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2007-10-02, 10:02 AM
It’s your first day on the job. You had to show up early for an orientation, where an excessively cheerful elvish woman in a navy business suit (Tessie) went over the highlights of your welcome packet. She walked you all downstairs to the garage, where a gleaming white Ares Citymaster emblazoned with the DocWagon logo sits on rails that suspend it several feet off the floor. A troll in a dingy, grease-stained, white mechanic's jumpsuit with the DocWagon logo on the back can be seen underneath it, using a tool of some sort on the vehicle.

There are bays for three other vehicles, though none of them are currently in use. Tessie leads you very quickly through the garage, over to a square area fenced off by chain link walls. There is a door in one part, and on the other side of the wall, a dwarf and human are visible. The majority of the space inside the chain link cage is taken up with shelving units and gun racks. There are rows of guns and hanging suits (white with the DocWagon logo), and boxes marked "EXPLOSIVE", and similar sorts of items. The dwarf, who is about average looking for his metatype with brown hair and beard, is currently sitting at a table, disassembling an Ares Alpha on it. The human is running a hand very slowly and carefully over one of the white suits where it is hanging.

Tessie stops outside the cage and gestures to the two men. "This is Karl and Bernie. They are in charge of all the equipment you will use. Whatever you want off the list of available gear, you ask them for it. We don’t do this by commlink for security reasons. You have to actually tell them what you want."

Both men look up. Karl, the dwarf, snorts, but he approaches and opens the door. Bernie stops what he is doing and looks expectantly at you all.

"So, who’s first and what’ll it be, kiddies?"

{Please include a physical description in your first post.}

2007-10-02, 10:04 PM
McDunk sits attentively through the briefing, obviously interested it what is being said. As he follows Tessie to the armoury, he glances around at everything and everyone, his piercing green eyes taking it all in. His motions are quick, almost birdlike, though at nearly 6ft and a medium build. He strides along in a dark grey duster and matching beanie. His raven-dark hair is just visible under it.

"'Evening. May I please have a uniform jumpsuit, an Ares SuperSquirt loaded with NeuroStun and reloads, and two smoke grenades?"he asks in a deep voice.

2007-10-02, 10:52 PM

After listening to the briefing and being led into the garage, Jacob walks forward and says to the dwarf, "Guess you're the guys who get me locked and loaded." He is rather short, slightly over a meter and a half in height and stocky, with obviously developed musculature. His face is somewhat rounded towards the bottom and features short dirty blonde hair, green eyes, a wide jaw topped by thin whiskers. Having left most of his personal gear in the provided personal lockers, he is dressed in pre-faded black jeans with small square studs down the sides and a plain white t-shirt. He is holding a black helmet under his right arm and a small blue gear bag in his left. A biomonitor is visible on his left wrist and there is an empty quick-draw holster on his side.
Bag contains:
1x Respirator (Rating 6)
1x GPS
10x Plastic Restraints (a single set)
1x Metal Restraint

3x Spare clips of Stick n Shock Pistol ammo for an Ares IV Predator.
Pausing slightly after each item he asks for, he speaks, "I need a uniform, 2 Predators, 3 gels and 3 regular clips for each one, an Alpha and 3 gels and 3 regular clips for that too. Oh what the hell, I'll take 2 smokes and 2 flashbangs for the Alpha. Oh and an extra holster for the Predator, if you've got one."

As he receives his equipment, he inquires, "You guys think you might be able to get my helmet painted after the shift is over? I think white is gonna be a better color."

After taking all the gear, he steps to the side and gets it organized. When he puts the uniform on, he makes sure the holster and the biomonitor are on the outside of the full suit. He then loads one Ares Predator with gel rounds, the other with regular rounds, putting the gel-loaded one in a quick draw holster, and the regular one in the second holster, if one was given to him. He takes out a multi-color marker and marks his gel and regular rounds before putting a few in separate compartments on the uniform. He also takes out his own ammo clips, marking it with a separate color and stowing one on the uniform, along with one of each grenade. The excess ammo goes in his bag, appropriately marked.

The process takes a few minutes, and once he is done, Jacob stands up, puts his helmet on his head, his bag on his back, the Alpha over his shoulder and waits for further instructions. Well, this isn't so different so far.

2007-10-03, 12:11 PM
The leggy blonde (not Tessie, this woman is a human, and obviously another recruit) that has been with you and snapping her gum the whole time asks for a jumpsuit and nothing else. She has her hair up in a ponytail on the top of her head, and is drop-dead gorgeous with high cheekbones and a pleasantly curvy figure. She hasn't said anything yet, and one might wonder why someone who looks like her would be doing a job like this. Maybe it has something to do with the slightly vacuous nature of her blue-eyed gaze.

Bernie grabs each item as it is requested and hands it to Karl, who scans each one with his hand before giving it over. Once everyone's requests are filled, he nods once. "When you get back, you come right here and turn all this stuff back in. Anything you don’t bring back, you gotta sit down in one of those chairs, right there," he points to a row of five metal chairs with oddly angled backs that all look extremely uncomfortable, "and file a report about it. I do mean 'anything'."

After you all get your gear together and uniforms on, Tessie makes a shooing motion towards one of the people-sized doors in the wall. Through that door is the tarmac. Maybe 100 feet away, there is a gleaming white helicopter with the DocWagon logo on the side and tail sitting in a large white painted circle. You can see the number '4' is painted inside the circle, big enough to be seen from a good distance up.

The front of the helicopter is all one big window, through which you can see the pilot's seat. It has a single top rotor, currently sitting perfectly aligned with the body of the copter. The tail rotor is embedded in the tail of it. The whole vehicle is about 14 meters long and 4 meters tall. The body of it is about 4 meters wide. The tail is about 6 meters long. At the moment, the side door towards you is open, and there are two figures visible.

There are 12 more circles visible on the tarmac, each painted with the rest of the numbers from 1-14, and each empty.

After just a few moments, Tessie starts talking again. "You've been assigned to Renton. It's mostly residential and high tech business out there, with plenty of ganger problems. There are two major corp zones, but your pilot will be the one worrying about that."

"Remember: get there, pick up the client, get out. We have a guaranteed response time of 10 minutes. If the client isn’t in the EMT's care," she gestures generally towards McDunk, "within 10 minutes, they get everything free, and that makes a lot of people very unhappy. So stay near the middle of your zone whenever you can. If you need to stop to use the bathroom, or grab some coffee, or whatever, call it in. That way we can give someone else the call if they're nearby.

"Okay," she points to the helicopter, "get moving. You have 10 minutes to get to your zone before we mark you as on call. You are on call until 3am, at which point you come straight back here. You have any questions, ask Dispatch or your other teammates." With that, Tessie folds her arms and looks quite impatient for you to be gone, even going so far as to begin tapping her foot after roughly half a second.

2007-10-03, 08:03 PM

Jacob does a small sigh as the dwarf explains the return policy. I guess paperwork is paperwork no matter where you work. Makes some sense though - they want us to save people, not shoot them.

Listening to Tessie speak, he glances at McDunk, as she points at him. After she finishes, Jacob nods at her as he says, "Yes, mam." After that, he is off, jogging towards the helicopter. He looks behind him once to see if the others are following. Once he gets to the chopper, he takes a quick look at it up close and nods to the two people there before getting inside and taking a longer look around the interior. Never patrolled on a bird before. Looks neat.

2007-10-04, 12:11 AM

A large man is examining the copter as the others approach. He stands a little over 6' tall and probably weighs about 180. He has broad shoulders and a bulky frame. He is big and looks pretty tough, but is by no means a body-builder. He has a large round head with a flat nose and wide-set green eyes. On top of his head is a short fuzz of black hair. He wears the white DocWagon suit. Around his waist is a belt from which hang a couple of Ares Predators and an arsenal of 10 grenades.

After giving the Dragon one final look over, Flip approaches the new-comers. " 'Lo! Welcome to Jupiter. Name's Flip; I fly this thing." He pats one of the side panels of the helicopter with one hand as he offers his other hand to shake. "What are you here to do?" he asks whoever returns his grip first.

Flip is actually an ork, but has the Human-Looking trait. It is likely that most people mistake him for a human, and he doesn't bother doing anything to change this impression.

Also, at some point before taking off, Flip will take a few seconds (probably while others are getting strapped in) to attempt to astrally percieve each of the others, mainly to get to know their auras. Let me know how you want rolls handled.

2007-10-04, 04:21 AM

First or last, Jacob will shake the large man's hand and say to him, "Jake here. I'm supposed to keep our asses safe and deal with any opposition, while we're getting our guy."

After he hops into the chopper, he will grin and speak to the man, "Now, I've never jumped out of one of these before, and I'd prefer to do it as little as possible. So, don't be afraid to set her down if you need to." Pointing to Tessie, he says, "That lady over there looks ready to chew our asses out if we don't leave pretty soon. So how about we get going once everyone else is ready and chit chat on the way to our patrol zone?"

2007-10-04, 06:42 AM
After getting geared up, McDunk follows Jacob across the tarmac to the chopper. "Renton, huh? Could have been worse."

((As he walks up to the chopper he will astrally percieve and assense his teammates.))

Returns Flip's shake with a firm grip. "Nice to meet you Flip. Michael Williams, call me McDunk. I'm the EMT. I think - Jake, was it? - is right, Tessie looks impatient."
Once he gets into the chopper, he will take whichever seat would give him best access to the patient's bed, stow his bag and introduce himself to the others.

2007-10-04, 07:47 AM

After he gets into the chopper, Jacob tries to take a seat next to the door, putting his bag between his legs and returns McDunc's introduction. "As I said, I'm Jake and I'm here to deal with any angry folks we might run into while doing our job. I'm pretty handy with a Predator, though you'll find I'm not too shabby with this Alpha either. I'd love for one of you guys who's been doing this awhile to give me a basic rundown of how an extraction goes."

Rolling his eyes slightly, he explains, "I listened to the briefing all right, but I know that things don't usually go just like the briefing. So I'd like to hear a quick 'here's how it's done' if no one else minds."

2007-10-04, 11:12 AM
The blonde falls behind as she walks to the copter in her white 1-inch heels. Her ponytail swishes and bounces with her gait, which is punctuated by the snapping of her gum. She smiles prettily and gives Flip a little wave with a light giggle. "Everybody calls me 'Bubbles'." She climbs into the copter without touching anyone else and takes a seat in the back.

Inside the copter, there are four seats with harnesses available, all flight attendant style (they fold up, basically). The wall of the copter opposite the door is taken up with unmarked drawers and a long, flat, blank panel with a handle. You have about 1.75 meters of vertical space to stand up in.

There is a half meter step from the landing rails on the bottom of the copter into the body of it, and about 2 meters of clearance under the tail. The pilot's seat does have a separate door, and there is no actual access between the cockpit to the body of the copter, though the divider between the two is clear plastic, and easily seen through. Noise passes through it, also.

It might also be noticed that there is a square sort of hook thing on the outside of the copter, right next to the opening for the door. It would probably be a good handle if one wanted to ride the landing rail for some reason, or maybe a good place to attach a rope or harness of some kind.

2007-10-05, 02:46 AM
McDunk raises his eyebrow at Bubble's intro and footwear, but otherwise does not comment. "She must be magic support. Full mages don't tend to be pilots and the other two would have real trouble lighting candles with magic. Best leave that for later, and get oriented."

McDunk begins instructing his comlink to check for the chopper's LAN and look for a manifest, or see if there are RFID tags on the cabinets. Also if there is a channel to interface with any patient monitoring system that might be installed. Any kind of AR that he might be expected to interface with.
Meanwhile he does up his harness for take off. "Hope I'll have time to physically look into everything before the first job." he thinks. "I'd better keep an ear out for one of the vets answering Jakes procedure question."

2007-10-05, 08:04 AM

Jake takes a few moments to figure out the harness, and once he finishes the task he takes a quick look at Bubbles, taking in her footwear and lack of weaponry. Guess it was no use spending the briefing hoping she part of some other team. But I can see why everyone calls her Bubbles - doesn't look like she's ever seen anyone injured outside of a trid. Hope she doesn't end up being our second patient.

Giving McDunc a "check this one out" look, he paused for a longer appreciative view of Bubbles. At least, it won't be a boring shift. He gives the good looking woman his best smile, "Gotcha, Bubbles. So what's your job here? I'm suspecting it don't have to do with shooting people."

While waiting for her reply (and any forthcoming advice from the veterans), he plays with his commlink, messaging everyone in the chopper he can detect. He sets his image link to forward comm messages to his cybereyes, transparently overlaying them on the bottom of his vision.
[This is Jake, testing comms. Best to sort this out now before we really need them.]

2007-10-05, 01:52 PM
Bubbles unzips her jumpsuit partway and pulls a pair of shades out of a pocket. She slips them on and blows a bubble with her gum, then snaps it and uses her tongue to get the gum all back into her mouth. [I'm the Magical Support, hon.] After fiddling with the harness on the seat for a minute, she manages to get herself strapped in.

Nothing in the copter is labeled, and there are no RFIDs to scan. Trying to access the copter through his commlink, McDunk receives the following message:

[Michael Williams does not have access privileges to the Jupiter domain]

2007-10-06, 02:23 AM

Flip nods at the suggestion that they get moving. He opens the door to the pilot's position and picks up a few things off the seat that he must have put there when he first arrived. Within moments, he has put on a large pair of headphones, a set of goggles, and strapped on a helmet to top it all off. He pulls himself up into the seat and straps in.

