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2019-04-09, 04:36 PM
I finally started getting into DnD again and wanted to start a campaign with some friends, since i was going to be the gm, since i had the most experience i tried my best to let them have a free imagination, two of my friends wanted something a little more special so i said i would try and create my own homebrewn classes! i did so and i think they came out quite nicely, however, i would love to hear from you guys what you think!

the two classes are quite different from each other and seem okay balanced in the campaign i am going to run, but feel free to correct me on points that might be overpowered or even underpowered!

The first class is a pirate, i tried to be original enough and made him based on instead of using mana, using gunpowder to fuel his attacks, having a cutlass as a normal weapon and then a gunpowder pistol as secondary, then giving him "spells" that will use up gunpowder!

The second class is a diamond golem, i was thinking about something that can morph his hands into weapons when i thought about a golem that could do exactly that! He would have spells and be able to morph his hands in his own way, but with balancing changes like having to beat the person that wielded the weapon before being able to morph into said weapon, he does have some select skills/spells but instead of costing mana, they cost max health, which will reduce and increase to a max health cap!

Blood Crystal Golem Dnd Homebrew class:


A Blood Crystal Golem is a special kind of golem that uses pieces of his body and morphs his body to fight, throwing pieces of his body to damage enemies or morphing his hands into weapons to use them to fight enemies..

This type of golem will use his body to fight enemies, morphing his body or throwing pieces of himself. Every time he morphs or throws a piece of himself, he will lose max hp, as you might suspect the golem starts with a lot of health, but during battle will lose max health by fighting enemies, the more health he loses the more vulnerable he is. This type of golem will eat his enemies after battle is over to regain max hp to its cap. Every time this golem kills someone wielding a weapon he does not yet know, and he eats that person, he will learn to morph his hands into one of those weapons.


A Blood Crystal Golem has 4 different stances:

The golem has the same hands as he had after the last battle and is ready to fight, having a strong skin and being determined.

In attack stance, the golem is ready to slay his enemies, losing his composure and making him vulnerable, he will hit for 1d3 of extra damage every time he hits someone but will also always take 2 more damage when someone hits him, scaling with lvl (2+1hp/lvl)

In defence stance, the golem is defending himself, hardening his crystals and making himself ready to take the blow, reducing incoming damage by 50% but also dealing 50% less damage.

The golem can morph his hands to become weapons, weapons of enemy’s he fought, slaughtered and then ate. Every time he wants to morph his hands, he’ll go into defence stance, taking less damage and start changing his hands, the changing takes one if his turns. If he wants to change both of his hands, he won’t be able to do anything next turn. If he wants to change one hand, he won’t be able to move, however he’ll be able to have one weakened by 50% attack with his other hand. Every time he morphs he loses 5 max health.

How to switch stance?:

At the end of the golems turn he gets to choose if he wants to switch stance, if he does, he’ll be slowly switching stance and be done when his next turn arrives. If someone interacts with him during his switch his stance before the switch would still count as the current stance.

Starting stats/skills:

The golem starts with 50 health, and increasing to a max of 350 health (scaling of +15 health cap every level)

He starts with only two morphs and will gain morphs every time he eats an enemy that wielded a weapon he couldn’t morph in yet. He can also gain the morph by eating the weapon itself, however, he will not regain max health from that.

His starting morphs will be a spike, which deals 2d4 piercing dmg/hand or a normal fist which will do 1d3 of blunt dmg/hand but can also grab people (constitution saving throw) and makes sure the other hand hits (good for low accuracy/slow weapon morphs)

Every time he eats another enemy, if he lowered his max health under the max health cap, he’ll gain 10 max health back.

The golem morphs one hand and goes from 50 max to 45 max (healing isn’t possible since max health is something different from taking normal damage)
He kills the enemy and after battle he morphs his hand back to normal, taking his max hp from 45 to 40 (considering he didn’t take any damage this time)
He then eats his enemy and gains 10 max hp back, going from 40 back to 50. Would he eat another, he wouldn’t gain anymore hp since on lvl 1 50 is his max hp cap.
Would he lvl up after battle and then eat the enemy, he would’ve gone down to 40 max hp, then gotten 3 extra max hp cap, if he would then still be at 40, but he would eat 2 enemy’s he would go up to 53 max health, taking into consideration that he might have gotten hurt, this will heal any excess max health points as if it were normal health points. (If he took 3 dmg he would’ve been on 50 health (53 max health) but since the body gives him 10 max health that excess 7 health will heal him back to 53 health total.

Combat Abilities:

Lvl 1:

(All stances)
The golem brute forces his way through anything in his path, smashing down both of his arms onto the ground he shakes the ground intensely, making everybody make a constitution throw to see if they took 1d6 of dmg. (10 max health)

Lvl 2:

The golem throws a barrage of tiny crystals at his enemy doing 4d4 dmg to 3 enemies (15 max health)

Lvl 5:

(Attack stance only)
The golem goes in a rampage and storms himself towards one enemy, using his full body to bodyslam them, dealing 1d12 to one enemy. (5 max health)

Lvl 7:

The golem learned to take his time, now not losing max health when morphing out of combat.

Lvl 10:

(Defense stance only)
The golem hardens himself and morphs himself to become really big, dashing towards an ally and standing in front of them as a wall, he takes 75% reduced damage and can still give the ally next to him items.

Lvl 13:

(Neutral stance only)
The golem has learned to meditate, taking one turn he can now regain 20 max health on his own. (Only in battle)

Lvl 17:

(Morphing stance only)
The golem can now morph into inanimate objects, although he can’t trick people, he can be used otherwise.


The golem can turn into a canon and let himself get fired by one of his ally’s as long as they have something to fire with them.

