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2007-09-30, 03:23 PM
I was reciently given a copy of MoI by somone who is getting out of D&D. I was wondering what everyone thought of it. I like the way you can get Uncanny Dodge and Evasion with out any class levels, but that is about all that caught my interest. Are there any other gems that I missed?

Yuki Akuma
2007-09-30, 03:26 PM
..Without any class levels?

Well, sure, if you waste precious, precious feats.

It costs two feats. So, if you start as a human (or azurin), you can have evasion at first level. And it's your only trick. Yay? How many reflex saves do you make at first level?

You'll be regretting it when you can afford a ring of evasion.

2007-09-30, 03:37 PM
Nope, you just pick one of the melds which offers you that ability. What I really like the immense ability to customize your character from day to day; you aren't held down to one type of character as a meldshaper. When you go to shape your melds for the day, you essentially get to pick what role you want to be that day.

However, on an hour by hour basis, within the given course of a day, I worry that your pick of soulmelds might turn up to be wrong. With proper knowledge and planning, you could be ready for anything, however.

I also believe that the book comes with too much campaign baggage and far too much flavor text for the prestige classes. It would have been nice to see classes for rogues or druids or psions even, but it does a good job of at least including those classes through feats. I'd play the Necrocarnate, as always. Or maybe the Ironsoul Forgemaster.

The soulmelds offer a wide range of abilities, but I've taken a long look at them and I see disappointing trends between a few of them in that they seem to be essentially the same thing but for different elements; it happens on an isolated basis.

I do like that they have separate meld lists for each of the three classes, and even within a single list there are a staggering amount of choices. There is just a ton of ways to integrate incarnum into Core, or Core into incarnum and the book alone seems rather self-contained (though you'd need the PHB for some rules).

But even if it has some flaws, you got it for free, apparently. I picked mine up for $5.99 at Amazon.com (new, for some weird 70% off sale or something). The only real problem I experience is that no one really plays it, but I hope to run a campaign (a physical DnD game for once, no more forums it'd seem) with it.

Yuki Akuma
2007-09-30, 03:43 PM
Psst! In order to get Evasion, you need to bind Impulse Boots to your Feet chakra... which requires either Open Least Chakra (a feat) or four class levels (gasp! Not class levels!) of Incarnate (or eight levels of Soulborn!) to pull off.

And if you don't want any levels in Incarnate or Soulborn, it requires two feats: Shape Soulmeld and Open Least Chakra.

Edit: Hm. Open Least Chakra requires you to be level six. Sorry, my bad. No getting Evasion at level one. I thought that was a little odd...

Either way, if you want Evasion, just dip into monk.

2007-09-30, 04:01 PM
Yuki: Not really the point of this thread. I wanted other people's opinions on Incarnum, not on the very specific ability to gain evasion and uncanny dodge.

Thanks Maerok. The one thing I noticed is that you can include it rather easily into most games. Even if I only allow the Shape Soulmed and Bind Chakra feats, it opens up a whole slew of options for my players.

As far as lack of feats goes, I allow up to four flaws which can be taken at any time, as well as Faustian Pacts to be used to gain feats. Both have enough drawbacks, and must be RPed so I can keep it from getting out of hand with my players.

2007-09-30, 04:28 PM
Incarnum rules.
It's the best designed and balanced system of anything in all of 3.5.

The Totemist is the true gem, and incarnate and soulbourn both offer good things as well.

It's really about reading the soulmelds and learning the incredible combos you can have;

Girallion arms for 4 natural attacks, Double Chakra (Totem), and Remhorraz belt.

Invest 4 essentia into each and get 4 attacks with +4 Enhancement bonuses which deal 1d4+Str+4d4 Fire. And that's basic, people who've really optimized incarnum can go crazy.

Even if you don't, however, just playing it as straight as possible gives you great fun and the ability to play a unique and memorable character.

MoI rules, period.

2007-09-30, 04:57 PM
love those essentia as said totemist is great you can have most of the abilities of magical beast you fight against and it works wonders for warforge "rerouting essentia for improved acid claws" and feats? go for the feats expand your sould meld capsity and you can learn to shape the other class soulmelds with craft soulmeld so nothing is barred from you IF you're willing to spend it!!!

2007-10-01, 12:54 PM
I must say, I believe Incarnum is very cool. It is powerful, but not overpowered (though the totemist can get a ridiculous amount of natural attacks).

It is also a cool concept.

2007-10-01, 01:00 PM
Most people feel like the Incarnate and Soulborn are kinda weak classes.

The totemist is generally considered "powerful, but not too powerful." Very well-balanced.

2007-10-03, 09:06 AM
The Incarnate does look pretty weak at a cursory glance, but they can out-skill a rogue, out-tank a fighter, out-damage a barbarian, and make great backup healers, when they have the right combination of soulmelds and essentia (and feats, which all characters need to be wary of)`.