As he accomplishes all this, he's thinking to himself, "Interesting new lot we've got here. Hopefully these guys can get along a bit better than the last group."

Flip quickly begins through the take-off procedures, but hearing Jacob's voice over the commlink, he pauses to respond. [Alrighty back there, get yourselves ready to go. Almost ready to be in the sky.]

2007-10-06, 07:43 AM
[McDunK recieving. Ready to leave.]

Not really happy about this label business. I'll have to start digging once we get on station. I'd best list the team with access to my hidden profile, at least at work. He makes the necessary changes on his comlink.

McDunk goes back to wondering about Bubbles, although he remembers not to stare straight at her.

2007-10-07, 04:12 PM

Broadcasting to the group, Jake sends another, longer message out on the comms.

[Flip, we're all good to go back here.

I haven't spent much time in Renton myself, but I think we shouldn't run into any very difficult extractions. Ares has a Knight-Errant facility there, and most of the gangs there are small enough they shouldn't want to mess with DocWagon. That's probably why they've sent us out there - good training for us new folk.

Now the two most important people here are Flip and McDunc. If we can't fly and we can't stabilize our guy, we're pretty much boned. So, if we run into any opposition, keep that in mind. We're a team here, so let's work together, not apart.

Now, I've got some outside experience with extracting people from difficult situations and I've seen my share of flying bullets, so if you're nervous or just got any questions, go ahead and ask.]

He then sits relaxedly in his chair as the chopper takes off and gives his best grin to McDunc and Bubbles, perhaps looking slightly expectant. Mage looks like she'd do better as a trid star. And the doc will be dealing with the patient, so no support from him. Man, I hope you two don't try to play hero here. We've got a long shift and... that's my job.

2007-10-08, 11:00 AM

As Flip climbs into the seat, it adjusts to his shape and height (as expected). This makes the seat extremely comfortable and the controls are all in just the right places. The day shift pilot, Goose, is a good deal shorter than him, so he has to wait a couple of seconds for it to fully adjust.

[Welcome back, Flip. Excalibur is currently status: Retrieval. We should get moving.]

The heavily, and obviously, cybered troll who was already in the copter looks up from checking the load on his Alpha at Jacob. "Call me Syber," he grunts. "You just follow me, rookie, and no problem. Bullets bounce offa Syber like I was plasteel."

Bubbles looks right back at Jacob with an appraising grin. "Look all you want, hon. We can talk about something else later."

[Incoming message from Dispatch]
[Kitty: stay put. There is a problem with your Magical Support person. Send her back inside. We have another mage who will accompany you. Get going as soon as he gets there.]

Upon getting the order relayed to her, Bubbles pouts and blows Jacob a kiss before climbing out of the copter.

2007-10-09, 05:13 PM

Flip makes sure that the message is passed along then acknowledges it to dispatch. [Will do. Holding here on the pad until they arrive.] He watches as Bubbles jumps out and heads back indoors. "I wonder what that was all about," he says to the others through the glass. "Maybe for the best anyway, there was something about her that I just didn't trust."

It might have been that I couldn't assense her. I know full mages sometimes try to block that, but it was weird, like she had something to hide.

2007-10-09, 07:35 PM

{{ Off screen, Darryl takes an Ares Predator with Gel rounds and the White Doc Wagon Camo suit. }}

Once Bubbles disappears her replacement arrives. Darryl McCoy. Troll. Darryl is 2.2 meters tall and fairly small and scrawny(for a Troll). He runs up the copter wearing the Doc Wagon 'camo' suit and carrying a transparent riot shield in one hand. He has an Ares Predator strapped to his left ankle. His greasy brown hair is parted in a straight line down the center of this hear and trimmed to just above his ears.

As he climbs in he pulls and tugs at the camo suit, obviously not happy with the fit. Once he straps himself in and double checks the harness to make sure it'll hold his weight, he pulls a cross on a beaded necklace out so that it lay exposed on his uniform.

Darryl checks out the rest of the team and says with an obvious accent and a bit of a drawl, "Howdy. Name's Darryl, but you can call me Darryl. I am the magical support."

He hooks up his commlink. [Magical Support is good to go]

With that he tries to relax a bit. I've never liked flying. Why couldn't they assign me to a good ole ambulance? Darryl pulls out a pocket bible and squeezes it in his hand for moral support.

2007-10-10, 12:57 AM
"You as well? That makes two of us," McDunk says to Flip. Turning towards Darryl he continues "Pleased to meet you. Michael Williams, aka McDunk. I'm the EMT." McDunk offers his hand to shake.

Just as happy to not be flying with her. Must remember to keep my ears open for any gossip about her.

2007-10-10, 05:48 AM

Darryl smiles in a friendly troll sort of way. Its not quite a reassuring when you've got some mismatched teeth. Darryl, a victim of backwoods dentistry doesn't have the whitest smile, expecially when contrasted to the nice white Doc Wagon suit. All the same, he, after switching the bible to his left hand, accepts McDunk's friendly handshake. The shake is quite gentle as if Darryl is purposely trying not to hurt the EMT.

His hand already out, Darryl decides to offer it around. Darryl turns to the dwarf and offers to shake, "Greettins, names Darryl."

Darryl shifts in his seat a little and positions the riot shield between his lefts, holding it with his thighs. He then asks McDunk, "Where we'all headin out fer? Did y'all get a call ors we just goin' out trolin'?"

2007-10-10, 08:25 PM
McDunk smiles slightly at Darryl's choice of words. "We're off to patrol Renton for six hours or so. Are you new to this as well?"

I think I like this mage better than the last one. Must remember not to make religious cracks, he's clearly a believer. Hope he can deal with spirits, I've heard some religions put a ban on that. He glances towards the cockpit. Wonder if it'll be a bunpy ride? I've only been on a helo once before, and that was a little two-seater.

2007-10-10, 11:37 PM

Flip rotates in his seat to look back through the transparent barrier."Nice to meet ya, people call me Flip. Now ya'll better make sure you're ready. I'm taking off." He turns back in his chair and slowly eases the helicopter off the pad. As soon as he gets it into the air, he turns toward Renton and accelerates. Despite the noise, it is a very smooth ride so far.

Again, almost a reflexive reaction to meeting a new person that he plans to spend time with, Flip takes a moment while turned around to assense Darryl.

2007-10-11, 02:01 AM

Jake takes an appraising look at Syber, "If you lead, I'll be right behind ya."

As Bubbles blows him a kiss, Jacob looks a little startled and takes a quick and silent snapshot with his eyes, saving the image on a private part of his commlink. Wonder what's going on. I should keep an image around just in case this is something serious. ... Oh who am I kidding.

Replying to Flip, Jake gives an affirmative shake of his head, "I was also feeling a little worried about having her backing us up. Though you can never tell what a person will do 'till you see them in action."

Darryl's arrival surprises Jacob slightly and he is silent for a while. Talk about a mixup. This guy'll not be worried about breaking a nail, that's for sure. As Darryl passes his hand around, Jake takes it, speaking with a friendly smile, "Jake here. Good to meetcha." After giving Flip a thumbs up, Jake tenses up slightly during liftoff, but relaxes at the smooth ride. And now the waiting.

2007-10-11, 06:05 AM

As Flip gets the copter moving upwards, the transparent divider behind him changes to show a map of the local area. It shows the tarmac and buildings, and the streets nearby, but there are no names on it. There are three incoming white contacts on the map:

BoomChickaBoom - Cougar - Auburn
BiggerThanABreadbox - VectorThrust - Downtown
RockBox - Hollywood - Tacoma

Each is coming from the direction of the district noted. There are also black and yellow contacts that are unlabeled scattered all over the place and moving.

[Incoming message from BoomChickaBoom]
[Hey Flip, I heard you have new kids. They slowing you down? Any of them hot chicks? Thomas is still hoping.]

As the copter clears the garage building, Flip can see a woman sitting on the roof with her arms thrown upwards.

For reference, unless otherwise noted, anything from the copter, which looks like this is only delivered to Flip's commlink. When that text says [Incoming message from ***], whatever follows in []'s is also only delivered to Flip. A lot of it will likely be humorous, though, so I'm keeping it public.

2007-10-11, 07:52 PM

Darryl, tries to relax the craft lifts off. His mouth is obviously murmuring some sort of silent prayer. Once the craft clears to 30m danger zone, Darryl says, "Gud. Thaat'll give us'all a chance to do some tawk'n. Geet to know us'all. This here be'in my first day on da job, so if'n I'z be doin' sumfin wrong, dona hesitate to be tell'n me."

Darryl looks around out of the helicopter, checking out the view, and then says, "Anyways, I'm frum Georgia. In my hometown, we'all sure ain't gotz nuffin like this view. All dees buildins' and such. Barely a tree to be seen. Must be real sparkley at night wid all dem lights a lit."

Darryl absentmindedly fiddles with his commlink and then sends a message to the team:
[Should we setup a some kind of secure private network or is there a better way to communicate once people start to disembark from the helicopter.]

Darryl looks around at the team and uses Assensing to evaluate them each in turn.

Intuition + Assensing = 5 dice.

2007-10-11, 11:55 PM

Flip makes a wide loop around the woman on the rooftop, without even batting an eye at her. He continues on toward Renton, following an expertly plotted path weaving between the buildings and the other dots on the screen behind him.

[Yeah, almost a full load of rugrats, so I'm sure we'll be taking it a little slower for the first few runs. Not much slower than I was moving Sunday morning after that party though. Heh-heh. Sorry to break Thomas' heart, but we're all guys in here now. We had a new mage chick, a real flirt, but she was swapped out at the last minute for some troll. You can tell him to try to look her up inside though, she goes by Bubbles.]

Trying to hold two conversations at once, Flip also replies to Darryl. "Yeah that's a good idea, Syber can you get them all hooked up to the link we've been using?"

I'm making the assumption that there was such a link on the old team. It seems like such an important thing that I would bet we had something of the sort. If not, I'll come back and edit this post.

2007-10-12, 07:28 AM
[Incoming message from BoomChickaBoom]
[Heh. Thomas is crushed from finding out that Kitty has a new girl, but she's TacSupp and brought her own guns. 'Bubbles' might cheer him up. See ya.]

[Incoming message from Rockbox]
[Glad to see you were able to scrape yourself off the floor in time for your shift again. Can't remember the last time I was that wasted.]

[Incoming message from BiggerThanABreadbox]
[Slowpoke today, huh? I can almost hear Merlin bitching from here about how you're probably gonna be late.]

Syber grunts in the affirmative and sets everyone up with access to the PAN he and Flip use. As the copter crosses over into Renton, a new white contact shows up on the edge of the map, moving fast from one side to the other.

Excalibur - Merlin - Renton


[Incoming message from Dispatch]
[Status change: Jupiter to On Call]

[Do you want to check any newsfeeds tonight?]

2007-10-13, 07:20 AM
[Testing new network.]

"Hey Flip, Syber, did your last EMT have an inventory file or anything? I'll look when I can to find where everything is, but I'd hate to be caught short."

McDunk is waiting for the ride to be reasonably smooth and level. Once it is, he'll get out of his seart and start poling into drawers and cabinets, memorising the contents as he goes.

2007-10-13, 08:25 AM

Darryl looks up at the inventory file question and looks around a bit. He then asks, "So... Sorry, if I missed this part at the briefin', but does the whirly bird have medikits or anything I should know'n about. I mean, if'n the drek be hitt'n the blades and such, I figure it might be'in good to have learn'd what resources we'all've got available."

Darryl peeks out the window at a small leafless tree in a small park, and says, "It sure be'in cold as drek here. Y'all be geet'n that there snow stuff in these parts?" Darryl realizes just how cold its going to be in the copter once someone opens the doors with rotor blades still spinning and such. Brrr. Darryl shivers just thinking about it.

Wondering how GT {Georgia Tech} did, Darryl, pulls out his commlink to check the score. Hm... who did they play? Jacksonville?

2007-10-14, 06:26 PM

Flip replies to the incoming messages.

To Rockbox:
[You weren't that wasted. As a friend of mine used to say, you aren't really wasted until you have to grab ahold of the grass to keep from falling of the Earth.]

To BiggerThanABreadbox:
[Yeah, they can tell it to dispatch. We woulda been up here in plenty of time if dispatch could decide which mage to send with us.]

To Excaliber:
[Sorry we're a little late getting up here. There was some confusion back at base about which mage they wanted to send with us. Wouldn't let us take off until it was straightened out. Enjoy your downtime.]

Via the newly set up PAN:
[I don't know if there was an inventory or small medkits. I never really paid much attention to that sorta thing. I'm pretty worthless at fixin people up, so I leave that to you.]

To Jupiter: (as soon as the other conversations have ended.)
[Sure, let's hear what's up.]

Flip sets to his regular holding pattern around Renton to wait for a call.

2007-10-14, 08:56 PM

Fortunately, Renton is close enough to SeaTac that you are only 'late' by reckoning, not technicality. Everyone always tries to show up a little early as a matter of politeness. Because the end of your shift never seems to come soon enough.

[Incoming message from Rockbox]
[Heh. Tell that to my girlfriend. Better yet, don't. I managed to convince her that was the only reason I let that stripper write her name on my chest in lipstick. Anyway, see ya 'round, Flip. No putzing around for me tonight. I'll be making that one up to her for probably a month.]

[Incoming message from BiggerThanABreadbox]
[Haha. Sure hope it's not the start of a trend on your shift. Have a good one.]

