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2019-03-01, 09:14 AM
I whipped up a new Archangel for In Nomine.

Metanoia, Elohite Archangel of Redemption, the First-Redeemed

Allied: Novalis (Novalis is allied with her)
Associated: Eli, Yves, Zadkiel, Gabriel (Gabriel, Eli, and Zadkiel are associated with her)
Hostile: Dominic (Dominic and Laurence are hostile to her)

I think I read in one piece of canon that the first Redemption was done by Blandine... so that'd need to change to have this fit canon perfectly if that's correct.

Metanoia (for that is what she now goes by) was a Habbalah of The Game, created soon after the Fall. She enjoyed the intellectual understanding of her Resonance, researching its many applications, and is the creator of the Song of Hysteria.

Soon after demons returned to earth, she discovered the ability to invoke Emptiness. And, during experimentation, a Heavenly Intervention led to her Redemption by Novalis. She was the first of the Fallen to be Redeemed, at a time when it was uncertain if redemption were even possible.

As a Servitor of Flowers, she focused on helping other demons, especially Habbalah, see the light. As time went on, though, she got jaded. Angels fell and added to Hell’s ranks if they could not obey their masters, and the requirements of Archangels made it hard for Renegades to redeem. This led her to an odd, but logical, conclusion: there should be a way for celestials to live, not selfishly, but neutral in some sense, for those too weak to truly serve Heaven. Such is better than their falling or final annihilation. In her task, she received the Word of Redemption.

During the early revivalist movements in Europe and America, the influence of her Word grew. She was elected to Archangel of Redemption, with the understanding that her Servitors would be few and her main task was to redeem demons and rehabilitate dissonant angels. The other Archangels expect her to train most of her Servitors to eventually serve under another Archangel. Laurence and Dominic frown upon this practice, considering her angels as basically Outcasts hiding under an overly-lenient Archangel. Michael is more tolerant, seeing some of his pragmatism in her own, but he too would rather see the resources she holds go more directly to the war effort; at least she is pragmatic enough to have her angels kill demons who aren’t willing to accept redemption.

Those former demons, ex-Outcasts, and dissonant angel transfers who do little active good are derisively called ‘grey angels’. Metanoia accepts this criticism, for her hope is that such will eventually serve Heaven selflessly like the Servitors of others. She does not think her purpose is ideal, but it is logical and good in the non-ideal post-Fall world.

As time has progressed, she has expanded her influence to include redeeming humans. The majority for Servitors are grey angels, or preparing to serve another Archangel, but those loyal to her and her Word are well-trusted to spread redemption on earth. Beyond offering demons a chance, this includes both helping normal humans follow more selfless paths, as well as teaching Hellsworn that there is a chance of salvation. In this, her trusted Servitors often assist Destiny (and Fire, when the punishment isn’t fatal.)

It is dissonant for an angel of Redemption to let someone, who would go to Hell, die without being sincerely offered Redemption. It is also dissonant to help in the celestial death of any being.

More precisely, it is dissonant to not offer Redemption to a demon before letting them die corporeally. It is also dissonant to cause or aid in the celestial death of a being (e.g., celestial combat with the intent to destroy them or that leads to destruction), or to kill Hellsworn without informing them of the chance for redemption. (Undead don’t count; they are already eternally lost. Also, trying to kill a Demon Prince probably doesn't count, but it hasn't been tested.)

Killing non-Hellsworn without offering redemption is not dissonant – you don’t know they will go to Hell — but it is frowned upon. Metanoia will generally chastise such Servitors and suggest they join Stone, Fire, War, or the Sword.

Due to their dissonance requirement and its tendency to have offers of redemption made to enemies, Redeemers are usually kept out of the loop regarding movements in the War. Though the Malakim and Ofanim are often asked to come along at the last minute—they often just yell out an offer of surrender and redemption before anyone dies. It can be sincerely offered even if the enemy doesn't choose to listen as other angels attack (but the Redeemers would have to try to stop the fight if someone did surrender.)

-Save the life of a mortal you believe would end up in Hell
-Convince a mortal to repent of their past misdeeds
-Sincerely apologize and repent of your own past misdeed

Having a demon agree to a redemption attempt is not itself a Rite, but Metanoia almost always restores the essence of angel who invokes her for such.

