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2019-03-04, 04:15 AM
So I realize that this pretty much a D&D/Pathfinder only forum but recently a friend of mine and I went in together on books for the newest edition of The Dark Eye to be released in America. We've been slowly reading through everything but we're still a bit confused on how Character Creation works. We've played Legends of the Five Rings and other similar RPGs but there's something about this one that's causing us both an annoying amount of learning block.

This may be a bit of a shot in the dark, but is there anyone who's played this game before that could reference me a character creation guide?

2019-03-04, 05:15 AM
Sure, but i don't have the English version so i might be off sometimes regarding how rule terms have been translated.

At its core it is a point buy system. And the numer of points you start with (default 1100) also provides caps for your starting character.

But because earlier editions were not really pointbuy and for those who want to get more guidance about what a typical character looks like, there are templates.
So typically you would choose a race template, a culture (no cost, provides stuff like your native language), a culture package template (typical skills for your culture, cost is exactly what the skills do cost) and a profession template (see culture package), pay those from your points and distribute the rest.

But in reality culture and profession template are just a suggestion you might ignore if you want to distribute your points otherwise. The race templates are kinda mandatory as you can't be of a race without having the rules of the race and paying for those.

So, now all the other points. The most expensive thing are what works as base attributes. With a default (1100) human, you can buy up to 100 of those in 8 attributes to a maximum of 14 each costing 15 points. You can buy less than 100 points, but the authors had somehow the assumption players would not do that (because it was a bad idea in earlier editions, while it is actually quite fine now)
There are some special cases where you would be allowed to have one or two of those values starting at 15 (e.g. race modifiers). You still have a max total of 100 and still have to pay for the higher points which are also more expensive. The 15th costs 30.

There is also another seveal other hard limits. The system has traits but the total value of them you can have is limited both for positive traits and negative ones. As all the other limits only work at character creation and you can improve everything else later freely, choosing traits is one of the more important decisions.

That is the most important stuff. I am not sure what you look for excatly. The book has a step for step character creation guide with examples. It is probably better to ask more specific questions about steps therein.

2019-03-11, 09:08 AM

What Edition are you playing? For the 4th there is a pretty good Charakter Generator called the helden-Software but I don't know if it's available in english. It follows the same rules that satinavian (nice Name drop by the way) layed out.

For 5th Edition there is actually a Charakter Generator on the Website from ulisses where you can pay as much as you want. 0.00 was totally okay for me. That could help you.

If you are playing earlier Editions I'm afraid I can't help you.