[Incoming message from Excalibur]
[Cutting it pretty close, amigo. We're just dropping off a client now at RCH. Watch out for dumbasses tonight. We picked up five different people who were WALKING AROUND in places that you don't walk around in without packing heat. I wish the Star would waste their time busting ganger chops instead of ours. We'll be out of your hair in about 5 or so. Oh, hey, if you run into Wash at the end of your shift, ask him about his new girlfriend. Don't tell him I said to.]

Everyone gets the following piped to their commlink:
[General news feeds - no category/district selected
Mayan Cutter strikes again, Lone Star still baffled - 2/3, 20:33
Governor Strouthers calls Seattle economy "generally on the rebound" - 2/3, 18:21
Simsense Star Kirk West caught with his pants down - 2/3, 17:44
Wuxing announces new breakthrough in soybean engineering - 2/3, 15:12
Knight Errant bid to push Lone Star out of Seattle gaining traction - 2/3, 12:36]

Darryl discovers that Georgia Tech beat Texas A&M 21-14.

2007-10-15, 03:21 AM

Jake sits quietly, letting the others talk for now. He's waiting to get into the groove of the shift, before getting chatty. As the helicopter enters Renton and the clock blinks 9:00pm, he turns on his eye recording unit, storing the data to a new file on his comm, marked 'DocWagonRentonJacobVisual_01'. That should make it easier to deal with the paperwork later on.

After browsing the newsfeeds, he downloads more information on Mayan Cutter and the Knight Errant story to his comm, for some downtime reading.

Posting on the new PAN:
[Hey Flip, do we have access to the Star chatter for this area? Might be nice to have a heads up on any problems in the area, or even potential clients.]

2007-10-15, 05:27 PM

Darryl sits quietly while he fiddles with his commlink. Once he locates the score he says, "Yeehaw!"

Hmm.. Well, better to be prepared.

Summon a Force 2 Fire spirit.

2007-10-15, 11:16 PM
Once the helicopter is in the holding pattern, McDunk will get out of his seat and start rummaging through the drawers and lockers. "I'll let you know what I find, Darryl. Hey, what's the excitement?" ((in reference to the yeehaw))

Hmm. Seems pretty complete, thinks McDunk as he locates bandages, drugs, instruments and oxygen, but you always end up missing someting.

2007-10-16, 12:32 AM

Flip makes sure that the full news stories about the Mayan Cutter, Kirk West, and Knight Errant are downloaded to his comm to give more attnetion to later.

Flip speaks to Jake verbally, seeing no reason to continue using the link when they are sitting only a few feet apart. "Yeah, I can patch those through for anyone that wants them. I usually don't bother paying them much attention unless I see something interesting in their movement." With that, he presses a few buttons that pop up a overlay of Renton on the divider behind him. "The black dots are Lonestar. The white dot over there is Excaliber, the evening shift copter that we're replacing. Yellow are for general air traffic, and if you see an orange one that is the target of a call."

He presses a short series of buttons and pipes the Lonestar buzz into Jake's comm. "Anyone else want to hear Lonestar?" he asks.

2007-10-16, 06:17 AM

Excellent. I'll just let you hang out till dawn. Hopefully I won't need you at all.

Darryl looks over at the question and says, "Y'all haven't heard either? Georgia Tech beat A&M 21-14. I knuw what I'm watchin' when us'all get back on der ground."

Darryl leans in to look at the med kit. Hmm. Lots of stuff in there. Hope they don't need to use that stuff on me. Saw a doc-u-trid once that claimed mages were harder to heal. Something about the interaction of magic and chemicals or something. Who knows. At least I know where the thing is now.

Darryl leans back and starts looking through the feeds which have been transferred. After a moment he gets bored with that and reverts to reading his bible.

Ah.. 2 Samuel 22... yes... how appropriate Verses 11-13

11 - And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly: and he was seen upon the wings of the wind.
12 - And he made darkness pavilions round about him, dark waters, and thick clouds of the skies.
13 - Through the brightness before him were coals of fire kindled.

That about covers the helicopter, the wind, seattle, and my fire elemental.

Darryl cracks his neck and looks around a bit. As he turns back to the good book he says, "Uh oh."

I forgot about that part. ... arrows... lightning... waters draw up... hmm maybe a water elemental... delivered .. from my strong enemy... Sounds like a rescue.

Rather than fret about metaphors and such, Darryl decides to relax a bit and think about fishing. Yeah.. the gentle rocking of the copter is like casting...

2007-10-16, 06:31 AM

There is barely enough time to start downloading articles before an orange dot appears on the map and starts flashing on the far side of the district, about 20km away. The label next to the orange dot indicates:

Condition critical - 10:00:00

[Incoming message from Dispatch]
[Status change: Jupiter to Retrieval]

If Flip punches the copter to top speed, it will take about 5 minutes to get there.

McDunk's initial rummaging reveals a medkit, a stash of lollipops in multiple colors, and a variety of slap patches. Syber points to the long, flat panel. "Patient bed thingy. Kick ta open. You need ta find the scanner, too, so's you can scan the client RFID."

2007-10-16, 08:40 AM

Jake looks curiously at Darryl as he seems to predict the orange dot showing up on the divider map with his "uh oh". That's just freaky. Hope's that's a good sign though.
Taking a look at the map, he thinks that he should have some time before they get there. He quickly checks his guns, and adjusts his DocWagon suit slightly. He then puts on his helmet - it is black all around, except in the front where there is a clear cover over most of his face. "Alright Syber, once we get there - I'll follow your lead."

2007-10-17, 07:14 AM
Now this is exactly what I was hoping wouldn't happen. I was hoping to have time to find everything first. Ah well, it's not like I've never met Mr Murphy before.
McDunk steps up the pace of his search, keeping out items, like the medkit, that he knows he will need straight away. He will unlatch the bed as he moves past, mostly to check if there's any storage behind it.

"Flip, do we have an ID for the client, medical records perhaps? Possibly even biomonitor telemetry? It'd help to have the right gear ready. And it'd probably be good to hand the mugshot around, so we know who we're saving."

2007-10-17, 08:21 AM
Syber grunts at Jacob and chuckles at McDunk. "Nope. Ain't that easy, rook. We get an orange dot an' a timer. That's why you need the scanner. So's you can get the client's contract number when we get there. All the long range signal says is 'client fragged up here'. Short range gives the info. An' you'll know what he looks like when ya find him. HeadWrap tol' me a coupla times he needed to get inta 15 meters to scan the chip."

The bed does not have any storage behind it, but it does have a nice, squishy cushion. It's about a meter wide and 2.5 meters long, and it takes up a lot of the space that isn't set aside for seats. Further searching reveals a drawer filled with unlabeled packets in silvery, white, and brown paper. The silvery ones seem to have some sort of liquid in them, while the white and brown ones have powders. He can also find a bin full of spray cans that are labeled as temporary synthetic skin in four different flesh tones and one marked 'day-glo orange'. A third bin has cans with nozzles (like a cheez-whiz can) that are called 'Boo-Boo Goo', which McDunk knows is used to stabilize deep wounds until they can be dealt with properly. This stuff comes in blue, orange, and purple.

2007-10-17, 05:28 PM

Darryl tries to listen to the other Troll explain things, but with the motion of the copter Darryl just gets lost in the explanation.

If thats true, hackers could spoof a Doc Wagon signal and force us to fly way over there, only to find nothing, or worse, get ambushed by the competition.

Darryl puzzles over the problem a bit and asks, "We'all wuz aways toad that there Doc Wagon mainframe puter thingy, verified the client and contract number before they'all'd send out a rescue team. How'z'it thats us'all don't end up spennin haf our day on wild goose chases?"

I can see using the scanner to figure out which client is squawking, but come on, how hard is it to put the client id into the signal? I guess I can suggest performance improvements when we get back. Them corporate folks are always big on improving the process, eliminating waste and such.

Darryl checks the dot and begins to figure flight times... hmm 20km.. it'd take 20 minutes at highway speeds. This must be one fast copter. Wow.. I didn't realize Renton was that big. Darryl glances out of the window at the buildings zooming by.

I wonder if I can see my church from here? This is going to be a long shift if we get calls every 2 minutes. I'm going to need another angel.

2007-10-17, 08:14 PM

Jake smirks at Darryl, "I bet any fool that tried to fake a DocWagon signal would find themselves in a real mess. Not only would DocWagon be looking for them, so would any relations of legitimate clients that got delayed aid due to their prank. And, of course, the Star would open an investigation into the matter, if it was made aware of it. Even if the perp survives their apprehension, I doubt they would ever see daylight again."

He looks at McDunc's searching with some slight concern. After a minute, he volunteers, "You found that scanner yet? Sounds like it's our item number one. If you want, I can take a quick look with you, see if you've overlooked something - I figure I've got a minute for that."

And we won't have much time for messing around once we get to the client.

While waiting for McDunc's response, Jake quickly checks his comm to see if he is receiving any LoneStar chatter yet and if there is anything going on in the area they are heading towards.
If McDunc agrees, Jacob will quickly go through the drawers looking for the scanner. He searches with regular, practiced efficiency, checking each drawer one at a time.

2007-10-18, 05:16 AM
"Jake, you're more than welcome to join in. Just let me know if you find any oxy or a packer-whacker. I might need them in a hurry."

McDunk continues to search, keeping one eye on the timer. Thank God for boo-boo goo, regular, strong and peppermint. I wonder if there's a trauma teddy or three in here? Aunt Kathy used to mention those a lot. Don't know if they still use them, especially since I found the lollipops.

"Syber, does this thing look like a regular RFID scanner, or different?"

2007-10-18, 06:54 PM
Syber holds up a chromed pinky finger. "'Bout that big. Black."

Between them, McDunk and Jacob find: an oxygen mask with a small canister attached instead of a tube that goes to a tank, a small store of spare oxygen canisters, a hypospray injector with plenty of full vials for use with it (all very clearly labeled with printed text), a collection of individually wrapped single use scalpels, a stack of disposable plastic bedpans, a garbage receptacle, antiseptic spritzers, splints and immobilizers of various shapes and sizes with velcro straps.

No scanner, though.

[Are you sure you want Lone Star feeds while we're on a retrieval, Flip?]

2007-10-18, 07:08 PM

Flip adjusts course racing at top speed toward the site of the client. He leaves the chatter on until they get in the general area of the retrieval site, flipping it off when they get within a few blocks. "Get ready to go back there. It won't be long now!" I guess now we'll really see how well this new group will work out.

Sorry I've been quiet for a couple days. We got a new computer and have had some unexpected trouble getting it hooked up to the internet.

2007-10-19, 05:28 AM

Darryl looks at the crap McDunk and Jacob found. Oy, they didn't cover all that stuff in the first aid class I took. Hopefully I won't have to figure out what the do via experimentation.

When the pilot, says we are almost there, Darryl attaches his safety line to the hook and readies his clear riot shield and angles himself towards the side that opens.

What did he say his name was? Flip? I am so glad whirly birds can't flip.

2007-10-19, 11:18 AM

As two humans finish the search, Jacob concludes, "Dunc, I don't think it's in these drawers. We'll have to just figure things out manually." As he speaks, he glances at Flip, speaking his way until he noticed how close to the orange dot they are, "Maybe Flip should query dispatch - aw crap, we are almost here."

Jake gives McDunc a hopeful look and a thumbs up, before turning to the entry side and getting himself in ready position, with the Alpha in his hands. He makes sure the smartlink is functioning properly, calling up a memorized info display layout from his commlink. He then turns on his wired reflexes, in preparation for the extraction. He turns his head slightly towards the cockpit again, "Alright Flip, I think we're as ready as we're going to be. Unless you want to make us jump out instead of landing, in which case, I doubt I'll ever be ready."

2007-10-19, 05:16 PM

"Ah crap! I just remembered something about the scanner. Goose who has this copter on the day shift has been complainin' round the pilot's lounge that their EMT, Wags, hasn't been able to find the scanner in awhile. Wags had to borrow one until she got her own. I guess it really never came up on our shift. I think our old EMT had an implant for checking the tags. I don't know what we're going to do now. This oughtta be interestin'."

As soon as their copter is over the site of the patient, Flip begins to do a quick search of the area looking both for the patient and a good place to set down.

2007-10-19, 07:13 PM
"Oh yeah? Huh. Don't Wags have a boytoy she likes to bang in the copter sometimes? That's what I heard, anyway. Them mechanics always gotta clean stuff like that up. That's why they make the big bucks." Syber doesn't seem to be concerned about it in the slightest. He's grinning, actually.

Condition critical - 4:58:47

About a half a click form the client location, the floor of the copter goes completely transparent. The landing rails can be seen through it, and the streets below as the zoom by. If your feet weren't firmly on the floor, you might think it just dropped away.

Syber leans his head down to watch, peering over his own feet. As soon as the copter gets over the site, he lets out a grunt, but nothing else for the moment.

Below you, about 100m down, is an accident scene. Two cars have obviously collided in the middle of an intersection. One has smoke billowing out from under the hood. The orange dot is probably that person lying on the ground between the two cars.

There are plenty of people standing around, just gawking. A motorcycle just past the accident is lying on its side, and a person, presumably the rider, is sprawled on the asphalt nearby.

The parking lot on the north side of the intersection has a chain link fence around it, so it is not suitable as a landing location. The one on the south side, though, is for Der Waffle Haus and has no cars in the front portion. Jupiter's tail could fit there without an issue.

[Would you like me to call in an order for waffles while we are here anyway?]