Expanded rites, often given for specific jobs or as rewards, include
-spend an hour counseling someone (human or celestial) towards selfless action
-spend two hours guarding a diabolical or Hellsworn from angels or The Game
-treat the wounds of a diabolical or Hellsworn
-suffer significant injury (at least 4 hits) because of offering redemption

Having few Servitors on earth, Metanoia makes herself available. Also, any celestial—angel or demon—can invoke her. She usually manifests as a middle-aged woman dressed like a nun, with a stoic expression but bright, kind eyes.
Base TN: 4

- 6: an angel of another Superior, besides Judgement*
+1: a written or spoken apology
+2: two people making amends
+3: tears shed in repentance
+4: a demon’s Servant, or a Soldier of Hell
+5: a handkerchief soaked with, or a bowl filled with, tears of repentance
+6: a demon or Outcast wanting redemption

*she is willing to talk to other angels, but prefers they generally go through their Archangel. The exception is Dominic, for she fears (correctly) he would destroy his Servitors before letting them ‘defect’ to her. She will readily answer the call of demons.

I'm worried some of these might be too complicated, especially the Malakim or Bright Lilim, but I like the idea of an inversing of demonic Resonances.

Her attunements are emulations of demonic power, used for good. Servitors outside of Redemption who acquire one of her Attunements often get looked at closely by Judgement. All of her Choir Attunements are restricted.
She usually does not give her Choir Attunements to grey angels. Only those who are willing to serve on earth are given these extra powers. (It also helps get grey angels to serve other Archangels, since most are a little put-off by her attunements.)

Seraph – Seraphim of Redemption can emulate an aspect of the Balseraph’s power: when telling someone something, they can make that person believe it. This requires a successful Will roll and can be resisted like a Balseraph’s Resonance. Note that the Seraph cannot use this to deceive themselves, and using it to make someone believe a lie is dissonant.

Cherub – When attuning to someone or something allied or associated with Hell, Cherubim of Redemption do not suffer dissonance if their attuned comes to harm, as long as they do not cause the harm or the harm they cause is for the sake of redemption and doesn’t kill them. (Torturing an attuned to death, regardless of good intentions or if the death was accidental, is still dissonant.)
This explicitly includes demons, imps, gremlins, Soldiers of Hell, Servants of demons, ethereals allied with Beleth, and artifacts made by or attuned to demons. It does not include mundane humans who unknowingly serve demons. DM discretion for other areas.

Ofanim – Ofanim of Redemption can use their Will to force the particles that make up something to start to move rapidly in an uncontrolled manner. Although the metaphysics are based on motion instead of entropy, this is mechanically identical to the Calabim Resonance, except there is no penalty for failure and it only works on the Corporeal realm.

Elohim – Elohim of Redemption can emulate the Habbalah Resonance, but only to cause emotions similar to sadness, repentance, or regret. This requires a successful Will roll and can be resisted like the Habbalah Resonance.
The Elohite can also learn and sing the Song of Hysteria.
It is dissonant if the target of this attunement or the Song of Hysteria commits suicide.

Malakim – Malakim of Redemption can enforce honor upon others. With a successful Resonance roll, they can choose one action they sensed and inflict a Geas upon the target. This Geas is to not do a similar action; the level of the Geas is equal to the Resonance roll’s check digit. The target is instantly aware of the Geas; even mundanes understand instinctively something very bad will happen if they break the Geas.
The Geas can be resisted like a Lilim’s Geas.
Note: usually it is dishonorable actions that are geased against, but a Malakite can bind one not to do what they see as honorable. Such is helpful with shedim.
The majority of Metanoia’s Malakim are former Servitors of Flowers who found its dissonance requirement too strict. In exchange, they are often assigned as defense at Tethers of Flowers.

Kyriotate – a Kyriotate of Redemption gains a new use of their Resonance: they can ‘ride’ inside a human much like a shedim, subtly controlling the human while the human is in a dream-like trance, although the angel’s perception of the person’s mind is limited to surface thoughts and emotions. (The angel can ‘rest’ and let the person go about their day normally, if desired. This can also let the person use their own skill ranks.) With a successful Will roll contest, they can force the person to do something selfless or good that they normally would not do. Just like a shedim slowly corrupts, this can be used to slowly redeem.
When using this power, they cannot use any Forces for other hosts or to manifest celestially; it takes all their Forces to focus on this ‘ride’. They are also vulnerable to any effect that would impact a shedim possessing its host.
If a Kyriotate has the Destiny and Redemption Attunements, they do gain access to the person’s memories when ‘riding’ them, but doing so recalls the memories to the host’s surface thoughts.

