View Full Version : Re-skinning mundane items as low-level magic items

2019-03-21, 11:00 AM
Let me explain- in the setting Im running, there was a race of magical precursor giants (so big that they were more like gods than giants as we think of them in D&D).

The players are about to run into a half-buried giant chest, guarded by a giant housecat and spider.

In the chest, which is the size of a large house, theyll find various mundane items which I want to sell as usable, sometimes magical weapons, armor, potions, etc.

Do playgrounders have any quirky and/or immediately obvious re-skins? The only real criteria is that the item be something youd have in a chest or closet, and its magical reinterpretation be fairly low on the power curve.

So far Ive got:
Sewing kit- needle=rapier, thimble=helmet, thread=climbing rope
Ornamental broach=shield
Magic rings=magic armbands
Scrap of cloth=magical cloak


2019-03-21, 11:35 AM
Handkerchief: Cloak or blanket.

2019-03-21, 12:08 PM
Coins or buttons could be another option for shields. Toothpick type object for spears.

2019-03-24, 07:20 AM
Cool idea, although maybe be careful with the scale you're using. If a needle could be a rapier, then a finger ring would be far too large to be an armband (and probably also wouldn't come in pairs). Could be a metal belt of some sort instead?

What's the level of technology like? Not in the main setting, but in this giant world? Would there be paperclips (maybe a grappling hook, depending on size), or thumbtacks (a buckler), or sticky tape (so many options)? Could there be a set of small keys? Elastic bands? Maybe a paracetamol tablet could be like an almost infinite supply of healing potion, if someone knew how to prepare it?