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2007-09-28, 10:23 AM


Evocation [Fire]
Level: Ignus 7, Cleric 8, Druid 7
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area: 50 foot Spread
Duration: See text
Saving Throw: Reflex half (see text)
Spell Resistance: No

As you complete the last words of the spell, the very earth buckles and shakes, a mound of earth rising from the ground, taking your enemies up with it, before erupting with the full rage of a volcano, scattering its victims in all directions and spewing lava out into the air. When it is over, all that is left is a thin film of lava and the charred bodies of your enemies, a pall of black smoke hanging over it all

All creatures within the area take 2d6 damage per caster level (max 40d6). This damage is half fire from the lava, and half bludgeoning from flying rocks (reflex half). Creatures that fail their reflex saves are also moved to another location within the spread (consult the miss chart for grenade-like weapons, but double the distance). After the spell concludes, the area is covered in a pall of smoke (treat as an obscuring mist spell) and lava (2d6 fire damage to any creature that walks through it or touches it) for 1 round/caster level. The terrain is also treated as Rough terrain for this duration.

2007-09-28, 10:52 AM
That is really, really overpowered - at least in my opinion. Up the spell levels by one for each one.

Meanwhile... what's Ignus?

2007-09-28, 10:58 AM
Ignus is a spirit from Cog's Shaman Class.

And I don't agree - it's got a good area, sure, but half its damage is subject to DR and the other half is Fire, the single-most common resistance -ever-. And the leftovers only last for one round/level, as opposed to Transmute Rock to Lava, which is forever. I'd call these levels just fine.

2007-09-28, 11:22 AM
Yeah, it was originally level 9 for all, but after hearing Gareth's reasoning, I toned it down. Might move it from 7/7/8 to 8/8/9, though.

Also, mine shaman class (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56521).

2007-09-28, 11:22 AM
Seems like in the saving throw stat block you can just put Reflex Half (see entry) because it really is just reflex half I assume. It's just that even with a sucessful save half of what you take is fire and half is bludgeoning.

2007-09-28, 11:30 AM
Done. Also, half blud half fire isn't necessarily good or bad. See, fire is commonly resisted or worse, while bludgeoning is subjected to all sorts of nasty DR, soooo...

2007-09-28, 10:10 PM
Do the falling rocks just disappear after they hit their target? I'd like to see their presence reflected in something like changing the terrain within the spread to rough for the duration or something. Otherwise, I think it's pretty good. Also, any unoccupied square of their choosing? I like the flavor of this, but 'of their choosing' needs some work. Maybe instead use the rules for missing with a splash weapon, multiplied by two (so 10 feet off their original location).

2007-09-28, 10:14 PM
Brilliant, harlequin. Thank you. I'll fix it soon, and I'll try to make a 9th level ignus-only spell - Greater Volcano.

2007-09-28, 10:28 PM
Fixt! Thanks for the heads up, harlequin. Gonna make the Greater Volcano spell now...

2007-09-29, 12:47 AM
Volcano, Greater:
Level: Ignus 9
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Saving Throw: See text
Duration: See text

As Volcano, except as shown above. Additionally, the smoke functions as a solid fog spell, and those caught within it must make a fortitude save or become nauseated for 1 round. They must make this save every round that they remain in the smoke. If the shaman maintains concentration on the spell, they may call forth a fiery boulder from the volcano once per round, to strike a target within 100 ft. of the point of origin. This boulder deals 1d6 damage per caster level (max 15d6, reflex negates). This damage is one half fire damage, and one half bludgeoning.