Mecurian – a Mecurian of Redemption can force those who serve darkness to trust them – so much better to lead them to light – as well as drain essence from the side of Hell. In short, they can use their Will to invoke the Impudite resonance, but only against those allied or associated with Hell or (at DM discretion) very selfish beings. However, this has some benefits over an Impudite's Resonance. 1. The target does not add anything to their Will to negate the Resonance; 2. if the Mecurian drains essence, the targeted one does not notice until the Resonance wears off and, even then, they must roll Intelligence to realize it was drained and not that they spent it (though if they think about it, they may well realize they can't remember how they spent the essence and suspect something fishy); and 3. if the Resonance roll succeeds but the effect fails because the target is not affiliated with Hell, the Mecurian knows that is why it failed.

Bright Lilim – Lilim who truly seek Freedom can find relative freedom as a grey angel of Redemption, but that is usually too boring.
A Bright Lilim of Redemption, when making a successful Resonance roll to sense a Need, also sense particular actions. This additional sense emulates the Malakim Resonance, using the Resonance roll’s check digit, and senses ‘actions done in effort of redeeming/repenting’ and ‘actions should apologize for’ instead of ‘honorable’ and ‘dishonorable’ actions. (Unlike the Malakim resonance, this is objective. If there are no actions done to become better, the Lilim senses the absence.)
This Choir Attunement is the only one that does not make other Archangels uncomfortable, but some Malakim and Lilim dislike what it implies about their relationship.

These also get a bit complicated, but I really like the idea of being able to redeem gremlins or imps. I reckon it's not in the main book since 1) they aren't worth the time of most Archangels and 2) gremlin/imps (and relievers) are whisked back to their celestial realm if they stop doing what they're supposed to, so going Renegade isn't really an option.

Servitor Attunements

Brand of Redemption – the angel’s hands glow with bright light that is visible only to those with heavenly or diabolical Forces (celestials, Soldiers, etc.). If they succeed in touching a demon or Hellsworn, the light fades from their hands and appears as a brand on the target’s face, bearing Metanoia’s sigil.
When the brand is made, and at every subsequent sunrise, the target takes Hits equal to the angel’s Celestial Forces. The brand spreads every sunrise, becoming a short treatise on redemption and teaching the invocation rite for Metanoia. (Thus, using this counts as giving an offer of redemption, so killing someone via it is not dissonant.)
Angels of Redemption get a bonus equal to their Celestial Forces to use their Resonance or Choir Attunements on branded beings.

Shield of Faith – an angel of redemption’s faith in God must not be shaken. An angel with this attunement can, if they fail a roll to resist mental influence or a demon’s Resonance, spend 2 essence to try again. (They may spend additional essence to boost the target number of the second roll, if they wish.) If their second roll succeeds, they are immune to mental influence from that aggressor for their total Forces in minutes.
This cannot be used to undo an Intervention.
Additionally, Elohim with this attunement are no longer extra vulnerable to a Habbalah’s Resonance or other effects that prey under their emotional vulnerability.

Songs of the Fallen – the angel can pick one Song restricted to demons, either for demons in general (e.g., Blood, Self) or to the Band corresponding to their Choir. The angel can now Sing that Song as if it had 6 ranks in it. (If the Song exists in multiple realms, they get 6 points to allocate between the Corporeal, Ethereal, and Celestial versions.) It is not inherently dissonant for the angel to Sing these Songs, but some of the effects may still be dissonant depending on Choir or Word.
This attunement can be awarded multiple times to give more Songs (or more points for a Song with multiple realms).
Having this attunement generally draws unwanted attention from Judgement.


Vassal of Repentance – this is commonly awarded to any angel whose actions lead to the redemption of a demon or Hellsworn. (For the latter, the award is given when the Hellsworn shows up in Heaven.) These can sense how heavily one’s sins are afflicting them, with a glance. It does not give insight into what those sins are, but it’s a good way to realize someone is feeling guilty (or just worried that someone else will find out.)

Friend of Those Thought Lost – by spending 7 essence, the angel can channel Metanoia’s power to try to effect the redemption of a lesser being. Depending on the target, the effect changes. Whether the Attunement is a success or not is up to DM discretion. Note that a 'success' is a redemption act, whereas a 'failure' is usually just killing the target.