Map (http://dauphinous.coyotecode.net/dwsfrrenton.jpg)
{I intend to use the same link for the maps all the way through, so you can bookmark the page if you want}

2007-10-20, 05:59 PM

Momentarily startled by the flooring, Darryl realizes its probably the same kind of thing they use in buildings to tint and untint the windows. You just had to apply a current to some exotic chemical coating.

Darryl examines the situation on the ground, moving his feet wide apart to get a good view. Not seeing any immediate threats, Darryl decides that neither offensive nor defensive spells are appropriate.

Darryl looks around at the groups of gawkers using astral perception to see if anyone stands out as a threat. Once he's checked for threats, he uses astral perception to try and evaluate the health of the client.

Wow.. only two or three cars in the area. This place really shuts down after dark. The traffic routing algorithms built into the traffic lights seem to be doing a great job at directing traffic away from this area. What are all these people doing standing around after dark. They must really live in a better neighborhood than I can afford.

2007-10-21, 01:57 AM
Apparent MVA, probable heavy trauma, thinks McDunk as he pauses in his rummaging long enough to gaze through the floor. I'll need the medkit, possibly the boo-boo goo, and, if I can find them, some immobillisation gear. He pauses a moment and looks through the floor again. No obvious threats, but that's not my job.

"Hey Flip, just about every comlink can read RFID tags and I know mine can. Can you get on the horn to dispatch and ask them to send me whatever protocol I need? They can scrub it off my comm later, or give it to you or something, but I need his med record to make sure I treat him properly."

McDunk goes back to looking for a neck brace, splints, immobil-foam, anything like that.

Dauph, I'll edit this post if you don't want RFID scanners in comlinks, but the main book says they're there.

2007-10-21, 11:05 PM

[No, thanks. Looks like we already have a street pancake to take care of first.] Flip replies to the copter.

"I'll see what I can do about that," Flip says and immediatly contacts dispatch. [The EMT can't find our scanner. We think it must have gone missing awhile back. Can we get the codes to scan the patient's tag so he knows how to treat him? Download it to McDunk's commlink if you can; we'll remove them later if we need to.]

Flip sets the copter down in the lot of the waffle house so that the doors are facing the street.

2007-10-22, 03:34 AM

Jake quickly glances at the situation and relaxes a bit after he takes in the scene. No obvious hostiles, thank god. Dropping in on a firefight without a working scanner would have been just peachy. He looks at McDunc, while the human gathers the necessary supplies. "Alright Dunc, I'll come out there with ya and we'll carry the guy back once you've got him ready to move."

As the helicopter is landing, Jake speaks to Flip, "Mind announcing us?"

2007-10-22, 05:36 AM

As the team deploys, Darryl uses the extra meter or so of height he gets within the copter to keep his 'birds eye' view of the crowd and situation. He especially keeps an eye out for trouble makers, ready to use his divine influence to affect the situation.

2007-10-22, 05:52 AM
Condition critical - 4:51:24

[Incoming message from Dispatch]
[Resupply report lists receiving scanner signal from within copter. Look again.]

As the copter starts descending on the area, several muzzle flashes can be seen within the crowd. The attitude of the group of people instantly changes from casual gawking to panicked chaos. The locations of the muzzle flashes suggest two, possibly three different groups shooting at each other, and the intersection has turned into a warzone in the blink of an eye. A quick count puts the actual number of shooters at 12-14.

The copter is now about 30m off the ground.

2007-10-22, 07:41 AM
"Well frag it. Flip, can you ask Jupiter to check for the scanner if it's signalling?"
When the firefight breaks out, McDunk winces and ducks, but keeps looking for the scanner. Once he's looked in all the drawers, he'll start searching other places, like under the bed cushion.

Bugger bugger bugger. Well, this is still a better first day than the one at Tacoma general where I had to deal with that guy who glued himself to a llama that he had injected with LSD.

2007-10-22, 08:55 AM

When the gun shots start to ring out over the sounds of the copter, Darryl says, "Oh goosh, this is going to be exciting after all". I guess I need to work on my assencing

Darryl steadies himself and casts Armor (Force 3) on the apparent extraction target.

Darryl murmurs quietly to himself, "First Samuel, chapter 17, verse 5". ...and he had a bronze helmet on his head and wore a coat of scale armor of bronze ...

2007-10-22, 11:31 AM

Ah frag me, shouldn't have jinxed myself. And they're too damn close to the client too. Jake says seriously to Darryl over his shoulder, "I'd like a little less excitement right about now. Lots of excited people tends to mean lots of hurt ones."

Jake gets ready to move once the chopper lands taking in the scene as it gets more violent.

He partially turns to speak to the entire group and proposes his plan, "As soon as Flip announces us, Dunc and I will sprint to the patient - no telling what state he's in and we need to get to him ASAP. I'll run next to Dunc and provide suppressive fire on any hostile group, defaulting to the Nutterz behind the blue car. Syber, if you could back us up and keep the rest of them off us until we get the patient back, that'd be swell. Daryll, anything you can do to make this easier, we'd appreciate."

Jake seems ready to execute this plan unless there are any objections.

2007-10-22, 05:05 PM

Not really having paid attention to the blips and display, Darryl is startled by Jacob's comment. Darryl continues to focus on the armor spell and says, "Oh, y'all can't not tell how injured he is from that there readout? I can take a peak in the Astral and see what I can see."

Try to assense the extraction target.

Darryl suggests, "If y'all want to pick sides, I can always lay some divine vengeance on da other side or put the fear of the Lord into them or some such there thing."

2007-10-23, 12:27 AM

After setting the copter down, Flip sends a quick message back. [Will do, but time is of the essence.] he sends back to dispatch.

[Hey Jupiter, can you help locate the scanner in here somewhere?] Flip asks the copter's control system. Now that he's set the copter down, he begins to frantically search the pilot's compartment, hoping that maybe the scanner got misplaced in there sometime, even though he'd find it hard to believe.

2007-10-23, 05:29 AM
"If that's what you guys think best, I'll go along. I'm not much on tactical."

McDunk will gather up the medkit and the other gear and be ready to go behind Jake.

2007-10-23, 07:24 AM
Condition critical - 4:48:32

[The scanner is in the cockpit. Wags left it there during a visit with a non-employee. I recommend retrieving it with gloves on.]

As the copter continues to descend, Syber gets up and swings his seat aside to reveal a compartment with a shoebox sized thing that looks a lot like folded up metal tubes. He pulls the thing out, smacks the seat back into position and tosses the thing to McDunk without comment, then grabs his gun and hauls the door open with one hand. "Cover fire. Sure thing."

The only place something like that scanner could possibly hide for this long, would have to be under the seat. Nothing else would be left untouched like that. Flip sticks his hand under there, and sure enough, there's the scanner, along with a wrapper from an Ener-G soy protein bar, a straw, and a fake gold hoop earring.

The gunfire continues, though no one seems to be interested in shooting at the helicopter. The group in the southeast corner backs a meter or so down the street running east/west, keeping their hostages close. They continue shooting at the other two groups. Everyone seems to be hitting vehicles and buildings instead of people, and the majority of the crowd has dispersed at this point.

Darryl:The client looks to be stable for now, but in poor shape. (if he takes one more box of damage, he'll be into overflow). Nothing else about him is obvious.

2007-10-23, 09:13 AM

Once back viewing the real world, Darryl speaks up, saying, "The client seems to be in critical condition but stable. Seems 'bout one stray bullet from the stairway. I've done put an armor spell on him, but we'all should hurry."

Being his first day on the job, Darryl pauses hopeful he'll get more instruction or at least see someone taking action against one group or the other, so that he can join the fun.

2007-10-23, 05:45 PM

Flip calls through the glass excitedly, "Damn it Wags! I got the scanner though. I'll pass it to you when you're out."

[Thanks, Jupes. You're a lifesaver!]

Flip opens the cockpit door then he picks up the scanner in one hand and draws one of his pistols in the other. Then he slides around in his seat to more easily pass the needed things out. He doesn't intend to get more than a few paces from the cockpit door unless things go really wrong.

2007-10-24, 06:35 PM
Condition critical - 4:46:22

[I am not a flotation device, Flip. I am a helicopter.]

Syber jumps out of the copter and starts shooting at the northeast group, going full auto on them. He doesn't seem to be specifically aiming so much as just spraying bullets in their general direction. The result of this is that the group there stops shooting and starts drawing backwards a little bit, moving slowly northward. Flip steps out of the copter, waiting for McDunk to get moving so he can take the scanner from him.

Jacob hops out and shoots a few rounds at the northwest group, which makes them duck down and circle around behind the blue car. As soon as McDunk jumps down to the street, Flip tosses him the scanner, which he can catch without issue, and both McDunk and Jacob start for the client's location. Darryl, uncertain what else to do beyond maintaining his spell, remains inside the copter for the moment.

At this point, the northeast group is no longer shooting, the northwest group is still shooting, but has circled around to use the car as cover from your team, and the southeast group is also still shooting. None of them seem to be interested at shooting your team, though.

McDunk and Jacob could make it to the client by running, but they must pick one direction to go in. There is the gang in the northwest corner, the car directly in front of them is smoking with a hint of flame that can be seen, and there are plenty of bullets flying through the air.

2007-10-24, 08:06 PM

As Jake runs, keeping by McDunc's side, thoughts whirl in his head.
Alright, they're not messing with us so far. Now, north or south, north or south. If we go north, Nutterz might think we're charging them, do something stupid. Gotta go south, gotta time it so that mr. band aid doesn't catch any lead.

He tugs on McDunc's uniform to indicate that he is taking the southern route around the car. When he senses that he is in that second of calm when the southern gang has already fired and the northwest one has not yet responded, he yells, "MOVE, NOW!" He will sprint alongside McDunc to the south, seeking to protect the medic with himself and the car, providing cover against any bullets that fly their way. Hopefully they can summon a burst of adrenaline and a little bit of good luck to get through unhurt.

2007-10-24, 11:53 PM

Flip calls out to the others over their PAN. [I've got a couple of smoke grenades here. I'm thinking about lobbing them out at the groups that are still shooting. Maybe if they can't see, they'll stop firing for long enough to get the patient pulled out, or maybe they'll turn their fire on us. Tacs, do you think its worth the risk?]

2007-10-25, 02:24 AM
Once Jake reaches the client he will respond quickly, while keeping watch over Dunc.

[Nearby smoke not advised until Dunc deals with patient. Southern group is an acceptable target, if your aim is sure. Also recommend intimidation through magical and other means.]

2007-10-25, 06:06 AM

After seeing the situation begin to unfold and the initial burst of comm traffic, Darryl takes action. First he extends his magic senses to attempt to protect the team from any spells which might try to affect them. Second, he drops a Stunball(F5) on the southern group.

Yep, give somefin to think 'bout, then I'll follow up with the scare tactics.

He says simply, "Gotcha, aimin' for them there southerners."

2007-10-26, 10:38 AM
Condition critical - 4:44:01

Jacob waits for a good time to run for it, and finds one when Darryl concentrates for a moment. The entire southeastern group is rocked by something and stops shooting. They release the hostages and start running for it. After that, one the Nutterz (the northwest group, by the cars) flashes a thumbs up in the general direction of the copter. Syber catches and returns it as he continues to lay down suppression fire.

Jacob and McDunk reach the client, who looks like he's been dragged down the road for a bit, and then some. The RFID scan starts picking up the client's chip about halfway across the street or so and returns the following information, which probably doesn't seem all that helpful at the moment:

Contract number: 17S78364H34M2
Contract type: Gold
Condition: critical
Allergy to tree nuts
Cyberware: internal commlink
Evac: closest

The medkit, though, once it is used to scan the body, provides a helpful readout indicating all the injuries present: 10 different broken bones (one of them is the skull), cuts and abrasions, concussion. It's hard to tell what the man looks like, as his face is covered in blood, partly scraped away, and has a couple of shards of glass embedded in it.

[Incoming Message from Dispatch]
[Status change: Jupiter to Transport]

[That metal thing is the stretcher. Twist on both sides at once, in opposite directions] Jacob and McDunk both get this on their commlinks, from Syber.

The cars provide absolutely no cover from the group in the northeast corner of the intersection, but between Syber and the Nutterz, they seem to have that group pinned down and Jacob and McDunk are not under fire at the moment, though bullets are whizzing all around.

The wail of sirens starts up not too far away, but it's hard to tell which direction they are coming from.

Darryl takes one box of Stun from spell drain.

McDunk:I assume McDunk is familiar with a standard medkit, which is what this one is. You are free to indicate whatever sort of efforts your character makes in an RP fashion, from dumping powders on wounds, to spraying on synthetic skin, to injecting stuff with needles or hypo-injectors or whatever. He is healing up 3 boxes of damage, which takes 9 seconds. The client was one box shy of going into overflow, and doesn't wake up under treatment.

2007-10-26, 12:23 PM

Ugh. 10 minutes into my first day and I'm already getting tired. It is really going to be a long day

Darryl smiles when the group he Stunball'd stop and flee. He steadies himself and drop the armor spell on the client so that the team can perform their medical procedures without hinderence. He then chooses one of the remaining shooters in the northeast corner, the one with the flashiest outfit, and suggests that he should go home.

Dropped Armor spell.
Influence(F3) + fetish for drain.

Darryl mutters again, "Joshua 22, verse 6 ...sent them away, and they went to their homes..."

