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Grey Guard
2019-03-29, 11:03 AM
I'm playing in an Eberron game, and I'm really fresh to the setting. I'm playing a fugitive Chosen from Riedra, and I'm currently in Khorvaire. There's only 3 of us, counting the DM, so it's a 2-man band of a party.

While my character doesn't know this yet, the other player is playing a Copper Dragon, most often in Gnome form, and he does try to hide this fact. When pressed in a fight, he will go dragon mode and say he's merely polymorphing into one.

So my question is: Does the Path of Inspiration teach anything about dragons, and if they're 'evil' or not by that religion's standards?

My character is a devoted adherent to the Path of Inspiration. It teaches that things like arcane magic, the servants of other faiths, kalashtar, and most supernatural things are altavar, or evil spirits or come from trafficking with evil spirits. It also teaches that there's a pecking order to life with reincarnation, and your typical devotee tries to be a good person so they can be reborn as a superior creature. Typically it goes Beasts < non-human humanoids < humans < Changelings < Chosen (ideal human vessels bred to serve as hosts for quori) < Inspired. And then they add caveats for some creatures.

Example: They teach that Ogre Mages, with their mystical powers and 'demonic' appearance, are actually living prisons for minor altavar spirits, and should they be a virtuous person who follows the Path of Inspiration, they may redeem the spirit within them when they die, and the ogre mage themselves will be reborn as something much better.

So after searching high and low in Secrets of Sarlona and Dragons of Eberron, I can't find the Inspired's opinion and teachings on dragons. They're big and powerful, and naturally gifted with arcane magic, and they look intimidating and fearsome. That seems to meet the qualities of a creature trafficking in evil spirits, or maybe they're like ogre mage's housing an evil spirit? But I can't find any concrete information on it.

Normally this would be REALLY unimportant for most games, but given my character's origin, and that I'll eventually find out my companion is a dragon, I just need to know what he's been taught on them. I don't know if it's even mentioned in any books, or if the DM and I just need to make a decision.

2019-03-30, 08:49 AM
Dragons of Eberron is the book you're looking for. There's a section on Sarlona dragons, and how the Riedran authorities view/deal with them. In short, however, unless your character was privy to complicated information, dragons are big, and scary, and one of the many things the edgewalkers and Inspired protect you from.

EDIT: They're also /all/ arcane spellcasters, of course. So sadly, probably tainted by evil altuvar. On the other hand, if you're already consorting with someone you think is polymorphing you will probably be reincarnated as a shifter or something nonsentient anyway in your next life.