View Full Version : Needing help finding a homebrew class.

2019-03-03, 07:11 AM

Basically I am trying to find this homebrew class that used this image. It is not the way of the oni or way of the red oni monk subclasses which is all i can find as of yet. The main concept of this class was that you were bonded to this spirit/minor deity/oni/being that you have made a deal with to gain power. You manifest the being to fight along side you. The class had a very Asian/Japanese feel to it. As you are leveling up, you and the spirit being slowly become one being which has it benefits. You manifest the spirit through an item that it is bonded to, either made when you made a deal with the being or it having been passed down as the item was important to the being in question. The class as far as i remember is very melee based though I for the most part can only really remember the flavor text of the class. I found and read this class late last year and now being unable to find it is really bugging me. Hoping someone may have some idea what it was.

2019-03-03, 08:02 PM
Pact of the Mask Warlock?