2007-10-26, 01:45 PM

[Acknowledged.] Jake attempts to unfold the stretcher and then focuses on keeping his Alpha aimed on the northeastern group, positioning himself between them and McDunc. His face has a 'don't mess with us' look and he is ready to shoot at the first indication of hostile action towards them. He speaks to his side, loud enough for McDunc to hear over the gunfire, "Let me and the others know when we're ready to head back." If McDunc requests any sort of assistance, Jake will help out as he can.

2007-10-27, 08:03 PM

"Allergic to tree nuts. Well, I'm glad I know that," says McDunk sarcastically. "That gives me everything I need to know to save this guy's life." He pulls a syringe out of the kit and fits it with a vial of some kind of green liquid, then plunges it into the client's neck. "That'll hold him until I can get that skin spray back in the copter."

Jacob's efforts with the stretcher take his attention away from looking gruff and surly, but really don't change the expression all that much, as it seems to be uncooperative. Right up until it springs out into a full sized stretcher, whacking him in the knee as it does so.

Between Syber and the Nutterz, the northeast group seems to be completely pinned down and isn't even firing back anymore. One of them actually gets up and starts running northwards up the street.

A Lone Star cruiser comes racing up from the east and screeches to a halt not far from the group that was in the southeast corner where they are backing off. Looks like there's going to be some sort of standoff there between that gang and the cops.

Between Jacob and McDunk, the client can be half lifted, half rolled onto the stretcher without causing him additional harm. As soon as that is done, they get the stretcher back to the copter.[We're taking him to the nearest place, Flip.]

[Incoming message from Lone Star Patrol Unit]
[Unit 4A13G: request situation report]

Syber, his services no longer needed, climbs back into the copter and helps get the client in and onto the patient bed, then he straps himself back in. "Easy as pie."

2007-10-28, 08:35 AM

Darryl tries to remain ready and alert for danger to the crew and copter until the copter is well off the ground and moving away.

Darryl watches the scene through the floor as it shrinks into the distance. Once buildings block his view, only then does Darryl sit back down and relax.


2007-10-28, 01:30 PM

As the others move back toward the copter, Flip jumps back in retaking his seat. When the others are in place, he takes off heading toward the nearest hospital, all the while talking to LoneStar. [Here's what happened. We came on site finding a crash scene with one body that looks like it was thrown out in the middle of it all. People were crowded all over the place. As soon as we landed, a fight broke out as 3 of the groups of onlookers started firing at each other. Typical street gang sorta stuff. The medtech made his to the patient with a little back-up and we made the extraction. That's about the time you all showed up.]

2007-10-30, 09:23 AM

Look watchs while they treat the victim. He almost decides to offer help, but his skills are obviously far behind that of the other medics. Darryl then asks, "So, what we'all think? Is I am supposed to use my magic to help the heal'n processor or is I just here for tactical magical support?"

Darryl's already got a bit of a headache, so he'd prefer to stay out of the healing business for now.

OOC Stun Question :

How long to heal stun now-a-days? Is it likely to be hours, days, or minutes? Obviously I won't know until its healed, but I'd like to have an idea so I know how hard I can push myself. What's my past experience with stun?

2007-10-30, 11:23 AM
Syber shakes his head. "Nope. Ain't your job, Darryl."

The copter lifts off and starts going east to the closest place, the Renton Community Hospital. They have a helipad there, Flip just needs to call ahead to make sure it's not in use and let them know you're inbound.

McDunk just shakes his head at Darryl. "It's okay anyway. He's stable. Pretty messed up, but stable." Then McDunk looks at Darryl. "You okay? I'm pretty sure some of those packets are for killing mage headaches."

[Incoming message from Lone Star Patrol Unit]
[Unit 4A13G: message received. tag your client with our unit number, please. RCH?]

Rather than wait for Darryl to say anything, McDunk takes a penlight and crouches next to Darryl, checking his pupils. He lifts an eyebrow at whatever he sees and moves to rummage in a bin. he pulls out a bottle, checks the label and pops it open. "Here," he offers a small pill to Darryl, "swallow this. Won't cause a problem for your magic, just take the edge off."

OOC:Stun heals with a Body + Willpower extended test at 1 hour intervals that requires rest. It can also conveniently be healed with First Aid. In this case, the offered pill is the RP of healing one box of stun.

2007-10-31, 06:40 PM

Flip replies to Lonestar. [No problem.] then relays the message back to the others. "Lonestar wants the patient tagged with a Unit 4A13G label."

Jupiter, let's call ahead to Renton Community. As soon as the communication line is opened, Flip says. [We've got one ready to come in. Is the pad available?] All the while, he expertly moves the copter toward the hospital.

I didn't understand the whole message, but I believe Flip would have, since he's been at this for awhile. What does RCH stand for?

2007-11-01, 05:30 AM

Darryl takes the little pill, checks out the markings stamped on it and pops it down the hatch. After forcing it down, he adds, "Much obliged."

During the flight, the combination of a headache and flight, keeps Darryl on edge and tightly gripping the safety lines. As the copter approachs RCH and the pill finally kicks in, he mutters under, "Yeet, that did it."

2007-11-01, 06:58 AM

[Incoming message from Renton Community Hospital Emergency Services Desk]
[You are clear to land, DocWagon. We'll have someone waiting.]

The hospital is a tall building with a flat roof, which is where the helipad is. Or rather, it's where the helipads are. There is a small copter sitting in one large yellow circle that looks like it is a regular passenger chopper. There are two other circles, and there are three people standing by what must be the entrance into the building. They have a rolling hospital bed with them and start running up to the copter as it becomes clear which circle Flip chose.

Syber looks at Jacob and points to the door. "Open the door, Jake. Get inta the habit of opening it before we actually touch down. not too much before, just a little." He grins. "Do it just right. Should be open all the way when we touch, but not much before that."

The three people are already at the copter by the time the door is fully open, and they take the patient away with a minimal amount of fuss. On request, McDunk transmits the contract number to them and the whole process of client transfer is completed in about a minute and a half.

[Incoming message from Dispatch]
[Status change: Jupiter to on call]

Syber sits back as the copter door is closed again. "Dat was a good pickup. Nice of God or whatever to give us an easy one for you kids ta get yer feet wet, yeah? We don't get too many milk runs like that. Mostly our clients are in crap situations. Get rich folks mostly on the easy ones. What did you guys do for your last jobs?"

2007-11-01, 08:33 AM

Inside the chopper, Jake reloads his gun, and removes his helmet, glancing back at the scene of the accident as they lift off. He nods at Syber and Darryl, "Thanks for the support back there." Could have been a lot worse if they decided to send some lead our way.

If no one else tags the client, as per Lone Star's request, Jake will.

He sits silently during the flight to the hospital, mentally going over the recent extraction until Syber speaks to him again. "Got it," he says as he opens the door, a bit earlier than necessary. He closes it once the client is out of the helicopter. "I'm sure I'll get the timing down after a few more landings. My last job? Lone Star Swat. You?"

2007-11-01, 04:50 PM

"Not too bad for the first time, eh boys? No real snags except that missing scanner. I could kill Wags for that. I heard she's been bringing up a "friend" to "visit" the copter, she must have moved it out of their way. I'll have to give her some **** about it, I think the damn things been missing for quite awhile," Flip says as he works the controls to return to his standard circle pattern.

2007-11-01, 06:26 PM
"I been doing this for a little while now, but before this, I worked for Ares CorpSec. Low rung on the totem pole there, but still a rung, ya know?" Syber grunts a little and turns to checking his gun. He empties the current clip and counts the bullets, which all fit in his large chrome hand. "Damn, that was a big ol' blast, yeah?" He starts loading them back in the clip.

McDunk lifts both eyebrows. "Wow. Ares? Huh." He smirks. "I've been a doctor in just about every hospital or clinic that's shut down in the past couple of years. Mostly emergency room work. Hard to get a better position when you always seem to end up in a place just at the wrong time. Seems pretty unlikely DocWagon will go under or restructure the Seattle division closed, though, so I guess my luck's changed some."

For those who tagged articles for later perusal:

Mayan Cutter strikes again, Lone Star still baffled:The gist of the article is that there was another victim found this morning in Auburn. The victims have all been orks, and there is a general suspicion that Lone Star officers may actually be responsible for these deaths. The "Mayan Cutter" is officially designated as a serial killer, believed to be responsible for as many as 8 deaths. Lone Star has not released any information suggesting that there are any leads in the case, just a broad denial that any members of the organization might be involved.
Simsense Star Kirk West caught with his pants down:Kirk West is an action Simsense star who is novahot right now with his latest release, "Thicker Than Water", which has a plot thinner than gauze. He was captured on video having sex with some unidentified woman who is definitely not his wife. West's agent has claimed the video is a fraud, and that his face was superimposed over someone else's, but a female witness claims it's real. "I saw him push her up against the car and unzip his fly, and, um, you know, from behind, and uh, all I could think was, 'Oh my god! That's Kirk West!'" The actor has had allegations of infidelity made against him before, all of which he has denied and none of which have been solidly proven.
Knight Errant bid to push Lone Star out of Seattle gaining traction:Knight Errant is apparently using the Mayan Cutter issue as yet another reason that Lone Star deserves to be replaced in the contract to provide law enforcement in Seattle. This comes after an anonymous source last month leaked internal reports containing citizen complaints about Lone Star officer behavior. The complaints included allegations of rape and excessive use of force. The Governor is quoted as saying "As I have indicated previously, we are always open to the possibility of changing our contractor for this important public service. I would say that the arguments presented by Knight Errant officials are persuasive, but a decision will not be made until the budget is finalized at the end of March."

2007-11-02, 06:52 AM

Apparently I'm the spring chicken.

Darryl grumbles, smiles and says, "Yeet, this heres my vury first job. Exceptin selling cookies at the church bakesale."

Of course, it I hadn't been sick so much, I might have gone to college or at least got learned a good skill. Well, no sense turning yur nose up at god's gifts(no matter how big your nose is).

Once the client is gone, Darryl relaxes a little and prepares himself mentally for the flight. To distract himself a bit, he checks astral to make sure his angel is still waiting around.

2007-11-05, 12:33 PM
It seems to be a slow night for Lone Star tonight. Aside from the accident you all experienced first hand, the majority of the chatter in the feeds is about checking in on the way to or from coffee breaks and meal breaks, or just routine checking in during a patrol. There are traffic stops and a couple of the units seem to be bored, as they are reporting in jaywalkers and similar sorts of non-crime crimes.

This is what the feeds generally look like:
[Unit 3R74G: 021]
[Unit 1R13G: we've got a 402 at Browder and Mills]
[LSDispatch: unit 1R13G proceed]
[Unit 2R02G: unit 3R11G has a 511 and is returning to base]
[Unit 3R18G: sure they do lol call his wife to make sure]
[LSDispatch: cut the chatter]
[Unit 1R23G: reporting 013 and 107 at Irvine and Milton in pursuit request backup]

[Incoming Message from Dispatch]
[Status change: Jupiter to Retrieval]

Condition serious - 10:00
The orange dot appears on the map about 3 km away, on Irvine Street.

2007-11-05, 05:32 PM

Darryl shifts uncomfortably in his seat when the dispatch comes in so soon after that last police report.

Hmmm 013 and 107... Lets see that 120.

Darryl mutters the lord's pray under his breath, tightens his grip on his bible and says, "Here we'all be goin' g'yen."

2007-11-06, 01:34 AM

Flip immediately adjusts his course toward Irvine and Milton. "Well this shouldn't be too bad. Judging by the chatter, we've probably got a Lone Star man down with the shooter already on the run. Hopefully that'll mean a nice easy pick up. In this job you never expect it to be too easy though, the pick ups that seem easiest are often the worst."

2007-11-06, 07:49 AM
[LSDispatch: unit 1R11G, unit 1R01A assist unit 1R23G in pursuit westbound on Irvine near Milton]
[Unit 1R01A: copy that moving to assist]
[Unit 1R11G: on my way]
[Unit 1R23G: civilians down request emergency services behind me]
[LSDispath: emergency service request received and transferred]
[Unit 2R15G: responding to report of 201]
[Unit 1R11G: drek 210 in my way advise]
[LSDispatch: unit 1R11G continue pursuit, unit 1R43G respond to 210 in front of Knight Errant facility]

Condition serious - 9:15

The orange dot is moving southward, but slowly. It takes less than a minute to get to the location general, and it is a mess, as the floor of the copter going transparent clearly reveals. There are people running around, screaming, and several bodies on the ground. This part of Irvine is all businesses, and the front windows of several have been shot out. There is a small group of young men already helping themselves to the merchandise in one store. The orange dot seems to have gone into one of the buildings, which looks like a general office building. It has the name of a bank - Commerce Bank of Seattle - on the outside.

The copter can land on the street without an issue, though there is still traffic here, as may of the cars just swerve around the chaos and continue on their way. Jupiter will block two of the four lanes no matter where Flip puts it if he lands on the street. There is also a helicopter pad on the roof of the bank building, though the roof is at least 10 stories up. There are yellow contacts converging on the area, no doubt emergency and press vehicles. Two white Docwagon contacts are also inbound at a good speed, though their paths make it clear they are ground vehicles.

BanjoPick - RentonG02
OldMcDonald - RentonG03

2007-11-06, 09:37 AM

Jake furrows his brow at the LS messages and gets his helmet on immediately. "Doesn't sound like an officer down, they would have pulled out all the stops then. Likely our client is one of the civilians mentioned." He leans down and examines the situation through the clear bottom and then takes a look at the transparent display, frowning.Great, last thing we need is to play hide and seek in an office building.

