View Full Version : Guns from Dragon Mag to Pathfinder needs some clarification?

2019-03-29, 07:20 PM
So guns have been on the mind of someone at Paizo for a while, but how do the core Pathfinder rules apply to some of the older rules presented In Dragon Mag 321? Now hard core rules are very similar and where different are definitely to favor Pathfinders ruling as they literally wrote the book on it (see pathfinder ultimate combat, for the gunslinger class and gun toting variants) but what about rules lost to the annals of time? Specifically the rules of carbine rifles! Now in Dragon Mag 321 most firearms are to large to be used mounted with the main exemption being pistols and carbines. Now for those who donít know a carbine is basically a composite version of a gun. Being slightly more tooled to be used while mounted. Now as far as I can see even on the Pathfinder SRD thereís no longer any such carbines. So my question is what are the rules for mounted artilery and itís penalty if any? Help would very much be appreciated as I soon hope to start a campaign based on what if America but itís a fantasy world? So gunslingers are going to be the big push and even following the common place rules of guns.