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2019-04-10, 05:27 PM
Hey everyone,

I just finish 2 big patches on both my D&D apps. Player & Monster Workbench. Would love any feedback and suggestions! Also, if you go to the woodland assault forums, I am doing a poll and the winner will get a custom drawn avatar from our artist.


*This app only contains SRD Content, so not all the monsters, spells and content are available.

*WINDOWS ONLY* Sorry linux and Mac :(

MONSTER WORKBENCH: Dungeon Master Toolkit for D&D 5th edition.

Complete dice roller with customizable modifiers.

Intuitive system for single and multi monster combat.

Voice Assistant to guide you as your play.

Forge your own Spells, Monsters and Items.

Detailed Compendium and Item Shop with multiple filters.

Random Name Generator for Multiple Races, Artifacts and Locations.

Browse our collection of 200+ custom Monsters, Spells and Magic Items.

Inn Creator with patrons, consumables and events.

Track Player AC, Conditions, and Initiative. (Supports up to 9 party members).

Automatic EXP calculator based on monster kills.

Unlimited Save Slots, No Ads, No Micro Transactions, 100% Free!

PLAYER WORKBENCH: Player Manager and Avatar Designer for D&D 5th edition.

Everything you need to Create and Manage a character.

Unlimited Character Save Slots

XP tracker with Auto Level Up System.

Export to PDF & XML Functions.

Hand Drawn Avatars creator with Hair, Skin, Armors and color pallets.

Scribe your own spellbook with stats, descriptions and Spells Per Day tracking.

Intuitive Inventory system with images, purchasing, weight and customization.

Detailed Notes and Location Markers with descriptions.

Complete dice roller with customizable modifiers and dice colors.

SMART GUI with Pre-Made combat, save and initiative rolls.

Hundreds of custom made Magical Items, Monsters and content

2019-05-17, 09:10 AM
Thanks for creating these apps.

Some QA feedback for MW 3:

MW 3 is a little slow to launch. Is that normal for downloadable web apps? I haven't used any before.

The main UI framing looks similar to other RPG management apps I've used; navigation wasn't difficult.

The mouse cursor changes from green finger to windows standard inside the Dice Roller box. Is this intentional?

Monsters N Combat:
Enhancement request: visual indicator for currently selected Creature Type filter.

Help text about Men and Boys is sexist, jovial dwarf or not. Also, it isn't helpful; doesn't explain the feature. IMO this is a P1 Blocker bug, but YMMV.

Magic N Casting:
Spell search textbox tooltip says "Search Monster by Name".

Spell filter/description icons have no mouseover effects.

Class and School filters light up when clicked, but don't gray out after clicking to a different filter list.

Using these icons for both list filtering and individual spell description is a stylish design choice that make this tab really pop, but the functionality is odd.

Sorcerer spell list is red; can't see current spell selection.

Goods N Gear:
Gear (plus Tools), Weapons, and Armor tables initially sort in PHB order (mostly), but if you use any sorting label, you can't go back.

Potions table initially sorts in ??? order, also can't go back after sorting.

Potions and Mounts tables mix PHB & homebrew items together without labeling as such, which could be confusing.

Enhancement request: add weapon type to the item details text.

Tools N Traits:
The dropdown menus (and monster icons) for Name & Treasure generators don't have mouseover effects.

The word balloon tail for the event dwarf is dark-dark gray on a medium-dark gray background.

Feats & Skills lists function differently than your other lists, very cramped. I get why; that one last block overflowed your tab count, and changing the tab system would probably be a pain.

Notes N NPCs: looks good
The Forge: looks good

On your site, the difference between MW USB and MW 3 isn't explained, and they have different descriptions. My initial reaction was "since MW USB specifies that it's for 5th edition, then MW 3 must be for 3rd Edition".

Overall, a solid app with a good feature set and lots of content, but the UX prefers form over function, and differs wildly from one section to the next.

2019-05-17, 11:14 AM
I'm just going to comment here so I can look more into this later. This seems like a *really* cool thing you've done, and it should help to appease my chronic character building :smallbiggrin: