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2019-03-21, 05:07 PM
Hi everyone first time posting here

So a bit of background our group is now level 3 and we are playing in a homebrew our party now comprises of a paladin(oath of ancients), rogue(assassin), barbarian(Ancestral Guardian), barbarian(not decided might be bear), sorcerer(storm) and of course sorcerer (favoured soul) we did have a cleric but they died and the random generator decided paladin was the players new path.

I am just wondering what spells you think I will need to take at higher levels we are doing milestone leveling

I currently have

Cantrips Create bonfire, Ray of frost, Frostbite and Toll the dead

L1 bless, bane, healing word and mage armour

L2 web

Metamagic are subtle spell and quicken spell

2019-03-21, 05:28 PM
I would suggest posting in the 5th edition forum.