Lvl 20:

The golem turns into a giant watchtower beneath the feet of his ally’s lifting them up and giving them a better vantage point (+3 on accuracy rolls and +3 damage on hit and untargetable for ground troops (including archers). The golem will be invulnerable for all sorts of damage, including magic, however can still be moved by insane brute force. (This effect lasts until his next turn). (200 max health)

Pirate Dnd Homebrew Class:


Cutlass (1d6)
Gunpowder Pistol (ranged 40m 2d4 (will use 10 gunpowder))


Pirate uses gunpowder (mana) to fuel his attacks, having a max of 100g of gunpowder to begin with at lvl 1 and increasing

He can loot Gunpowder from the corpses of his enemies and can also be stored in extra packets (25 gunpowder (small) or 50 (big)) for others to give to him to refill his gunpowder mid battle.

Gunpowder reserves will scale with backpack space and/or levels (10/lvl and 30/backpack)

Rec skills: Acrobatics, Sleight of hand

Most important trait: Dex (charisma might come in handy later)

Base Skills:

The pirate can create his own dynamite (20 gunpowder) and can detonate them with a Firestone he always carries on him.

The pirate Is outstanding at steering a boat.

He can set thing on fire using his Firestone but his Firestone can run out and he will need to buy a new one.

The pirates burning damage does +2 on unprotected flesh.

Combat abilities/Learnable Skills:

Lvl 1:

Ye olde shanty:
The pirate knows a lot of shanties from a long time ago when he was still sailing about, he will sing a song to calm his allies giving them +1 on accuracy rolls

Lvl 2:

Burning Lass:
The pirate has learned to create small fires with his gunpowder, using his gunpowder (5) he can now set aflame his cutlass, making his next attack deal 1d3 burning damage extra

Lvl 3:

The pirate throws a piece of dynamite to a spot and detonates it with his Pistol (rolling for accuracy 1d20 11+ hits) if it hits it deals 1d6 + 2 turns 1d3 of burning damage in a 10m radius
This will cost him 30 gunpowder (20 for stick of dynamite and 10 to use gun)

Lvl 4:

Trapped Places:
The pirate has learned to create traps, he can now sprinkle some gunpowder (10) on a spot and ignite it with his gun (10 gunpowder) for an explosion that will do

Lvl 5:

The pirate has learned to make his own Firestone from 50 gunpowder and a rock.

Lvl 6:

For ye:
The pirate has learned to sacrifice himself for his crew, strapping dynamite to his body (40 gunpowder) and leaping into the enemy lines dealing 4d6 and fainting on the side of battle (he’ll revive on 1 hp after battle) (he can’t use this move below 15 health)

Lvl 7:

Sharpen up:
The pirate can now sharpen his cutlass for 1 turn, making the cutlass deal very sharp and deal 2d4 instead of 1d6 for 5 turns.

Lvl 8:

Ye olde shanty gets upgraded to now give his allies +2 on accuracy rolls

Lvl 9:

The pirate has found a way to become more efficient with his gun, every move using his gun costs 5 gunpowder less.

Lvl 10:

The pirate learned to improve his dynamite making “Boom” and “For ye” 1d6 stronger and cost 5 more gunpowder

Lvl 11:

The pirate can now make one torch every day using the items he always carries on him. (Consumes Firestone)

Lvl 12:

The pirate remembers he learned how to pickpocket a long time ago, he now gets a +3 bonus on pickpocketing rolls (sleight of hand) If he doesn’t have sleight of hand he’ll get a “pickpocket” skill he can use once every day.

Lvl 13:

The pirate has learned how to craft his own small packets of gunpowder, he can take one turn in combat or just after combat to make a small packet of gunpowder for one of his allies to hold. (25 gunpowder)

Lvl 14:

Ye olde shanty now also inspires his ally’s to work harder, making them deal 1d2(+charisma mod) extra damage on their next attack

Lvl 15:

She's unstable!:
The pirate overflows one of his sticks of dynamite and throws it up in the air (30 gunpowder) he then detonates it with his gun (5 gunpowder) making it rain sparks and fire on everyone, all of them roll 1d20+dex mod to see if they evade the fire, if they fail, the fire will do 3d3 every turn for 5 turns long.

Lvl 16:

The pirate has finally gotten in shape, getting a +2 on his dex score and +1 on his strenght

Lvl 17:

The pirate has learned how to craft bigger packets of gunpowder, he can now take one turn in combat or just after combat to make a big packet of gunpowder for one of his allies to hold. (50 gunpowder)

Lvl 18:

The pirate naturally becomes very persuasive, gaining the skill persuasion. If already gotten skill, he’ll get a free dice reroll every day.

Lvl 19:
The pirate finally has made his dynamite perfect, making “Boom” and “For ye” deal another 1d6 extra dmg and cost 10 more gunpowder

Lvl 20:

Say cheese:
The pirate fills three of his dynamite sticks full of sand (50 gunpowder) and throws it at his enemies and detonates them in three shots filled with sharp stones and tiny pieces of pearl (50 gunpowder) dealing 1d6 of damage and stunning them for 1 turn (this hits all enemies no matter where they are, ignores stun immunity (except for divine creatures))

I hope they catch your interest and might even be worth playing, or recommending to one of your players!

anyways, thanks for taking a look at my classes!

2019-04-09, 05:49 PM
Um... What system is this for? You say D&D, but this doesn't look like any edition of D&D I've seen.

2019-04-10, 01:59 AM
I can see that, its going to be slotted into a 5e campaign but i made big changes to the characters to make them more easy to play and keep track of, next to that we're going to play a more turn based combat instead of the normal dnd combat, because we do play games but are all really new to dnd itself :/