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2019-04-04, 12:23 PM
I have just spent the last three weeks writing a Homebrew item for my players. One of the possible outcomes of using this item is that a Blue Tabaxi with a full-body Mohawk appears and steals something from the players before running off (it is a Jumanji-like game and I ran out of good ideas around effect #83 out of 150). I have done some math and am wondering if it makes sense or if I am missing anything.

So far I have the following:

Race: Tabaxi
Class: 20th Level Monk
Base Speed: 30
Base Speed Increases: +30 (20th level Monk), +10 (Mobile Feat), +30 (Boon of Speed), +10 (Longstrider Spell)
Other Speed Increases: x2 (Feline Agility), x2 (Haste Spell), x2 (Boots of Speed)
Total Walking Speed: 880
Dash Speed: 880
Dashes Possible Per Turn: 3 (Dash Action, Step of Wind Dash Bonus Action, and Haste Extra Dash Action)
(((30 |Base|+30 |20th Level Unarmored Movement|+10 |Mobile Feat|+30 |Boon of Speed|+10|Longstrider Spell|)*2 |Feline Agility|)*2 |Haste Spell|)*2 |Boots of Speed|)=880+880 |Haste Dash|+880 |Step of Wind Dash|+880 |Regular Dash|=3,250
Total Running Speed in One Turn: 3,250

2019-04-04, 12:38 PM
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