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2019-02-18, 02:47 PM
Hello! Here is a fighter subclass I've made. This is meant to evoke the archetype of a battlemaster without having a ton of resource management. Please critique to your heart's content.

Fighter: Duelist:
The archetypal Duelist is a master of combat. A duelist uses years of training and expertise to perfect their technique and then use said technique to devastating effect.

Versatile Form:
Starting at 3rd level, indicate a second option from the Fighting Style Class Feature. Once per turn, you can choose to change your Fighting Style option to the one that you indicated in this feature or vice versa. [I need help on the wording here.]
When you reach 7th level, you can indicate another Fighting Style option to which you can change your Fighting Style.

Duelist’s Knowledge
Starting at 7th level, if you spend at least 1 minute examining a piece of armor, a weapon, or a shield, you learn the following:
• All properties of the item
• If it is magical
• The race of the item’s creator
• If it has been used before
• If it was made by the creator of another item you have examined

Martial Advantage
Starting at 10th level, you have advantage on all checks made to grapple, shove, trip, or disarm creatures.

Fancy Footwork
Starting at 15th level, when a creature hits you with a melee weapon attack, it has disadvantage on all attack rolls against you until the start of your next turn.

Martial Dominance
Starting at 18th level, whenever you successfully grapple or shove a creature, you can choose to bludgeoning damage to the creature. This damage is equal to 1d4 + your Strength or Dexterity modifier.

2019-02-18, 06:27 PM
On my phone and waiting for a bus, so can't type much, but at first glance this seems quite underpowered.

The 7th level ribbon is cool, but the 3rd level baseline feature and the 18th level capstone are both quite unimpressive, unfortunately.

Will have more to write as opportunity permits.

2019-02-18, 06:37 PM
My first critique is the name. When I hear "duelist", I think of someone with a rapier and a silk shirt played by Errol Flynn. I don't think of someone controlling the battlefield by wrestling and shoving opponents into position, which appears to be what you're going for here.

2019-02-19, 08:09 PM
Thanks for the feedback.
You are right, this definitely has the wrong name assigned to it. I was trying to make a fighter perfects all sorts of techniques, emphasizing versatality and combat control. The reason grappling shows up a lot is because I was trying to make this subclass somewhat simple with little resource management (that is why a lot of people play fighters), so I tried to build this off of existing mechanics like grappling and shoving. I am not really sure what to rename this though. All my ideas for names always end up simplifying to "Battlemaster."

As for the capstone, I was trying to make grapples/shoves/trips/etc more available without giving up damage. However, I now realize this damage is probably too small. I'll bump it up to a... d10 or d8?

As for the 3rd level feature, I see how this doesn't really increase power more than marginally. I guess I could just have it so that you pick an additional two styles and can only have one active at a time, but there aren't really that many fighting styles (I guess could add some of my homebrewed ones...) for this to be particularly helpful. However, i like the idea of swapping styles or assuming "stances." What if I did something where you get a +2 each turn and can apply this bonus to one attack roll, one damage roll, initiative, or AC against one attack per round. Does this sound better?

2019-02-20, 01:43 AM
Maybe a silly question, what does [peach] mean?

2019-02-20, 10:42 AM
Something along the lines of "Please evaluate and critique honestly."