They can try to redeem an imp or gremlin, turning it into a reliever. To have any chance of success, the target must be willing, although being truly repentant is not needed (but it really helps). The target loses 1 Force. On a success, the target becomes a reliever and is whisked away to Metanoia’s cathedral. On a failure, the target’s corporeal vessel (if it has one) is slain and it is banished to Limbo in Trauma.
This can also be used to re-align the infernal Force(s) in a Soldier of Hell to make it a Soldier of Heaven. The target must be willing and repentant for a success and, if they are, the redemption always succeeds. A failure kills the Hellsworn, presumably casting them to Hell. Thus, using it on Hellsworn is not recommended unless they are truly repentant, although it’s not dissonant as long as you sincerely offer redemption first.
If the Hellsworn was also a Servant, the effect below also occurs.
In some rare cases, even if the Hellsworn was not repentant, it realigns their Forces and kills them, but takes the soul to Heaven. Such souls are often uncomfortable in Heaven and reside in Metanoia's brig.
If you use it on a Servant of a demon who is not Hellsworn, this breaks the metaphysical connection between the demon and the servant. The servant no longer has to make Will rolls to resist orders, and is now immune to coercion (whether by skills or Resonance) by their former demon for the next week. The demon is not aware of this, although their Superior may be able to tell the connection was severed upon viewing the demon. (Using it on a Servant always succeeds.)
It has no effect on fully-fledged celestials, ethereals, or humans without infernal Forces.

This can be used to one-shot kill an imp, gremlin, or Soldier of Hell. But that seems fair for 7 essence.

Master of Compassionate Empathy – to really help demons redeem, it is helpful to understand them. Metanoia believes she has that insight perfectly, since she has the objectively of an Elohite, her experiences as a demon, and the strength of an Archangel to distinguish truth from deception. But to others, even other former demons, it is less clear.
Her Masters can temporarily cloak themselves in the instincts and form of a demon. The celestial becomes like a demon of its corresponding Band. The effect lasts until the Master chooses to end it. The celestial now regains essence at nightfall, changes its dissonance conditions, loses access to its Choir Resonance, and fully gains a Band Resonance. Its celestial form also changes, and its Heart gets cloudy (with a noticeably different look from being Outcast, but the same effect. However, if they accrue dissonance, their dissonance rolls still work as normal for angels.) To all observation, and all Song or Resonance effects, the celestial is now a demon. And, although they remember their true nature, they feel the selfishness and distorted perception of a demon of their corresponding Band.
After Metanoia awarded this for the first time, to three of her most trusted angels, Dominic charged her with heresy and called for the execution of the three Masters. She was acquitted, but was told never to give this to any other angel without the express permission of the Seraphim Council. She has not even requested to. Two of these three – a Seraph and a Elohite – still serve her. The third left Heaven, presumably to live a selfish life of its own making, but the fact that its Heart has not shattered means it has not Fallen. (After it fled Heaven and had not been seen for a decade, the Seraphim Council approved Dominic's request to have its Heart under guard in his cathedral. A Servitor of Judgement constantly monitors the Heart, so as to capture the angel if it turns 'angelic' again. (Most think this job is punishment for a Servitor who has recently performed poorly.))
No Malakim or Bright Lilim were ever given this, so it’s unclear what effect it would have.
(There are some rumors that, against the Seraphim Council’s orders, she has granted this Distinction to some of Michael’s black ops angels, and that is why he is not hostile towards her, but perhaps those are just rumors. Some balk that an Archangel would give away a high-ranking Distinction to those not serving her, but Metanoia is unusually rational.)

Metanoia does not ascribe to any particular religion, since she cannot logically prove any is exclusively true, but she does find religion useful and Good for causing repentance. Some of her (relatively few) Tethers are places where someone publicly repented and embraced a faith. Most of her saints are those repentant who were immediately martyred after publicly repenting.

However, she often recommends her Saints work under other Archangels. Most Christian Saints go to Laurence, most Muslim to Khalid or Zedkiel, and the others as their temperaments befit them. She does retain a handful who find her more suiting. And she acknowledges that Saints are helpful for the grey angels to be reminded what they should be fighting for.

Of her Servitors, about 5% are angels who decided to serve her cause when she was elected Archangel. Most are from Flowers or Destiny.

