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2019-02-09, 07:06 PM
So I'm trying to make up some rules to run an IRL game of Pathfinder but in a Fallout setting. So the players would be able to choose being a Human (vault dweller OR wastelander); Ghoul; and Super Mutant (both being Intelligent enough to be in a party.) And the most I've actually found on rules already written is from someone of the Paizos threads. And a bunch of 404'd Google drive files on Reddit that looked promising till they all 404'd lol

The next spoilers are posts I've copied as research material and are not of my making:Prospector d10, full attack progression, 4 skill points, feats, weapon specialisation and sneak attack, good fort and ref, proficient with simple and martial weapons, light, medium and heavy armour*
Class skills are: acrobatics, appraise, climb, disable device, escape artist, heal, intimidate, knowledge (local), perception, sense motive, sleight of hand, stealth, survival and swim*
LV1 sneak attack +1d6, grit or rage*
LV2 feat (fighter feat, for all on this list), weapon/armour specialisation*
LV3 sneak attack +1d6, nimble +1*
LV4 feat, weapon/armour specialisation*
LV5 sneak attack +1d6, deed/rogue talent/rage power*
LV6 feat, weapon/armour specialisation*
LV7 sneak attack +1d6, nimble +2*
LV8 feat, weapon/armour specialisation*
LV9 sneak attack +1d6, deed/rogue talent/rage power*
LV10 feat, weapon/armour specialisation*
LV11sneak attack +1d6, nimble +3*
LV12 feat, weapon/armour specialisation*
LV13 sneak attack +1d6, deed/rogue talent/rage power*
LV14 feat, weapon/armour specialisation*
LV15 sneak attack +1d6, nimble +4*
LV16 feat, weapon/armour specialisation*
LV17 sneak attack +1d6, deed/rogue talent/rage power*
LV18 feat, weapon/armour specialisation*
LV19 sneak attack +1d6, nimble +5*
LV20 feat, weapon/armour specialisation

Technology Master d8, ¾ attack progression, 4 skill points, techno-powers, good fort and will, proficient with simple weapons and 1 exotic weapon of your choice, light, medium and heavy armour*
Class skills: craft, disable device, diplomacy, heal, linguistics, knowledge (all), profession, science,*
LV1 bomb 1d6, mutagen, eidolon, life link, jack of all trades, weird science*
LV2 discovery, bond senses, trapsense*
LV3 bomb 2d6, elbow grease +2*
LV4 discovery, shield ally*
LV5 bomb 3d6, salvage*
LV6 discovery, maker’s call*
LV7 bomb 4d6, elbow grease +4*
LV8 discovery, transposition*
LV9 bomb 5d6, metamagic science*
LV10 discovery, aspect*
LV11 bomb 6d6, elbow grease +6*
LV12 discovery, greater shield ally*
LV13 bomb 7d6 improved metamagic science*
LV14 discovery, life bond*
LV15 bomb 8d6, improved jack of all trades
LV16 discovery, merge forms*
LV17 bomb 9d6, elbow grease +8*
LV18 discovery, greater aspect*
LV19 bomb 10d6, exemplar*
LV20 discovery, twin eidolon

Survivor d12, ½ attack progression, 8 skill points, specialisations, all good progression on all saves, proficient with simple and martial weapons, light and medium armour*
Class skills: appraise, bluff, craft, diplomacy, disable device, disguise, escape artist, handle animal, heal, knowledge (nature), knowledge (local), perception, sense motive, survival*
LV1 1st favoured enemy, manoeuvre training, flurry of manoeuvers, track*
LV2 evasion, wild empathy, slow fall 20ft, fuse style*
LV3 1st favoured terrain, fast movement +10ft, manoeuver defence, trapfinding*
LV4 uncanny dodge, monster lore, +1 AC, trap sense +1*
LV5 2nd favoured enemy, high jump, reliable manoeuver*
LV6 stalwart, stern gaze, fast movement +20ft, trap sense +2*
LV7 2nd favoured terrain, slow fall 30ft, meditative manoeuver*
LV8 improved uncanny dodge, cunning initiative, +1 AC, trap sense +3*
LV9 3rd favoured enemy, fast movement +30ft, fuse style 3*
LV10 lore master 1/day, teamwork feat, trap sense +4*
LV11 3rd favoured terrain, slow fall 40ft, sweeping maneuver*
LV12 improved evasion, teamwork feat, +1AC, fast movement +40ft,*
LV13 4th favoured enemy, slow fall 50ft, trap sense +5*
LV14 lore master 2/day, teamwork feat, trap sense +6*
LV15 4th favoured terrain, fast movement +50ft, tongue of the sun and moon, fuse style 4*
LV16 improved stalwart, teamwork feat, +1AC, trap sense +7*
LV17 5th favoured enemy, slow fall 60ft, whirlwind manoeuver*
LV18 lore master 3/day, teamwork feat, fast movement +60ft,*
LV19 5th favoured terrain, slow fall 70ft, trap sense +8*
LV20 perfect style, +1AC, slow fall 80ft, fast movement +70ft*
Note that favoured enemy now also gives a +2 to diplomacy and intimidation checks