He speaks to the team, "Flip, why don't you set us down in front of the bank? Darryl, Dunc, Syber and I can all go inside and get our man. With the other DocWagon teams arriving, I doubt anyone will bother the chopper. Of course, if you'd like, Syber can follow a bit behind us, just to make sure some smartass street punk doesn't decide it's his day to be stupid. What do you all think?" He then activates his wired reflexes and stands next to the door, getting ready to open it as he was instructed to.

2007-11-06, 10:15 AM

Inside? Like leave the copter?

Darryl unclips his safety line and adjusts himself and makes sure he has everything he'll need handy. Then a thought occurs to him...

"It lookin' like them there lootin' is happening... Maybe our'all, um, client, went into that there bank to make a withdrarewl. He'n may not be want'n to be rescued."

As Darryl watches people scamble around on the ground and listens to the incoming police reports he also asks, "So's, ifn them there police people are like shootin' at da client are we'all supposed to like rescue dem or be wait'n for them there police to stop da shoot'n and then we'all can goes in an scoop up whatever is left?"

2007-11-07, 08:25 AM

Jake considers for a moment before replying, pausing to think things through, "Well, we got his signal, so that means he's hurt bad. We've got a contract to fill and he'd have to be real stupid to refuse help if he's bleeding to death. Far as cooperation with the Star - we inform them, get our client and they can deal with him after we get him to his preferred treatment facility. We've both got a job to do and no reason why we can't both do it." And it ain't the Star's job to shoot people dead.

He grins at Darryl, "Don't you worry about the Star. They don't shoot at DocWagon - pretty much everyone on the force has had their asses rescued by the Doc."

2007-11-07, 11:12 AM
Syber grunts. "Official policy is that we cooperate but don't volunteer info. Doctor-patient priva- privl- pravel- We don't gotta say nothing. Unofficial policy is that client's business is the client's business. We keep our mouths shut, and the Star gets what the client is willing to give 'em. We ain't no public service, and we ain't part of the Star. People got contracts and we fill 'em. The Star doesn't get in the way of that, and clients who've been ratted out by us are real quick ex-clients who convince their friends to drop their contracts or not get one in the first place."

Syber grins. "Yeah, I'll do cover. And if the Star are actively pursuing a client, we scoop 'em up and take 'em away, just the same is if they weren't. Star can get info if they ask, or aerial unit can follow us. Good part of the client base ain't 'zactly legal, if you know what I mean. Or so I hear tell." The grin remains intact, and Syber nods to Jacob. "Some of the Star have contracts. Scuttlebutt says they've been cutting back over the past year or so, to just cops in extra high risk jobs, like gang squads and SWAT."

McDunk grabs the medkit and a few likely extras, stuffing them in pockets. "That's kind of a different mission than the one I'm used to, but not exactly. Just hard to see people hurt and know that we aren't here to help them."

As the copter drops like an elevator to hell, a vehicle accident takes place right underneath you. A car swerves to avoid some running pedestrians and smashes right into another car, which catches a different pedestrian entirely, sandwiching her between both cars. She isn't likely to last very long there. The copter is about 20 meters off the ground when it happens.

2007-11-07, 06:18 PM

Flip quickly pulls the copter up. "Sorry guys, looks like we're going to have to go for the roof option. The ground will just be too chaotic between the accident, and looters, and a few of our vans on the way, we just won't have a good opening to set down there. I'd let you out there if I could."

He sighs as he begins to circle around to take another go toward the rooftop.

2007-11-07, 06:23 PM

Seeing the accident and the carnage doesn't turn him away and Darryl suggests, "Why nut jus bring us'all down to wiffin a meter of them there cars? Nows that they'all are stop'ped, us'all can just be hoppin out and onto the hood."

2007-11-08, 06:52 PM

"Could do that, but then you'd still have to make your way to the rooftop to get picked up. I can't land down there now, and probably won't be able to in the immediate future. I'll leave it up to you guys. I can let you out either place, but I think it would be easier all around to go to the rooftop."

2007-11-08, 07:17 PM
Condition serious - 9:04

McDunk frowns. "We've only got 9 more minutes. How long will it take to get down to the first floor from up there? We don't even know exactly where he is."

Syber nods. "Let us out on the ground, Flip. We'll hump the guy up the stairs to ya." He grabs the stretcher and checks his guns.

Feel free to agree or disagree, guys. Don't have to do it just because the NPC'ed guys say to.

2007-11-08, 07:57 PM

Jake nods at Darryl and the rest of the group out back. "Let's get to him as quick as possible and bring him up to the roof. Drop us off here Flip and wait for us up top. It might be necessary to for you to check in with the people at the Bank if access to the roof is restricted on the inside. You take care of that and we'll get the guy to you."

He slings his Alpha over his shoulder, checks to make sure the predator's are holding in their holsters and gets ready to open the door as soon as Flip gets them close to the ground.

Except that the NPCs happen to be quite sensible in agreeing with Darryl. I would have agreed before, but I was away for most of the day.

2007-11-09, 06:30 AM

Darryl tucks his bible into his breast pocket, adjusts his grip on his riot shield and double checks that he is unhooked from the copter.

"Dang whata mess. Yeet, I'm ready to go. Puts us down."

2007-11-09, 08:03 AM

"Alright, I'll do what you all want." Flip says, using his sleeve to wipe the sweat from his forehead. He carefully lets the helicopter down toward the street, hovering as low as possible. "Go ahead and go."

Once the others have dropped out, Flip starts to pull up again so as not to disturb traffic any more than he has to. He quickly glances over to double check the name of the bank, and gives them a call as he continues to rise.

He uses his communicator to call them up. [This is DocWagon. We need to use your helipad to land to pick up an injured person. The rescue crew is already on their way inside, but will need access to the rooftop once they've picked up the patient.]

2007-11-09, 11:41 AM
Syber gives a nod to Jacob when he thinks the time is right to open the door and shoulders his Alpha. Flip is able to get the copter within two meters of the roof of a stopped car, which leads to an awkward jump out. Fortunately, Jacob keeps his footing and is able to help Darryl out. Likewise, Syber has no problem and gives McDunk a hand. The driver of the car is still inside it, and he just watches wide-eyed as you all jump onto his car, then down to the street and head quickly for the building.

[We're all out, see you topside.] This message comes from Syber to Flip.


Flip pulls the copter up and out of the way quickly.
[Incoming message from Commerce Bank of Seattle]
[This is an automated response to your message. The bank is currently closed. Business hours are 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays. If you wish to be transferred to a specific employee, please indicate that employee's name now. A directory of employees is available.]


The front door, like several of the panes of glass along the front of the building, has been shot. The windows seem to be made out of some kind of safety glass, as they have holes and cracks, but are still standing. The door, however, has been smashed in, or maybe out. There is glass around the bottom of it on both sides.

There are people in various states of panic and injury all around. A man, holding his side, staggers up with a bloody hand held out. "Jesus, help me, please." He is dressed like he was on his way to a nightclub, and couldn't be more than 25 years old.

"Wherever he is, it's not within 15 meters of here," says McDunk, as he holds up the scanner. He sees the man coming up and quickly discerns the problem with him. "Man, you've been shot. Here, I can help you, just sit down." He starts pulling out the medkit.

"We don't have time, rook. Not here for him. Keep moving." Syber looks ready to hustle McDunk through the door.

2007-11-09, 06:38 PM

Darryls hops down and does his best not to fall on his rump and dent the car's hood. As he crosses the plaza with everyone else on the approach to the darkened bank, something occurs to Darryl. "We'all can hear meh? Waat we posta do if that there bank gots some automatic defenses type of thingy going? Ya know, like 'puter controlled machine guns?"

When the man invokes the Lord, Darryl looks to him and says, "Keep pray'n my brother and you will be saved."

Darryl pauses, stands tall and proclaims, "'Because of the oppression of the weak and the groaning of the needy, I will now arise,' says the LORD. 'I will protect them from those who malign them.' Amen". He then hustles after the team, so that he doesn't fall too far behind.

2007-11-10, 12:53 AM

Flip lands on the roof and gets out. [Guys, we may have a problem up here. The bank's closed, so I don't think we'll get the rooftop access open. I'll see if there's anything I can do up here, but be ready we might have to try a ground pick up afterall.] He growls a little over the comm as if in annoyance. [For now, get to Mr. Orange, and I'll see what I can do up here about getting the way opened up for you. Stay in contact and when you're ready to move him we'll decide which way you have to go.]

After securing Jupiter, Flip rushes over to the rooftop access to examine it more closely.

2007-11-10, 02:49 AM

Jake shakes his head sadly at the sight of the injured man. Seeing McDunc pause, he turns and speaks to him in a half-sympathetic, half-commanding tone, "Sorry, Dunc, we've got to get to our primary objective. Some guy out there is counting on us and we're promised to go and help him. You heard the chatter - emergency services are coming down here and they'll fix this guy up - that's their job. Now let's go and do ours. Which way is our man?"

Jake takes point with his Alpha, waiting for directions from the man with the scanner. He is keeping an eye out for possible remaining sources of the gunfire. A smart perp would stick around and try to blend in with the crowd while his foolish buddies draw the Star's attention. Gotta keep an eye out.

[Drek. We may not even be able to operate the elevators. You know, we should be getting other incoming DocWagon units. Maybe together they can clear a space for you to land? We can see if can go up to the roof or not once we find and stabilize our guy.]

2007-11-10, 11:16 AM
"Drek, no, you can't just leave me here. Please."

McDunk, obviously a little upset at the prospect of just leaving the guy there, backs away from the guy. "Look, just sit down, try to stay calm. Better yet, lie down. Relax. You're going to be okay, just wait for the ambulances. You're not as hurt as you think you are." He mutters a string of swearwords quietly as he steps through the shattered door behind everyone else.

Syber brings up the rear, hustling everyone else inside. He gives the injured man the hand to talk to. "Back off, kid. We ain't here for you." As he moves to the door, though, he turns back and says, "Good luck."

The inside looks basically how you would expect the lobby of a large bank to look. Potted plants, tasteful paintings on the walls, teller windows, secure places to plug in and do your banking that way, desks with marginally comfortable looking chairs, offices, receptionist's station. At the moment, the place is lit by dim lights set into the ceiling. A lamp on one of the desks not far from one of the shot windows is on.

There is a bank of three elevators visible to one side, but whatever is on the wall opposite them is not visible.

"Nothing yet. Must be farther in. Lobby looks like it's more than 15 meters across. Could be in the back." McDunk looks up and around. "Could be the vault, I guess," he nods towards the wall behind the teller stations.

Jacob:The desk with the lamp also has an active computer terminal. The rest of the terminals are all off at the moment. In addition, there is a spray of blood spatter on the desk and the chair has a hole that Jacob immediately identifies as a bullet hole. There are a few drops of something dark which might or might not be blood that suggest a path towards the rear of the lobby, maybe to where the elevators are

As soon as you get about 5 feet inside the bank, a spotlight blinks on, lighting all of you up. A neutral, vaguely male, yet obviously artificial sounding voice says, "Halt. You are entering this building unlawfully. If you persist, the defense grid will be activated. Lone Star has been notified of your intrusion."

Map (http://dauphinous.coyotecode.net/dwsfrrenton.jpg) {north is down, 2m squares, orange square is the desk with the lamp on}


The helipad on the roof is available, and Flip can set Jupiter down there without issue. He runs over to the roof access door, which is on the southeast corner of the building, and takes a close look at it. There is a number pad and swipe card reader to one side of the door. It has a knob-less handle that one could use to just pull the door shut, but it doesn't have a lock that could be picked. The walls of the roof access point are made of some kind of cinder block or cement material, and the door is metal. The access looks to be about big enough to have two elevators, or maybe one elevator and a stairwell.

2007-11-10, 11:40 AM

Jake hears the voice, but his attention is at the lit desk. Great, let's hope the perps were smart enough to shut down the defense systems. Don't really feel like breaking into a bank to get to our guy.

Jake whistles to McDunc and points to the chair next to the lit lamp. "Hey doc, looks like our guy was sitting over here. And got shot for it." Jake carefully walks over to the desk, taking care to not disturb the potential evidence and looks at the computer terminal briefly. Afterwards, he points at the small trail of dark drops. "Elevators, I think."

2007-11-10, 04:58 PM

Darryl glaces up at the bulk of the building as the team enters. Once McDunk announces the range of the scanner and he sees the size of the lobby, Darryl calls up the waiting force 2 fire spirit and asks it to search the building for anyone still alive and to tell me where they are.

Darryl follows the group along, quite disturbed by the auto defense system activation message. Darryl holds up the shield to make sure its covering the important parts of his anatomy. When they get near the elevators, Darryl says, "Yeet, I did done sent my little angel off to find our guy."

As they wait for the elevator and further plans, Darryl adds, "I guess I could float 'round a bit in that there astral so we least know where he's at. If we'all think of it next time we've got one of these here building pickups, I can find the client before we'all land."

If that message just played for us, I doubt the other people actually deactivated it. They probably managed to slip past without setting it off. I got a bad feeling 'bout this

2007-11-10, 07:06 PM
Condition serious - 8:50

As soon as Jacob steps out of the spotlight, all the lights in the lobby go out, except for the lamp on the one desk. The terminal goes off, also. A little bit of light comes in from the street outside, which is enough for low-light to see for the most part, though the back of the place is still difficult to see.