25% of her Servitors are demons she has redeemed or angels that requested transfer to her, who have since decided to actively serve Heaven. About half of these are being prepared to serve under another Archangel, usually first by serving at their Tether or assisting them (an angel of Redemption in Service to…) before final transfer. The other half have decided to actively serve Redemption.

She rarely creates her own angels. Only about 5% were made by her as Angels of Redemption.

The rest (about 65%) are grey angels: demons that Redeemed but do not want to serve, or angels that could not serve sincerely under another Archangel. Distrusted by the rest of heaven, they are those who struggle with expressing their selfless nature in a way that serves Heaven and humanity. Still, nigh-useless as they are, Metanoia protects them as that is the logical thing. Grey angels never leave Heaven. They are allowed to leave Metanoia’s cathedral, but few do.
It’s rumored she has two or three former Servitors of Judgement in her cathedral, a Triad that fell to dissonance and lost faith in Judgement. They want to serve Heaven, but are afraid of being destroyed by Dominic if they leave Metanoia's cathedral.

Also, there are several relievers who run around and do small tasks. The majority of these are Redeemed gremlins or imps.

Despite counting her as a friend, Eli did not assign any of his angels to her before he left. She does not take it as an offense, though; her purpose is to rehabilitate celestials, not give those who need no doctor a home. However, she has opened a well-guarded section of her cathedral to any Servitors of Eli who wish to store their Hearts there. She keeps a couple of her angels posted there to keep tabs for any becoming Outcast or see who is suffering Trauma at a given moment, but generally leaves them be.
She is concerned about Eli, though, and would gladly shelter him in her cathedral if he would just talk to her.

War or Peace

Metanoia is not truly on the War or Peace faction.

Like her fellow Archangel and former Servitor of Flowers Zadkiel, she sees that sometimes killing is necessary, and Metanoia would rather see a few bad humans die or demons be destroyed than more fall. She’s not happy about it, but she sees the rational need. On the other hand, her focus on saving lives and souls keeps her in very good terms with the Peace faction. She probably would be considered a member of it if not that she sends her redeemed Servitors to any Archangel that they fit.

She would just as gladly have someone serve Flowers as War, depending on what is the most logical decision. She is only reluctant to send anyone to Judgement. It has happened once; she admitted to the Seraphim Council that she was against it, but the angel’s temperament was such that it would be dissonant for her as an Elohite to recommend otherwise. Dominic, despite being annoyed, begrudgingly commented that her avoiding dissonance did show her credibility as an Archangel.

Archangelic Opinions

Blandine: Metanoia maintains the dreams and hopes of repentance and redemption. In this, she has value. (Blandine fosters the hope of mankind, and I thank her for such hope. We have similar causes, if different means and targets.)

David: I do not understand her. Coddling celestials unwilling to be true angels? But she seems to do good and help the War in her own way. (He is one of the militant angels, so it is reasonable we do not understand each other. We get along better now than when I served under Novalis, but we are very different.)

Dominic: The Council acquitted her of heresy with her dark rites, but I do not trust her. She protects her ‘grey angel’ heretics. I am certain there is evidence to call for her trial. (He is misguided and leads to the destruction of those who could be Redeemed. It is sad we are so in opposition, but such is the case.)

Eli: Lovely gal, even if she is a bit too stuck-up what with being an Elohite. I appreciate her. (Love of Creation breeds the seeds of Redemption in many hearts, but I fear for his own Heart and soul. Where is he?)

Gabriel: She punishes cruelty in her own way, purifying it back to light. Though I fear some of her grey ones will bring her sorrow. (Gabriel’s instability makes me nervous, but her cause is noble. I just wish more of her Servitors focused on simply punishing instead of killing the cruel.)

Janus: She sure does shake up the status quo. Not sure what I think of her greys, but they are something new in Heaven. That’s impressive. (He is the force of change, and Redemption is a change of heart. We do not often work together, but we can and have done good work together.)

Jean: She is conducting an experiment in the nature of celestials with her so-called grey angels. Though I do not know if it is wise or not, I appreciate her as a fellow Elohite. (We both see things rationally, and I appreciate his voice – stronger than mine – on the Council. But our focuses are very different.)

Jordi: She cares more about celestials than humans. I give her credit for that, but I wish she cared more for the redemption and healing of nature than Soldiers of Hell. (We serve different purposes and do not understand each other, but neither do we work against each other. That is quite acceptable.)

