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2019-03-06, 03:57 PM
Do you have a Knight in your party? Does your Wizard want an apprentice? What does that mean?
Based on Dael Kingsmill's fantastic "Knights & Squires" Video on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM5A3UzSl1k), I made the following rules:

The Student Mechanic
Based on the work of Dael Kingsmill (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM5A3UzSl1k)

Upon introduction, your Student adds their racial bonuses to the sheet of a Commoner (all 10s). A Human Student, for example, has +1 to all stats (all 11s) while a Half-Orc student will have a 12 Str, 11 Con and 10 in everything else.

The Student starts at level "N/A", 8+CON HP and an AC of 10+Dex mod. They are proficient with a their unarmed attacks, a club and one other simple weapon that their master is proficient with.

As you level up, so does your Student. The level of the Student follows the CR list: N/A, 0, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1.
At each level, you add one point to a stat and advance in Defense, Offense or Study

Defense Advancement Ė The Student gains +1 Con (mod), +1 hit points, and an addition to either dexterity or strength to increase AC by 1
Offense Advancement Ė The Student gains +1 to an attack mod, increasing either dexterity or strength mod to increase damage dealt by 1. If no weapons have been learned, it defaults to strength.
Study Advancement Ė The Student gains proficiency in either:
- A skill or tool Proficiency that their master is proficient in; OR
- A +1 to either Int, Wis, or Cha (stat, not mod), but it cannot raise the Studentís stat above the masterís stat. (An 12 Int Master cannot teach their student up to 13 Int).

At the 4th level of study (CR ľ), the Student gains a proficiency based on their masterís class (or one of them, if multiclassed):

Bonus Proficiencies

Magic Initiate & Proficiencies with 2 types of tools

Proficiency with All Weapons & the Unarmored Defense feature

Magic Initiate, proficiency with a Musical Instrument

Magic Initiate, proficiency with shields

Magic Initiate, proficiency with quarterstaffs

Proficiencies with all Armor & All Weapons

The Martial Arts class feature & proficiency with a monk weapon

Proficiencies with All Armor, one melee Weapon, & the Lay on Hands feature (3 points)

Proficiency with Longbows, one other weapon, & the Sylvan Explorer (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?582686-The-Ranger-Further-Revised-(PEACH)) class feature (3 points)

Expertise in 1 skill & Proficiency in a Finesse weapon

Magic Initiate, proficiency with light crossbows

Magic Initiate, proficiency with slings

Magic Initiate, Expertise with Arcana

(the Magic Initiate feat for the casting classes is based on their masters class. You can't get MI: Druid whilst under a Wizard)

At 6th level of study (CR 1), the Student has completed their course of study and can be released from the Masterís tutelage.

Playing a Student:

In social situations, the DM plays the student.
In tactical or combat situations, the player of the master plays the student. The student rolls initiative by itself and acts independently. The master directs the student while conscious without using actions.

If the student was a Squire under the tutelage of a Knight (the background feature, Variant Noble), the squire is knighted under the same order of the master. At this point the Knight can assume up to 2 new pages as squires.

If the student does not want to leave the party, they can start leveling up as a Sidekick (https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/UA_Sidekicks.pdf), using the existing UA rules. The now-ex-student starts at level 1.