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John Out West
2019-04-13, 01:29 AM
I've been working on converting some of my original system to 5e.

The basic concept for this is as a Ogre race that acts as a Prestige or Multiclass. It can be chosen as an ordinary class, but also can be leveled up into.

Its going up on Drivethru for free after I'm satisfied with the quality. Heres the PDF. (https://storage.googleapis.com/wzukusers/user-28883749/documents/b59d26b8d7054e479afa931b20da2512/Prestige%20Race%20Ogres.pdf)

So as a synopsis, the ogre breed focuses on hunger and mutations. They can grow extra heads, arms, or horns. They could also, potentially, become the large size and turn Spell-Slots into Gut Magic. (Gut Magic is explained below)

Ogre Traits
Your ogre has these traits:
Ability Score Increase: Your Constitution score is increased by 2, and your Strength score is increased by 1.
Size: Ogres are tall and fat, between 9 and 14ft tall, and weigh an average of 400lbs. Your size is medium.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Languages: You can know Common and Ogre Languages.
Not Picky: Your stomach can process anything with calories, including grass, tree bark, and diseased meat. You cannot become poisoned or diseased by consuming food.
Thick: With your thick skin, you have an Armor Class of 13 while not wearing armor.
Extra Organs: You resist the first time you become exhausted each day.

Ogre Multiclass
When you Multiclass into Ogre, you begin as level 1. When you level up, you can choose to advance either your Class or Ogre Race. Make sure to read the Multiclass rules for more information about Multiclassing and Leveling Up.

Hit Points at higher levels: 1d12 (or 7) + Constitution modifier per Ogre level.
Ogre Multiclass Features

Gut Magic: Starting at level 1, you gain the Gut Magic ability. You know one Gut Magic ability of your choice from the Gut Magic list. When you gain a level, you can change the Gut Magic ability you know to any other ability on the Gut Magic List.

At level 2, you can choose between the Eat Magic and Horns/Teeth/Claws features.
Eat Magic: Starting at level 2, you can consume mana. Instead of consuming 100lbs of food to gain the use of a Gut Magic, you may consume one of your spell slots. The level of the spell slot does not change the amount consumed.
Horns/Teeth/Claws: Starting at level 2, you become overgrown with natural weapons. Your unarmed melee attacks now deal 1d6 damage, and you are proficient in the attack.

At level 3, you can choose between the Extra Head and Ferocious features.
Extra Head: Starting at level 3, you gain a second head. This head can assist in perception checks, breathing, and casting spells with a verbal component, giving advantage to the ogre in all related checks. The head can assist in rituals, allowing them to be completed five minutes earlier. This head is subject to the original, and cannot take control of the body or rebel.
Ferocious: Starting at level 3, you deal an addition 1d4 damage for all melee strength-based attacks.

At level 4, you can choose between the Enormous and Extra Arms features.
Enormous: Starting at level 4, you undergo a growth spurt. Your size becomes Large, and your constitution score increases by 2, to a maximum of 22. The inventory capacity of your backpacks and harnesses double. You can hold and use Large weapons with a single hand, and you can use Huge weapons as 2-handed weapons.
Extra Arms: Starting at level 4, a pair of vestigial hands emerge from your body. You now can control four hands and arms, and use them for two-weapon attacks, grappling, or other actions. When two-weapon fighting with a light weapon, you can use your extra arms for two additional attacks. You still only have one action per round.

I think the numbers on the Level 4 abilities are balanced, as they coincide with Extra Attack that is reached at level 5, allowing for a similar damage spread. I'm worried the level 3 ability Ferocious may be too strong, and that i should reduce the amount of damage increased, or make it activate only once per round.

We also introduce Gut Magic, which allows for players to transform 100lbs of food into a one-shot magic spell. They choose the Gut Magic Spell at level 1, and can change it every time they level. The Gut Magic spells use a mechanic i've been working on, where PCs can exchange their Hit Dice for different bonuses. Each of the Gut Magic Spells can sacrifice a Hit Dice and make the Gut Magic Spell stronger or last longer.

Gut magic is a strange form of magic, even considering the strangeness of magic in general. It is the peculiar ability to transform the caloric energy from food, such as sugar, starch, and protein into magical energy that can be used to bend the laws of reality. These abilities are commonly found in the halfling and ogre breeds, which is said to explain their enormous appetites.

Gut magic is derived from the stomach, although these are no ordinary stomachs. They are able to process food at a much higher rate, burning calories almost instantly as soon as they reach the gullet. After enough food is digested, the stomach can perform magical abilities, such as belching acid or healing instantly.

A creature who can perform gut magic must first fill their stomach with food. Creatures must eat 100lbs of food to prime their stomach for magic, after which their stomach can perform Gut Magic abilities. A stomach can only be filled once, and eating more after completely filling their magic stomach may leave the creature with a tummy ache. After a creature uses their gut magic, their stomach, also sometimes called a “Gut Magic Reservoir,” is emptied and the creature must refill their stomach again to gain another use of their gut magic abilities. Creatures must eat all of the food in one sitting, without giving the stomach time to rest, or else the calories will be lost.

Although 100lbs of food is the general rule, the amount of food required to activate a creature’s Gut Magic varies slightly depending on the food being consumed and the metabolism of the individual. For most creatures, filling their gut reservoir requires eating a lot of food in a single sitting, but it can be difficult to find that much food in once place. Luckily, most creatures with gut magic are able to chew through bone, drink gourds of ale, eat raw flour, and digest grass.

