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2019-03-25, 07:00 AM

I decided to illustrate one of the funnier moments in my campaign so far! As this is an entirely homebrew campaign by me, this might need some explaining.

The party (half-elf rogue, elf wizard, orc fighter, vryloka ardent) were basically trapped in a dream mansion thingy, and had been looping time for a while now with different things at the end of each loop. At the end of the last loop, they had to fight this terrible abomination which would eternally regenerate from even the most severe injuries.

The events in the dream mansion had all been written out like a story in this book which was tied to it, and so clearly to progress they just had to follow the book's instructions. The book subtly hinted that the clock's hands were powerful weapons, so the three people in the room with the abomination put two and two together and realized they needed the grandfather clock which the orc had conveniently moved near the room for them. So they shouted out of the room at him, and well...

2019-03-25, 06:04 PM
Heh. Orcish Problem Solving at its finest.

2019-03-26, 03:01 AM
Looks good and was funny. Any more?

2019-03-27, 06:45 AM
4/5 would upvote

Kaptin Keen
2019-03-27, 04:54 PM
Heh. Orcish Problem Solving at its finest.

Heh - reminds me of the 'orc quadruple axe', which never fails to make me chuckle.