Rule changes:*
Heal skill now heals 1d6 points of damage for every 5 on the total of the skill check rounded down, so a skill check of 27 would heal 5d6 points of damage. On the roll of a 1 on a heal skill check the patient suffers a permanent alignment such as blindness, or a permanent -2 on a stat up to the GM.*
There is no spellcraft skill or use magic device, but instead there is a science skill which is needed to repair robots, identify chemicals, equipment and to operate computers.*
Knowledge (Arcane) does not exist, knowledge (religion) and knowledge (nobility) are now part of knowledge (local)*
Light guns count as simple weapons. Guns, rifles, shotguns and explosives count as martial weapons. Energy guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and plasma guns are exotic weapons.*
Power armour counts as heavy armour for proficiency.*
Prices of items stay the same, magic items are still available but only items that give a simple numerical value bonus, like +1 swords or +1d6 fire damage, or belt of +2 strength or cloak +1 to saves and items that heal or remove conditions or give immunities. No other magical items are available. All magic items represent a gadget or some other piece of technology and will be reskinned as such.*
There are no undead, outsiders or magical beasts. There are also no other humanoids other than humans, mutants and ghouls.

Races available are human, mutant and ghoul

+2con, +2wis, -2cha*
Medium, speed 30ft*
Darkvision 60ft, light sensitivity*
Radiation depended: Ghouls are immune to radiation damage and heal 1hp for every 5 points of radiation damage they should have suffered*
Disfigured: Ghouls gain a +2 bonus to intimidate but suffer a -2 penalty to diplomacy checks*
Memory of the Time Before: Ghouls gain a +2 bonus to 1 craft, profession or knowledge skill of their choice, and that skill always counts as a class skill for them*As you said before, Orc + Class Levels = Super Mutants pretty easily.

You will have to come up with some version of Radiation and Radioactive Damage.

As far as monsters go, you're looking at:

Classed Humans. From Raiders on up to Power Armored Brotherhood Paladins.*

Mutated animals. I'm sure the standard rules are plenty effective here...giant scorpions, rats, two-headed cows.*

Ghouls. Will need a custom race, as indicated, and a "Glowing One" variant/upgrade.*

Robots. Take Clockwork Soldiers / Tinkers, add guns and flamethrowers, and boom...robots.*

Super Mutants. See above.*

Deathclaws. Custom monster time? I'm curious to see what you have planned.*

Those annoying poison bug moth things. I forget what they're called, but I'm sure a giant bee or wasp should fill the bill.Enchanted" Full Plate*

Requires a Separate Proficiency Slot (Power Armor Proficiency)*

Environmentally Sealed for at least 8 hours (with helmet on)*

Bonus to Strength & Carry Capacity (as Muleback Cords, perhaps)*

Penalty to Dex & Perception (assuming helmet is on)*

Built in Geiger Counter, Water & Food dispenser (for 3-7 days), Radio, Lamps, possibly GPS/Mapping module (depending on world-design, obviously)*

Can use Large weapons without penalty*

Must use specially modified Medium weapons or suffer -2 size penalty

OR change up Titanic armor:
Price +3 bonus; Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Weight —*
A suit of armor with the titanic ability is almost comically oversized, though the effect is superficial and the interior fits a creature normally, with no adjustments necessary. A creature wearing titanic armor is considered one size category larger for the purpose of using or being affected by special attacks that depend on size, such as swallow whole and trample. Once per day on command, the wearer can increase her size as if using enlarge person (even if the wearer is not humanoid) for 1 minute. In addition, once per minute as a free action the wearer can add the armor's enhancement bonus to a single Strength check or combat maneuver check, or to her CMD against a single combat maneuver. Because of its great bulk, the armor check penalty of titanic armor is increased by an amount equal to its enhancement bonus.

I'm gonna spend the next couple hours looking through classes & archetypes I think would be easily workable as Apocalypse classes (like Tinkerer and stuff) I want to include magic even though Fallout doesn't have magic, just psionics. So bloodline sorcerers would be sweet in like a far flung Golarion future. Also I could do clerics of Atom which would be absolutely awesome because they wouldn't do positive or negetivity, they'd channel radiation that would heal their allies. I already have plans of bringing some energy weapons and other items from Starfinder, so I'll have to read the core more to see what else would be nice. (I realize Starfinder could be a better option for a futuristic game, but I'd rather just use Pathfinder 1e to run things.)

Any other ideas hivemind?

[Edit:] •Guns will probably be under the commonplace rules, so all regular firearms would be simple weapons, then bigger futuristic weapons would be Martial & exotic depending on the item.
•I'll probably take some of the skills from The Modern Path as well for more modern skills.