"This can't be good."

There is a squeal of tires outside that isn't followed immediately by a crash sound, then a loudspeaker announces:
"Everyone stay where you are. This is a DocWagon vehicle. Publicly sponsored emergency vehicles are en route to assist those people who have not taken the time and effort to safeguard their lives by purchasing DocWagon contracts. They will, of course, take another minute or so to get here. At least. Anyone attempting to harm one of our employees will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Thank you for remaining where you are and not interfering. I'm sure you will all live long and happy lives if you manage to survive until the ambulances get here."

"Drek. You smell that? Kinda like rotten eggs."

Jacob:Mr. Super Perception can hear a quiet hissing noise coming from the ceiling. Also, a muffled scream sounds from somewhere near the elevators just after the lights go out.

2007-11-10, 11:29 PM

"Drek! We're being gassed - probably part of the security system. Our man's near the elevators, let's get him out before we're knocked out ourselves!"

Jake covers his nose and mouth with one hand and runs to the elevators where he heard the noise, hoping to see a heat signature that would mark their target.

Could I spend an Edge to have retroactively brought my bag with my respirator with me? If so, I would be putting it on. If not, I might want to spend edge to not be knocked out by the gas. Also, I am in total defense mode, in case of anything coming our way.

2007-11-11, 11:13 AM


Darryl says, "Fear not, for we doeth the Lord work. All the same, I'd prefer to be back in the copter, while ya'll do this part."

The Lord helps those who help themselves. Time to bring in the Angels. Darryl pauses to focus on his magic. Summon Raphael(Force 5 Spirit of Air) and have him blow the gas away from us and out the front windows.

That is probably why the windows are open, so the gas doesn't build up too much.

Once the spirit has been tasked, Darryl will move to catch up with everyone else.

2007-11-11, 07:02 PM

Hearing the loudspeakers, Flip quickly gets into contact with the DocWagon ground vehicles below, using dispatch to channel the call if necessary. [This is Flip, pilot of Jupiter in the air squad. I already have 4 men inside the bank looking for a patient. If you've got someone inside too, watch out for them!]

Flip pounds at the door, hoping someone might be on the other side. It doesn't seem likely, but you never know. After waiting at least a minute for a response, (and assuming he gets no response) he calls down to the rest of the team. [Looks like things are locked up tight up here. If the patient is supposed to be there, you can probably use his pass card to get up, but otherwise we'll have to try a ground pick up.] He shakes his head and slams his hand one more time on the door in frustration.

2007-11-11, 09:12 PM
[Incoming message from BanjoPick]
[Yee haw! We got us a little slice of Hell down here. Our guy is pavement paste, so no worries from us.]

[Incoming message from OldMacDonald]
[We're into the store across from the bank. Good hunting. It's ugly out here. The press will love it.]

No one answers the door for Flip right away, so he waits.


Darryl concentrates, giving himself a mild headache. A white angel with glowing wings appears and begins beating his wings furiously to strike up a light wind that blows away from Darryl and towards the front of the building.

Jacob pulls his respirator out of the bag slung over his shoulder and heads for the back of the building, strapping it to his face.

The angel stays in front of and above Darryl, glowing and redirecting the air around him as everyone follows Jacob. Syber turns and follows while keeping a watch behind everyone. The angel's efforts seem to be having the intended effect, though everyone can smell the rotten egg odor now.

Back near the elevators seems to be where the restrooms are also located. The ladies' room, clearly marked with not just the standard picture, but also "Women" in delicate script in six different languages, has a bloody handprint smeared on it near the push plate.

Everyone can hear the staccato report of gunfire coming from the street in bursts.

OOC:Darryl takes 2 boxes of Stun from the Summoning Drain. The spirit was summoned with a total of 3 services, so there will be 2 left after this.
Jacob's use of Edge is approved.
Flip is waiting at the door for now.

2007-11-12, 07:54 AM

The man comes to the entrance of the restroom and speaks to McDunc, his voice a bit muffled by the respirator, "Let us know when you have a reading."

If mom knew I was spending my time at work breaking into the girls bathroom at a bank, I would never hear the end of it. Definitely a dad-only story.

He pushes the pushplate with his left index finger, avoiding the bloody areas. As the door opens, he speaks loudly, "This is DocWagon, we are here to retreive our client," before stepping inside.

2007-11-12, 09:35 AM
"Uh, sorry. Distracted." McDunk stops staring up at the angel Darryl summoned and returns his attention to the scanner. "Client is that way, less than two meters." He points in a direction that is probably inside the bathroom. Unable to stop himself, he takes another look up at the angel and swallows audibly.

Jacob pushes on the door, but it doesn't budge.

2007-11-12, 07:49 PM

Seeing their trouble with the door, Darryl is about to give it the whole Troll college try, when it occurs to him that the client may be just on the other side of the door leaning against it or something. Darryl pipes up, asking McDunk, "Does that thing say how farr? If us'all bust it in, are we'all gunna find the client smooshed behind the door?"

Where is that other spirit? I'd love to know if anyone else is in here.

2007-11-12, 08:14 PM

Flip glances back at the copter, making sure all is right with Jupiter, then pounds on the door once more. He places his ear to the door and listens for a few seconds, if there is no noise, he'll run around to the various edges of the roof and look for other likely places to land on ground level in the area, since right outside seems pretty busy.

2007-11-13, 10:35 AM

Jake frowns and nods at Darryl, "I think you, me and Syber can try to take it down, but let me warn the client first." He steps next to the door and yells loudly, "This is DocWagon, we are here to assist you. Please open the door. If you are unable to open the door, please step away from it in the next half a minute. If you can hear us, please acknowledge." After he finishes, he holds up his hand for silence and puts his ear against the door listening.

After half a minute, he pushes on the door again, this time with some more force. If it still does not open, he gets ready to assist Syber in breaking it down.

2007-11-13, 01:10 PM
Condition serious - 7:45

McDunk walks along the wall a little bit, watching the scanner. He ends up stopping less than a meter from the door and pointing straight in. "Right there. Go ahead."

There is a muffled voice from inside that sounds generally panicked. "Please help me! I can't open the door, and there's no light! It hurts!"

Jacob pushes on the door forcefully, to no avail, then steps out of the way to let Syber have a crack at it. Syber grins and chuckles, then puts his head down and rams his shoulder into it. Jacob is able to time a kick to the door to coincide with Syber's impact, which causes some very loud noises and sends the door flying in. Syber follows the door in just a few steps and winces a little bit as it sounds like it crashes into something.

The ladies' room is completely dark. As soon as the flashlight is shined in and people look, everyone can see that there is a woman on the floor in a business suit. She is practically covered with blood, and there is more on the sink, the floor, and on of the stalls. It also looks like there is a pile of something on the floor, probably vomit, right by the stall with the blood smeared on it. The smell of the room certainly seems to confirm the vomit theory. This room is not being gassed.

The woman is flinched away from the door, covering her head with one arm and her shoulders are shaking as she sobs hysterically.

Darryl:As you have telepathic communication with the spirit, it responds to your query. "Still checking the building."

McDunk doesn't waste another moment. He moves in quickly and kneels beside her, heedless of the blood. He starts checking her over, flicking open the medkit. "It's okay. We're going to get you out of here. You're going to be okay."

{Pausing for smartass comments or other actions.}

There is no answer at the door still, so Flip runs over to take a look down at the street. The buildings here are all jammed together. There is an alley in the back, but it is way to narrow for Jupiter to fit. The street below is a complete mess. Flip can see both the other DocWagon teams engaging in a firefight and using cars for cover. One is pulling some guy off the street itself, while the other team is headed into a building on the other side of the street. It seems unlikely that there will be any more vehicle accidents, as nothing is moving anymore and traffic is backing up in both directions.

There is one spot free of vehicles that is only a few meters past the bank that Flip could land in, or he could go for just hovering slightly above some of the cars to pick the team back up. It's possible that by the time he gets down there, one of those DocWagon vans will be on its way already, thus leaving a space. It's also possible that he might be able to get one of the teams to take a minute after they get their client to push a car out of the way for him.

2007-11-13, 06:03 PM

As McDunc rushes over to the woman, Jake releases a small sigh of relief. He then contacts Flip, to update him.

[Hey Flip. We've got the client and Dunc is working on her, but the whole place is locked down tight and the knockout gas is on. We've got no way to get to the roof. We've also been hearing some lead dodgeball outside and I'm not too keen to run out there with this client until we have a pickup plan. If you've got a good view of the action from up top, send it over - I've got an image link.]

He then shakes his head and speaks to the rest of the team, "Dunc, do your best to stabilize her. Flip may need our help clearing a good landing area, so Syber and I will be ready to act on that. Darryl, if your angel can help us out, I'm all ears. If the situation is still dicey outside, you and Dunc might carry the patient, while Syber and I provide cover."

2007-11-13, 06:17 PM

Darryl checks out the woman and then looks around the darkened bathroom. So this is what they've got in here... fancy.

After listening to Jacob give his report Darryl offers, "I can provide us'all a cover of darkness so we'all can git out. Could ask Raphael to moves us some of them there cars out of der way, but that may be scratching der paint a bit."

Darryl then says, "So I see y'all brought your respirator, but I dunnot see a cart. Should I be carrying the young lady out?" He then turns to McDunk, "Or is she gunna be walkin' out?"

2007-11-14, 07:53 AM
[Incoming message from Dispatch]
[Status change: Jupiter to Transport]

Syber throws an arm out to the side and the stretcher folds out as part of the motion. He sets it down next to the woman while McDunk works. "You can ride if you want, ma'am. We don't mind."

McDunk first helps her pull off her suit jacket, then, despite her very feeble protests, cuts off her blood stained blouse. Underneath it, she has on a white satin bra embroidered with roses. She has an obvious gunshot wound in her lower abdomen, and it's probably a miracle that she neither was killed instantly nor bled to death by now. "No choice for you, ma'am. You're riding out." He helps her ease down onto the stretcher, and Syber offers a hand, too. "Sorry, I don't have a blanket or anything." He inspects the wound as he does so, mumbling mostly to himself. "Through and through, missed the liver, no breathing problems: missed the lung, fragging lucky." Then he gets to work, pulling stuff out of the medkit to clean the wound site and patch her up for transport.

"I'll get moving out and see about clearing us a space." Syber stands up and pulls his alpha off his shoulder, flipping the safety off. He leaves the bathroom while McDunk is still working and starts running for the front of the building.

OOC:Flip can theoretically send an image. He'd have to have some kind of camera with a way to download images from it to his commlink. Jupiter doesn't have any cameras.

2007-11-14, 06:42 PM

Once McDunc begins to cut away the woman's clothing, Jake looks away out of courtesy. He considers for a moment and speaks to Darryl, "We may need your darkness if the situation is still heavy out there. I am going to go and see what Syber and I can do about it. Get ready to bring her towards the lobby once she is stable. And if we have to scratch somebody's brand new paint finish to get her out of here, we will - so keep your angel around."

With that, he readies his Alpha, and follows after Syber. Outside, he will take cover and then evaluate the situation.

2007-11-14, 07:07 PM

Darryl nods at Jacob and adds, "Yeet. It only be takin a moment to drop the veil. I've ben toad dat the effect can be a bit disorienting. We'all wonna be able to see nuffin up close, but us'all be able to see stuff that being far away. I ben toad dat it be real easy to get tripped, but it being real hard to get shot."

Darryl long ago accepted the female form as one of god's perfect creations, albeit one that his parents didn't much like him staring at. As a troll, he never got many 'free' looks, and was never one to turn down a freebie.

2007-11-14, 08:22 PM

[Got nothing I could take the shot with, but if you look a few meters to the north (or whatever direction, Flip has the ability to be very accurate with his directions) there's a place I think I can set down. It will be a bit of a jog, but I think all around its our best bet.]

Flip hops back up into Jupiter. "Alright, Jupes, here we go," he mutters as he takes off moving toward the open area.

2007-11-15, 04:08 PM
McDunk finishes up, then he notices the woman's jacket and grabs it, draping it over her torso. "Sorry," he says again, then he nods to Darryl to let him know that it's time to pick up the stretcher and get moving.

The angel leads the way, clearing a path with its wings for everyone to walk through safely. Syber is outside, easy to see in the light provided by the streetlamps. He's gotten himself up on top of a car and is taking a few shots towards one of the buildings opposite the bank. There are three other DocWagon employees in the street. Two have taken a knee next ot a third, who is crouched over a body, obviously working with the medkit next to him. Looks like he might be defibrillating his client.

There are also two DW vans in the street. The closest one has a person sitting in the driver's seat. The farther one isn't angled properly to see if there's anyone in it or not. From the street, it's not as easy to tell where the good spot for Jupiter to land is, but the copter descending gives a pretty good clue, and the team can dash over that way.

As everyone starts to get the idea how the endgame of this extraction is going to go, a small black Lone Star copter zips into the zone, strafing its two chain guns down the street, looking like they're going after a knot of guys who seem to be looting. But the copter doesn't pull up fast enough to avoid collateral damage, and everyone gets to watch as Syber, taken unawares, has his body ripped to shreds by the last few rounds before the pilot manages to stop the gun.

Flip has to dodge the smaller copter as it zips through, apparently uninterested in giving a crap about anyone else flying here. He yanks back on the controls, reversing his downward movement violently, and is only able to keep control and his seat because he remembered to strap himself in.

Syber falls to the roof of the car he was standing on, then slides to the ground in the side of the car towards the team.

