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2019-04-07, 03:39 AM
I decided to make a druid subclass that focuses on fire-based spells, and while looking through the UA subclasses I came across the phoenix sorcerer. From what I can tell, the phoenix sorcerer is usually considered very underpowered due to the fact that their core feature (mantle of flame) is a once per long rest feature only. I personally think it would be cool if you could expend your wild shape uses to buff your fire spells, and so this subclass is an attempt to incorporate the ideas from the phoenix sorcerer into the druid class. Unfortunatly, the druid does not have many fire spells available in their spell list, so I decided to expand their spell list a little. I was conflicted whether to auto prepare these spells like the circle of land or circle of spores but decided against it to avoid making this subclass too powerful. Any thoughts on this? Is it balanced?

Circle of flames
Behold the rage of the firelands!

Fire Affinity
When you select this feature at 2nd level, you may add the following spells to your druid spell list:

2nd level: Burning hands
3rd level: Scorching rays
5th level: Fireball
7th level: Fire shield
9th level: Flame strike

You must still meet the level requirement and you must still have these spells prepared before you can cast them.

Mantle of Flame
Also at 2nd level, you can unleash the fire that blazes within you. As a bonus action, you expend a use of your wild shape to magically wreathe yourself in swirling fire, as your eyes glow like hot coals. For 1 minute, you gain the following benefits:

• You shed bright light in a 30-foot radius and dim light for an additional 30 feet.

• Whenever you roll fire damage on your turn, the roll gains a bonus to equal to your Wisdom modifier. This effect can only apply to a single dice roll whenever you cast a spell.

• Any creature takes fire damage equal to your Wisdom modifier if it hits you with a melee attack from within 5 feet of you or if it touches you.

Note: When you cast Fire shield on yourself you only add your wisdom modifier once to the damage roll (not twice)

Phoenix Spark
Starting at 6th level, the fiery energy within you grows restless and vengeful. In the face of defeat, it surges outward to preserve you in a fiery roar. If you are reduced to 0 hit points, you can draw on the spark of the phoenix. You are instead reduced to 1 hit point, and each creature within 10 feet of you takes fire damage equal to half your druid level + your Wisdom modifier. If you use this feature while under the effects of your Mantle of Flame, this feature instead deals fire damage equal to your druid level + double your Wisdom modifier, and your Mantle of Flame immediately ends. Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.

Form of the phoenix
At 10th level, As a bonus action, you can spend two uses of your wild shape to transform into a fire elemental or salamander, following the rules of wild shaping.

Nourishing Fire
Starting at 14th level, your fire spells soothe and restore you. When you expend a spell slot to cast a spell that includes a fire damage roll, you regain hit points equal to the slot’s level + your Wisdom modifier.