legendary Armor (Any), Requires Attunement

Ogrine Armor has its AC bonus increased by 2. In addition, when made into Medium Armor, the maximum possible Dexterity bonus allowed by the armor increases by 1. (Usually to +3, but to +4 with Medium Armor Master.)
Beyond that, the wearer of Ogrine Armor has advantage on saves against magical effects, resistance to magical damage (except for Bludgeoning, Piercing, or Slashing magical damage), and has any friendly effects cast on them maximized. (For instance, Bless cast on the wearer of Ogrine Armor would always provide a +4 bonus, instead of +1d4, or Healing Word would heal 4+Casting stat if cast at first level, rather than 1d4+Casting stat.)

Ogrine Weapons
Legendary Weapon (Any), Requires Attunement

Ogrine Weapons have their user's to-hit bonus and damage rolls increased by 1. In addition, if the wielder is capable of casting spells or has friends that can, they may channel their magic into the weapon.
By using a bonus action and expending a 1st or 2nd level spell slot, the bonus to attack and damage rolls increases to 2. If the slot expended is 3rd, 4th, or 5th, the bonus increases to 3. If the slot expended is 6th, 7th, or 8th, the damage bonus doubles, but the hit bonus stays the same. If the slot expended is a 9th level spell, then in addition to the 6th-8th bonus, all damage rolls made with the weapon are maximized. These bonuses last for one hour per slot level expended.

Ogrine Tools
Legendary Tool (Any), Requires Attunement

Ogrine Tools increase the wielder's competency by one step, from non-proficient to proficient, or from proficient to adding twice your proficiency bonus. If you already add twice your proficiency bonus to the ability check, you gain advantage on it.

Pearl Of Power
Rarity Varies Wondrous Item

A Pearl Of Power's rarity varies as shown:

Spell Level Total
Healing Amount

1 (1)
1d4+1 (1)

4 (3)
3d6+3 (2)

9 (5)
5d8+5 (3)

Very Rare
16 (7)
7d10+7 (4)

25 (9)
10d12+10 (5)

The first column is the rarity of the Pearl Of Power.
The second column's first number is how many total spell levels can be regained from the Pearl, while the second number is the highest level of slot that can be regained.
The third column indicates how much healing the fully-charged Pearl restores, while the number in parentheses indicates how many slots must be expended from the pearl per die lost.

Regaining slots from the Pearl is an action.
Consuming the Pearl for healing is an item interaction.

A Common Pearl Of Power has 1 level, can restore up to 1st level slots, and heals for 1d4+1 if full.
If you were to regain a slot from it, it would be empty, and only good for consumption for 0d4+1 HP, or just 1 HP.

An Uncommon Pearl can restore a total of 4 spell levels (such as four 1st level spells, two 2nd, or one 1st and one 3rd), though no slot restored may be higher than 3rd level. It heals for 3d6+3 HP if full.
If two slots are expended, it loses one die, healing for only 2d6+3. If all four are expended, it only heals for 1d6+3.

A Legendary Pearl, meanwhile, can restore up to 25 spell levels, with the maximum slot being 9th. At full, it heals for 10d12+10 HP.
If all 25 slots are used up, it only heals for 5d12+10.

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What would a maximized polymorph look like.

2019-02-03, 10:01 PM
I'm going to say that NUMERICAL values of the spell are maximized.

So, one could MAYBE argue you get maximum HP per hit die on a Polymorph if you're wearing the armor, but you definitely do NOT get maximum on every die roll for the duration of the Polymorph.

How did they word it in 3.5? With the Maximize Metamagic?

All variable, numeric effects of a spell modified by this feat are maximized. A maximized spell deals maximum damage, cures the maximum number of hit points, affects the maximum number of targets, etc., as appropriate. For example, a maximized fireball deals 6 points of damage per caster level (up to a maximum of 60 points of damage at 10th caster level). Saving throws and opposed rolls (such as the one you make when you cast dispel magic) are not affected, nor are spells without random variables.

Yeah, that. That's a good way to look at it.