Laurence: I share Dominic’s criticism, but my main concern is the waste of energy and effort she expends on those celestials who would laze about instead of fight. Yes, she draws some demons from the enemy line, but what she makes of them does not fit honor. (He is clouded by his oaths and Word, and that makes him not see the rationality of my path. I serve the War in a way others do not. His ire for me is unfortunate.)

Marc: She trades Redemption when others are not willing, even accepting an unfair deal for the sake of what she cares for. I don’t really agree, but I can respect her. (His Word and mine are not so far apart, in their selfless applications. I wish he saw it that way.)

Michael: She treats soldiers like babies, letting them live selfishly in her cathedral when they should be training or fighting on earth. But I see the practicality of her efforts, and I won’t stop her. At least she sends her more war-like Redeemed to me or Laurence. (Like David and Laurence, he does not see the true value of what I bring. But he at least sees some of its value. I appreciate his being willing to admit the Truth.)

Novalis: Ah, my beautiful first fruit of redemption. How she has blossomed, and how much she saves the souls of both man and celestial. I am so proud… even if a touch saddened by the deaths—few they are—that she now causes. (She is like a mother in many ways to me, more parent than Asmodeus ever was. She is not rational in dealing with those who reject Redemption, but I appreciate her never-ending hope. We are dear friends.)

Yves: She supports the destiny of all things in that she keeps many from meeting Fate. And more than a few Soldiers of Hell now live in Heaven due to her intervention. I am glad to have her among our ranks. However, her grays do not live up to their Destiny. I fear she is too pragmatic and might accept that the highest good is already lost. (I think Yves most of all understands my goals. He focuses on the mass of humanity, and I on those aligned to Hell.)

Zadkiel: We are friends. But she is too lenient to those who have already rejected Allah. (Her values are much like mine, even if she is too bloodthirsty and too unwilling to accept fallen angels back to Heaven.)

Litheroy: Many of her angels’ powers are those of lies: acting like demons. Dangerous lies. Yet I appreciate her desire to spread the truth of heaven. (I appreciate him. And his premise that, if all the demons knew the truth, they would embrace heaven. But he fails to realize that accepting the truth is often the harder part.)

Khalid: I have been harsh to her for many years. She still seems a heretic in many ways, but, in light of my own recent transgressions, I am revisiting my opinion. (He is mistaken about much. But, in a way, I treasure him more than any of the Archangels. He almost Fell, but he is back in Heaven’s graces. He is a testament to all I fight for. Though it would be dissonant to let that impact my actions.)

The most rumors circulate about her Three Masters, particularly the one that went AWOL on earth (or even to Hell, perhaps.) There is also the rumor that she traded her Distinction for Michael’s acceptance. Or about the Triad of Judgement she accepted into her ranks, who are hiding from Dominic in her cathedral.

One of the biggest (if least believed) rumors is that Metanoia herself is Fallen. As she has her own Distinction powers, she can (and at times, to prove a point, has) shown up in Heaven looking like a demon. What if that is the truth and her appearing as an angel is the illusion?
As an Archangel Elohim, if she became Habbalah, she would still honestly believe she is an Archangel. If she fell, would she even be aware? Would Hell know? What if she is actually a Demon Princess, spreading complacency in heaven in the name of ‘redemption’? What if she is actually breeding an army to stab at the back when the final battle comes? Perhaps all of her grey angels are actually demons posing as angels, preparing for a great betrayal? And would that mean those she sends to other Archangels are those she couldn’t pervert or actually more sleeper agents ready to betray?

Though it should be noted that even Dominic has dismissed such as slander and paranoia.

And then there is the "brig", a part of her cathedral used as a prison. There are several rumors about what actually goes on, but here is the truth:
Here she puts the souls of Hellsworn who were redeemed by her Friends, but not truly repentant and not wanting to ascent to the higher heavens. Unless they show true repentance and willingness to act as saints, she keeps them there, lest they taint Heaven or be destroyed.
She also imprisons Servitors or relievers she cannot trust. If a Gray is showing dissonant behavior, or fostering demon-like attitudes, they will be put here lest they contaminate others. Likewise for any redeemed relievers who seem to show loyalty or tendencies towards their old form. Rarely, she will imprison one of her active angels here. This most often happens when an angel becomes Outcast (even Servitors of Eli under her protection); she will move their Heart to the brig, and leave it there should they return in Trauma.
To her, the Brig is an alternative to destruction. Despite its name, it has amenities and those housed there are often visited by her or those she trusts. She sincerely hopes they will be truly redeemed, but at least here they can wait until after the Final Trumpet and the last battle. She hopes God will have something good for them.

