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2019-03-31, 06:46 PM
As the title. I'm spitballing campaign ideas to run alongside a Githyanki Incursion and have a pretty solid tie in to resurrecting a dead god. In this case, Gith, who was killed while ascending to godhood. The how and why, I will keep to myself in case my players see this. Also secret, why the body of Gith is on the prime and not the Astral.

What I am looking for, is help sketching a general outline for reinvigorating a dead god. Are there any adventures that have done some of the hard work?

What I have so far is a rough idea of cultists, both factions of gith, and a few mindflayers. Probably an artifact or relic. A big-freaking sacrifice. A long forgotten temple. Stuff like that.

2019-03-31, 07:27 PM
Well, there's the Dead Gods adventure that followed up on the Great Modron March, but technically speaking that was an undead god. Vecna Lives maybe?

I'm not sure if Gith ever did try to achieve godhood, but I'm also not sure she didn't. It doesn't seem like a bad plot. You'd have the Githyanki and the Githzerai who would both want to bring back Gith and keep him away from the other group. (Technically, he doesn't have to be a god, just a powerful leader.) Then you'd have another group, the Mindflayers, who'd do anything to prevent Gith from coming back. The fourth group would be the party, and they are the ones who need to be motivated to choose a side. (Or perhaps they want to become gods themselves.)
This means you've got a lot going on all at once. Queen Vlaakith might not want Gith to come back as she tends to kill any Githyanki who comes close to her level of power. That would mean that the Githzerai try to bring back Gith, while the Githyanki and the Mindflayers try to stop them. That would fit with the Githyanki because they aren't allowed to worship gods.

Edit: Oh wait, the Githzerai didn't follow Gith. Uhmm...

Mike Miller
2019-03-31, 08:39 PM
I believe Age of Worms is all about stopping an evil God from being resurrected. I haven't read it myself, so no more details.

As for ideas, the party could need to construct an artifact, such as the rod of seven parts (also mentioned in AoW but not necessarily a part of it).

2019-03-31, 10:42 PM
The Pathfinder AP Serpents Skull is about the Serpentfolk trying to resurrect their dead god, you might be able to find some ideas there. The party finds clues to a lost city in the early levels, then goes to find it. There they find out the Serpentfolk are in the final stages, they might bring the last piece they need with them, I'm not sure, and they bring together various local tribes and factions to distract the majority of the Serpentfolk forces while they sneak off to kill the major leaders.

2019-04-02, 11:00 AM
IIRC there was an old Planescape adventure called "Dead Gods"