View Full Version : guildsmen games, a competition to test adventurers, feel free to post a team

2019-04-13, 10:44 PM
role play exercise; you are a guild master in the republics guild system and the guildsmen games are coming up. a competition where parties from all over the realms come to represent their guilds in a bunch of tests that test their puzzle solving skills, combat skills, and roguish skills.

the setting is a sci-fantasy setting where a dimensional rift opened up 100 years ago and beings across the multiverse were sucked into the dnd world. the republic is made up of those beings, dnd monsters and people of the old dnd world that reject the old ways of the empire which the republic is at war with, so feel free to use anything within reason,


what is the name of your guild?

what do you look like as guild leader?

who is in the party?