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Mr. Moon
2007-09-26, 07:58 PM
"Entry 43, the 11'th of November, 9394

I finally managed to find a safe place to stay the night. Maybe I'll get a nap in. Doubt it, though. Who can sleep with those... creatures lurking the shadows?

It's been what, three months? since the stars went out. No explosions in the sky, no sun, no nothing. Just blackness. A black void, filling the sky. Some said it was just an eclipse, just the moon passing over the sun. But that theory died a long time ago. Some say the universe just died, but that makes no sense. No one understands how life has existed so long without light, but I can't really say I'm complaining. Better alive in hiding then dead, right?

Then, the great Firestorm hit. Some say it was a spell gone bad, some say it was the last of the light manifesting itself, some claim it was just a freak accident. Whatever caused it, it destroyed everything. I was lucky enough to have this voice recorder on me already, but I lost everything else.

But then there's those things that live in... well, swarms is the best word for it. They used to be sane, I think. But perhaps the overall effect of this whole Apocalypse thing just snapped them. They're wild, now. Barely-sane predators with a violent passion for flesh. Mostly we refer to them as the Beasts.

They tell stories of the world being like a playground. A paradise. Sometimes, groups of refugees will gather around a fire, swapping tales of better times. Tales of great heroes, like Alarra, the pudding goddess. Atreyu, the talking llama. Herman, some sort of story-teller. And countless others. And there's villains, too. People like Rex Idiotorium and his organization called AMEN. I have no idea what it stands for, but it sounds rather menacing, doesn't it?

But those are tales, stories long past finished. What matters is now. It's not a playground anymore. It's a hell-hole. It's a battle just to survive. I haven't eaten in days. Maybe I'll find a rabbit or something, if I'm lucky. Many have died, and many more will die.

But perhaps, there's one ray of light in the darkness. They call it Utopia. Paradise. It's a camp of some sort. They have ways of keeping the Beasts out. They have lots of room for newcomers. Maybe even some farming, too, if we can find any seeds. If anything will grow.

I'd best be shutting this down now. I heard something out in the bushes a while ago. Maybe the Beasts, maybe tonight's meal. Let's hope for the latter, shall we?

Atyanili out."

The Groups:

Refugees: Innocent people, whose houses were lost in the great Firestorm, which swept over the plains of the Playground years ago. They wander the scorched earth, in hopes of finding safety that may not be there.

The Beasts: These were normal, sane creatures once. Grief, despair, horror or fear drove them mad until they became a monstrous pack. They can think, despite popular belief, but think of little other than their-selves. Those who still have somewhat of a grasp on their sanity become leaders, those who lost it completely, little more then mindless subordinates.


This is a structured game, similar to the Town, or AMEN, but on a far different continuality. I expect proper role-playing skills. None of this single-run-on-sentence-(barely )detailing-my-character-killing-yours crap. And for Helix's sake, no godmodding! If you join, use proper grammar, and create posts that more people than just you will find entertaining.

Remember, most advanced technology was wiped out years ago. The occasional little bit is accepted, but make sure it's nothing that couldn't easily be carried by the average person. Try to keep weapons down to sharp/carved rocks/knives. No guns, please, as they tip the power balance a bit to far. Acception: Faulty, old guns that rarely work are allowed, if you can do it humorously.

Also, this is many generations past our time. We're legends, the original Playgrounders, but no more then that. Even the most powerful of our number has died by now. Create new characters, instead of "Magtok Clone #14642".

Those who fail to comply with these rules will be asked to leave. Those who do not leave will simply be ignored.

If you are interested in joining, send me a PM detailing you're character. Make sure you include the words "I, (username), have read the rules to this game and agree to follow them."


Mr. Moon
2007-09-27, 08:18 PM
((Also, if this is a horrible idea and completely sucks, please don't hesitate to offer suggestions on how to do a better one next time.))

Atyanili pulled a small dagger from her side pouch, creeping towards the bush from where she had heard a rustling just a minute ago. It was interesting how the only plants that grew didn't actually provide food humanoids could eat. Something about chemicals in the soil, or whatever. The young Elf shrugged the thought away, and focused on the shrub before her. Her ears perked up ever-so-slightly, listening for any hint of life taking refuge in the small, leafy bush. A slight pause, and a pounce. She felt the dagger slid through something soft, and grinned as she pulled a small rabbit out of the leafs. Dinner was served.

2007-09-27, 10:44 PM
Maro-san walks out of his current hiding place, looking around quietly to avoid unfriendly eyes. Making sure no one is nearby, he walks out into the open, putting the small notebook he was carrying in a side pouch on his clothes. His long, silver hair rustls in the wind as he looks at the dark sky with a sigh.

While most people tend to prefer living in small communities, Maro prefers to live alone in order to avoid unnecessary attention from the enemy, though he has a few acquaintances.

This part of the abandoned town is the most destroyed, but it offers good protection within a crumbled building. Wildlife seems to gather around here, so Maro pulls out his knife and begins the hunt in search or food, hoping for luck that night.