After gaining Gut Magic, you can choose a Gut Magic ability from the following list.

Regenerate: As a minor action, you can use your Gut Magic to spend Hit Dice as if you had just finished a short rest.

Growth: As a minor action, you can increase your size as if the Enlarge spell had been cast on you. This lasts for one minute, and does not require concentration. When using this Gut Magic, the Ogre can use their Hit Dice to increase the duration of the Gut Magic by 10 Minutes for each Hit Dice used.

Beltch Acid: As a minor action, you can regurgitate your stomach acid onto your foes. Each creature within a 5ft by 30ft line originating from you must make a Dexterity Saving Throw against your constitution score, or take 2d6 acid damage. When using this Gut Magic, the Ogre can use their Hit Dice to increase the damage dealt, increasing the damage by 1d6 per Hit Dice used.

Gut Vision: As a minor action, you can begin to see with your stomach. You can sense the caloric value of everything edible around you within 30ft, including trees and people. Non-Edible objects, such as brick walls or steel weapons, appear invisible to your stomach. Gut Vision lasts for one hour. When using this Gut Magic, the Ogre can use their Hit Dice to increase the duration of the Gut Vision by one hour for each Hit Dice used.

Consume: As a minor action, you can consume an adjacent creature that is the same size as you or smaller. The target is held in an extradimensional space that resembles the stomach of a large monster. While within your stomach, you can make attacks against the creature using your attack action, dealing 1d12+strength modifier in crushing and acid damage.
The stomach has 10 health, and when you first use this Gut Magic you may choose any number of your Hit Dice to add to the health of the stomach. Roll any Hit Dice you have chosen, adding their value to the health of the Stomach. When the stomach drops to 0 hitpoints, the creature inside is vomited out to a square of their choice that is adjascent to you. After vomiting a creature out of your stomach, you cant move or take actions until the end of your next turn, as you continue to hurl out the destroyed stomach lining.
If the creature in your stomach is killed, it will be completely digested. If the creature weighed more than 100lbs, it will refill your Gut Magic Reservoir. The stomach has no air inside of it, and creatures within will suffocate after 10 minutes.

Using Hit-Dice
Some of the abilities in this module allow your character to spend their Hit Dice in non-traditional ways. These generally give a bonus to attack, defense, or a utility advantage. When a Hit Dice is used in this way, the character does not gain any healing benefit from the Hit Dice unless that healing is part of the ability. Hit Dice that were not used can still be used during short rests.

One of my goals with gut magic was to fundamentally change people's priorities. When entering a room, the rogue may be looking for traps, the dwarf for enemies, the goblin for treasure, but an Ogre would be searching for food. My only issue is that i've found people tend to resort to cannibalism almost immediately.

If you have any thoughts about the balance, the wording, the format of the PDF, i'm interested in hearing it. I initially forgot to add in the Hit Dice that goes with the level, so i'm assuming I missed some other necessary tidbits.

2019-04-13, 02:53 AM
As a minor action, you can

On Gut Magic you mention minor actions, but this is 5e right? Do you mean bonus actions? Since minor actions are from 4e

John Out West
2019-04-13, 03:45 AM
Right, thank you! I always used to call them Minor actions accidentally. Should be an easy change.

2019-04-13, 03:55 AM
In my opinion, you should improve the power of some of the gut magic and change some of them from bonus actions to normal actions. Gut magic seems like a unique and defining class feature, so I feel like it should be strengthened and be the main action you use in your turn, instead of them being bonus actions and just adding on to the normal actions in a turn.

Also when you say sacrifice hit die, do you mean the hit die you can use when taking rests?

John Out West
2019-04-13, 04:03 AM
Which Gut Magic do you think is particularly Weak?

And yes, I neglected to add the blurb that defines how the Hit-Dice sacrifice works.

Using Hit-Dice
Some of the abilities in this module allow your character to spend their Hit Dice in non-traditional ways. These generally give a bonus to attack, defense, or a utility advantage. When a Hit Dice is used in this way, the character does not gain any healing benefit from the Hit Dice unless that healing is part of the ability. Hit Dice that were not used can still be used during short rests.

2019-04-13, 04:17 AM
Which Gut Magic do you think is particularly Weak?

Well not that their weak since they are a bonus action, but I feel like it would be better if they were an action and improved. An example is the beltch acid, dealing 2d6 damage as a bonus action is nice I guess but its also not as impactful. I feel like it is more appropriate to change it into a normal action, increase the damage and maybe area of effect. Because as it is, for me it is more of an add on on your turn, than a feature that can give you new impactful attack options.

You should also clarify more on consume, like what actions can the creature inside take, if it can attack from inside, what will your AC be?

John Out West
2019-04-13, 04:21 AM
I think thats one of the reasons I like the Hit-Dice system is that it allows the attacks to grow with the player level. So at level 1 he could potentially have a 3d6 line of acid, and at level 20 he could do a 22d6 line of acid, assuming he's willing to sacrifice all of it for one attack.

I was thinking that the Consume ability doesn't scale well, since past level 1 you would NEED to use hit dice. I'm thinking maybe the Stomach has half your health, or something to that effect.

Thats a really good point about Consume.