View Full Version : The Grande Temple of Jing, converting Pathfinder to a Grande 5E campaign!

Wes Woodbury
2019-04-08, 10:20 PM
The Grande Temple of Jing can be found by searching Kickstarter for it, just launched today!

Come on in! Jing has been preparing for your arrival for quite some time. First he built a temple to himself, a magical labyrinth, that he placed somewhere between space and time. Next he stole countless treasures from kings and men, gods and emperors - even the plants and animals. These he placed inside his temple so that any visitor could discover and take them. To challenge the bold, he surrounded those treasures with tricks, traps, and an array of deadly monsters. And finally he sent invitations to people everywhere, entreating them to visit his temple - and take whatever treasures they can carry. You are reading one of Jing's invitations right now. Do you accept it? Do you dare enter the Grande Temple of Jing?

The Grande Temple of Jing is a megadungeon designed in the spirit of old school RPG adventures - but with modern rules and sensibilities. It is no-holds-barred dungeoncrawl of truly epic proportions, where almost anything can be found. There are over *60* themed dungeon levels - ranging from character level 1 to 20 - so there is something for every group and style of play. Some levels are heavy in combat and tactics, while some are filled with riddles, puzzles, or other challenges. Some levels are quick, others are huge sprawls that harken back to the dungeon days of old. Some levels are deadly serious, and some are almost frivolous. Best of all the levels are completely modular, meaning they can be torn apart and arranged any way you see fit. Plus, there are rules for adding your own content easily, and even for connecting the temple to your favorite 3rd party dungeons.

The *500* pages that make up the Grande Temple of Jing contain more dungeon goodness than you can shake a +1 stick at. Strange creatures, powerful weapons, and wondrous magic are just the start. Riddles, poems, quests, and campaigns make this more than just a megadungeon - it's also a sourcebook, a toolbox, and one heck of a paperweight. And with levels and fiction from celebrity contributors, there is sure to be something for EVERYONE within its fabled halls.