Some rumors even say that she has demons in her service, perhaps as demonic Hearts stored deep in her cathedral or secreted away in Hell. After all, if she can become a demon, can't she make or attune demons while she is one?
If true, here are Band attunements for Metanoia, Habbalah Demon Princess of... Repentance?
Note: a DM could rule that, if a demon of her uses their Master Distinction power, they lose their Choir attunement but gain the corresponding Band attunement.

Demons of Repentance are often like what habbalah envision themselves to be: agents of testing humanity in order to weed out those undeserving of salvation. Their attunements help them to force repentance and punish the unrepentant. Think of them less as angels seeking redemption and repentance, and more like an inquisition seeking admittance of guilt and acts of contrition.

Word Dissonance: demons of Repentance must not kill something before both offering it repentance and seeing some act of rejecting said repentance. (What constitutes an act of rejection can be interpreted broadly. They are demons, after all.)

Balseraphs: Balseraphs of Repentance can automatically use their Resonance to make someone believe they are guilty of some transgression. The target does not actually have to be guilty, but will believe they are. The roll automatically succeeds and is not resisted, but roll to confirm duration and check for intervention. (The target can still respond to belief of guilt as they wish: including wanting to hide it.)

Djinn: a Djinn of Repentance is free to harm their attuned, as long as the end goal is driving them towards repentance or admitting guilt. It is still dissonant to kill the attuned unless they ask for it or reject repentance.

Calabim: a Calabite of Repentance can, with a touch, do Mind hits with its Resonance. (Resisted by Intelligence instead of Strength.) If the target reaches 0 Mind hits, they enter a meditative state instead of falling unconscious. The DM should assign a Discord appropriate to their guilty acts.

Habbalah: a Habbalah of Repentance can, with a glance, tell what emotion will most drive one to reveal their transgressions (if not publicly, at least admitting it to themselves). They can add their Celestial Forces to their Resonance roll when attempting to evoke that emotion.

Lilim: a Lilim of Repentance adds 1 to the effective level of any Geas she calls in, as long the Geas is used to enforce an act leading to repentance, making amends, or getting punished. If calling in an unmodified level 6 Geas, the target cannot resist the Geas.

Shedim: a Shedite of Repentance need not corrupt its hosts. They still must have a daily Contest of Wills, but they can use it to corrupt a host or redeem a host, much like the kyriotate of redemption attunement.

Impudite: an Impudite of Repentance can kill someone who is truly unrepentant without suffering dissonance.

As a relatively new and low-ranking Archangel, both in terms of respect and resources, Metanoia doesn't share the awesome relics and artifacts that some Archangels bear. If asked, she says (quite honestly) that she thinks the resources to create such are better off used elsewhere.

One exception is what is colloquially known as the Tithe Pool. Soon after her elevation, she worked with Eli to create an emerald pool in her Cathedral filled with a semi-solid liquid. This is a very massive reliquary. In addition to generating one essence per day, like other reliquaries, it also has the ability to contain massive amounts of essence. It also has several founts and faucets, which allow the essence to be directed to any other Archangel. Metanoia's Grays (and any other of her angels stationed in her Cathedral) are required to put in 1 essence per day if they are near their total store of essence. The belief is that, as the Grays choose not to actively assist Heaven, they can at least indirectly assist by giving essence to more active Archangels. (This was actually part of the compromise with Dominic and Lawrence, when her was under trial for heresy.)

The pool is guarded by an Elohite Friend, who listens to petitions from other Archangels' messengers and, daily, sends 1/10th of all the stored essence to the other Archangels as needed. The allotments are not equal, but they are believed to be fair (at least in the Elohite's unbiased eyes.) Even Dominic gets his allotment. The faucets can be sealed, for the unfortunate possibility that an Archangel dies and the path to their Cathedral needs to be sealed. Eli's faucet was sealed, under Dominic's orders, when the Archangel went AWOL.

Note: metanoia is the Greek word for repentance, meaning literally to change (meta) the mind (nous), as in turning one's mind (with connotations of higher self, soul, heart, etc.) towards God, turning away from Hell.