The team has just started heading to meet up with the copter. You're about 10 meters from Syber and 50 meters from where you're supposed to meet the copter. Flip is about 30 meters off the ground.

2007-11-15, 05:15 PM

"Frag! Syber!" Jake's eyes widen as he sees the big troll go down before his eyes. He freezes in shock as he sees the dark helicopter fly away through the broken windows of the bank, though a moment later he is moving again. "Dunc, I need you over there stat! Darryl and I will deal with the patient - you help Syber!"

Jake is ready to take over Dunc's side of the stretcher and is planning to get it to the chopper on the double and then come back to where Syber fell.

[Flip, that BTL-head just shot up Syber! We'll get the client up to you, but we can't move until Dunc stabilizes Syber. Make sure you get an ID on that piece of drek!]

2007-11-16, 06:31 AM

Darryl begins moving out with everyone else when Syber moves ahead and starts shooting at people.

What in heaven's name is he doing? I can cover him in shadow over there.

Then when he gets gunned down, Darryl stops moving for a good 5 seconds. Once Jacobs issues some commands, Darryls starts moving again. He waits for Jacob and McDunk to switch. He says, "Okay, I'm going to turn on the shadow, so be ready." With that he drops his veil of shadow(F5).

Just to be sure, he instucts Raphael to "Slow down that and try to keep it from approaching me." He points at the Lone Star copter.

Once the Jacob and the cot start moving towards the Doc Wagon copter again, he orders Michael to protect McDunk.

2007-11-16, 08:09 AM

Flip swears loudly at the LoneStar helicopter, then maneuvers himself around in his seat to catch the id number of the helicopter. He takes a deep breath then contacts the LoneStar pilot. [Hey, watch it! You just got one of the good guys down there, picking off someone who was trying to help! Then you almost knock me out of the sky!]

Flip continues to drop the helicopter to the ground, so he can pick up the others as quickly as possible.

2007-11-16, 08:12 PM

The Star copter is out of sight quickly, and offers no response to Flip. With the front darkened so it isn't possible to see inside it, there exists the possibility that it's being controlled remotely, though it is certainly large enough to have a pilot inside.

Jacob takes McDunk's spot at the stretcher as a dome of darkness springs up around Darryl. It extends around him for 5 meters in all directions, and then as both men start to run for the helicopter as best they can, it moves with them. The angel stays close to Darryl.

McDunk runs over and practically throws the medkit at Syber, dropping to his knees with a grimace next to the chromed troll. One of the guys from the other team runs over, holding his Alpha ready and covering McDunk.

[Incoming message from BanjoPick]
[One of our guys has your guys covered. We're going to have to bail quick, though. Our client is in a bad way. Unless you can give him a lift to Mercy Emergency Services when you go, he's gonna have to come with us basically right now.]

The other team starts booking out of one of the nearby buildings with someone on a stretcher carried by two people and covered by two others. They are firing back into the building as they all hoof it back to their van.

The wail of sirens can be heard getting closer, and a regular black Star helicopter drops down to hover about 20 meters off the ground, and well out of the way of any of you. "This is Lone Star. Please remain calm. Emergency vehicles are on their way and will be arriving shortly. If you are in need of medical attention and are capable of it, please move to the sidewalk on the north side of the street. Above all, remain calm. Help is on the way."

The area is just now starting to swarm with small drones of the camera variety. Several have logos of one news organization or another. A few have a skull and crossbones, and several more are unmarked.

Darryl and Jacob seem to be dodging bullets as the run for the copter. Jacob's uniform gets grazed by a bullet that scrapes across his arm, and a window is shot out just as they are running past it.

Darryl:The fire spirit reports that it has completed searching the building. Only the first floor had living people, and they all seem to have left now.

Flip:Mercy is the closest place, so unless McDunk says otherwise (which he hasn't yet), that's where you'll be going anyway.

2007-11-17, 03:12 PM

Darryl moves as fast as he can, but is careful with his footing for he knows that someone else's life depends on him.

As the bullets whine and wizz past, Darryl says, "Oiy, I be feeling like Saul in the battle against the Philistines, with all these projectiles flyin'round." After a moment, Darryl realizes what he said and adds to Jacob, "Not that I be wanting y'all to run me through."

After seconds and seconds of running, Darryl complains again, "Oiy, that there copter couldn't have landed a little closer to us'all?"

2007-11-17, 04:20 PM

Jake replies to Darryl, as they load the patient into the chopper, "Ifs and maybes don't do us any good now. You stay in the chopper with the patient and I'll get Dunc and Syber. If you or your angel can do something about the idiots shooting at us, we'd all appreciate it." He turns to Flip before getting back out of the chopper, "Flip, Dunc and I are going to bring Syber over here as soon as Dunc is finished with him. If one of the other teams can provide us with a little cover fire, I'd buy them all a round."

He fingers the part of his sleeve where a bullet cut through it. Close call there. He exhales a few times to get ready and jumps out of the chopper and sprints to Dunc, staying behind cover as much as possible. If he has a good opportunity, he is going to glance at the source of hostile lead flying his way, trying to figure out what kind of opposition they are all facing.

2007-11-18, 03:24 AM

Flip replies to Banjo [Give me a sec, I'll check with our medic.] Then he does, calling out over the private channel [McDunk, one of the ground units is willing to stay and cover you until you get Syber taken care of, if we can take their patient with us to Mercy. I can probably grab Darryl and we'll carry the woman we picked up over to their van to do a trade if we need the space. What do you think?]

He turns around in his seat as Jacob and Darryl lift the patient into the copter. "Got an offer and I'm trying to make arrangements already," he replies to Jacob.

2007-11-18, 07:11 AM
[Contacting Dispatch to deliver a sitrep.]

McDunk, broadcast to the whole team: [Yeah, she can go wherever. Syber doesn't need a medic, he needs a fragging mechanic. He's practically a cyborg, and his stuff's all ripped to hell. He's in a drekhole, and I'm not sure if the defib will help or make it worse.]

[Incoming message from BanjoPick]
[Alright then. We'll be at MES shortly. Hope your guy is ok, and you can hold onto Carson 'til we meet up again there.]

The two guys working on the client in the street have loaded him onto a stretcher and are now hoofing it back to their van.

Jacob's attempts to take stock of the situation reveals that there seems to be a couple of men decked all in camouflage, including face paint, with automatic weapons that, have taken cover behind a car and are shooting full auto at the new Lone Star helicopter. There is a group of four young men down the street a little that have that unmistakable ganger look about them, though he doesn't recognize them specifically. They are just shooting indiscriminately, so it's possible that their stray bullets are causing most of the problem.

The most interesting thing Jacob notices is probably that there is an open window about three floors up in the building across from the bank with what must be a sniper rifle pointed down the street in the opposite direction from where you all are.

At this point, no one seems to be specifically targeting any of the DocWagon people.

[Incoming Message from Dispatch]
[Change of client routing - Jupiter - received and logged. We're all pulling for Syber. He's a good guy.]

2007-11-18, 09:07 AM

Once the client is loaded, Darryl broadcasts, [Bring Syber over to the Copter, let me infuse him with a little of The Lord's loving embrace.]

Darryl drops the shadow spell and pulls the riot shield from his back so that he is holding it in front of him again. He looks around at the situation and says, "I dunna see no one that done be shooting at us. Let'us'all just be taking our client and going. If'n anyone starts shoot'n at the copter, I be ready to show them the error of their ways."

2007-11-18, 02:15 PM

Taking stock of the situation, Jake waits for Flip to finish up the talking and stands ready to assist anyone coming to and from their helicopter.

[Flip, you let me know when everything is done and we're good to go. Might want to be careful when we head out, there's a long rifle on the third floor. He's pointing the other way now, but no reason to tempt him. And let the other teams know, in case they've missed it. Sending the image to your comm now.]

Jake deals with his commlink for a few seconds, while he takes cover by a car. He takes part of his recorded video, grabs the frame that shows the sniper most clearly and transmits it over their private network. Damn, I can't wait to get out of this clusterfrag.

2007-11-18, 09:00 PM

Darryl gets the woman settled into the copter while waiting for everyone else to arrive. When Jacob mentions the sniper, Darryls chimes in, "Y'all want that I should discourage him? I could be sending up a gentle warning every couple seconds until he be taking the hint. Nothing serious, a little stunball action, liken what I was use'n to scare off dem gangers."

Darryl fidgets in his seat, trying to get line of sight on the window referenced. He eventually adds, "I 'pose, could send Raphael and Michael up to say 'Howdy', but they might urt'em."

2007-11-18, 10:17 PM

Flip hadn't seen the extent of Syber's injuries being several meters away when he was hit and with other things occupying his mind at the moment. McDunk's message is the first he's heard of exactly how bad off he is. He listens in silence for a moment. He bites his lower lip, not realizing how hard until he begins to taste the coppery flavor of his own blood beginning to seep from the inside of his lip. "Pull yourself together. Syber's a tough guy, he'll pull through," he thinks to himself. [Do all you can there then get back here fast. We don't want to lose anyone else out there, it sounds like more of those LoneStar copters might be back soon.] he sends to McDunk.

Flip replies to Banjopick, [Thanks. We'll meet up with you there.]

Receiving the image from Jacob, Flip passes it on to all the other DocWagon vehicles in the area. [One of our men got this. Watch out for him. Don't know what he's up to.]

Flip glances back over his shoulder at Darryl and the patient."Do what you want to him, Darryl. You ask me someone shooting out their window for no real reason deserves anything he gets. Just be sure you've got the strength left to help Syber when he gets back here. Sounds like there ain't much McD can do for him. He don't deserve to die like this. Damn LoneStar drones."

2007-11-19, 12:20 AM

Once everyone who is supposed to be coming is on board the chopper, Jacob will hop on and strap himself in. Seeing Syber's wounds close up, he pauses and stares at where the bullets ripped through his body. No matter how many hard shells we put on the outside, we can't make ourselves invincible. I'll need to call mom and dad when I get off work, they might see some news report and worry. Looking up at Darryl, he says with a forced smile, "Don't you worry. He'll be just fine."

2007-11-19, 08:22 AM

Darryl nods at Flips suggestion, not that anyone could see it. Darryl continue to squirm about looking for the sniper. If he manages to get the LOS needed to activate his magic he'll take a couple shots.

Cast F3 Stunball at the sniper. I should have enough dice to buy off the drain. Keep doing this every round so long as I can see him.

Maybe I should hold off on the magic for Syber until we find out if they've got mages at the hospital. They might be able to better take care of Syber. I don't want to do a minor healing and blow the chance for him to get some serious healing.

Darryl mutter under his breath at the time its taking for McDunk and Syber to get to the copter, "Come on..."

2007-11-19, 11:11 AM
The two DocWagon vans get moving. The one that you're pretty sure is BanjoPick crashes onto the sidewalk to get around the traffic and starts dodging and weaving down the street. It's moving much faster than seems like a good idea given everything in the way, but somehow seems to be avoiding everything major. A few of the shops that didn't get shot up unfortunately need new glass windows anyway now.

Lone Star officers are starting to arrive on foot, their cars stuck father back from the chaos. Other paramedics are also moving in on foot with stretcher and such. Two more Star copters have joined the first, and they are blaring an almost continuous message that boils down to 'stay calm, remain where you are, put the guns down'.

Darryl directs the will of the Lord, again and again, on the rifle and the area around it. After about half a minute of doing this, which is about how long it takes McDunk and Carson to get Syber back to Jupiter, the rifle pulls back inside the building.

McDunk is offering a fairly heated string of swearwords as he hops up into the copter and Carson, a tall, muscle-bound, black human with a shaved head, is surprisingly gentle as he gets Syber onto the floor of the copter. He steps on the rail and holds onto the handle on the outside of the copter, not seeing much space available for him. "Take off. I'll get settled in a shake."

Syber's left arm and both legs are riddled with large holes - big enough you could possibly stick two fingers into them. His torso is covered with five different spots of neon orange sythaskin, all between 2 and three inches across.


The woman, your client, turns her head to watch as Syber is lifted up and into the copter. "Holy mother of God," she says and sits up with a wince. Holding her jacket to her chest, she gets up and takes one of the harness seats, though she doesn't seem to have a clue how to strap herself in. "Jesus, he needs it more than I do. I'll be okay sitting."

2007-11-19, 04:31 PM

Jacob seems to shake himself out of the reverie when he sees the injured woman struggling with the harness. He gets up and assists her, "Here you go madam. These straps go over like this and then they buckle here. We apologize for any inconvenience, but as you can tell, this is an exceptional situation." He seems to be a little bit out of it, falling back on his Lone Star instincts and training.

After helping the woman he gives a thumbs up to Carson and settles in himself, silently staring off into the floor for a few minutes. Could have been me out there. How ironic. Ex-LoneStar cut down by LS bullets shortly after leaving the force. This is just like when Kringle got run over by those robbers and dragged underneath for ... Could have been me waiting outside and him going in from the back ... No, no good thinking about it now, got to keep focused on the job. Damn, I'm going to need a stiff one when this shift is over!

2007-11-19, 05:26 PM

Flip is careful not to look at Syber's limp body as it is lifted into the copter. "It's bad, that's all I need to know," he tells himself. As soon as the word comes that everyone is ready to go, Flip takes off, pulling the helicopter up as quickly as he can. He flies as quickly as he knows how toward Mercy, not wanting to let Syber down.

2007-11-19, 08:54 PM

When the woman invokes the name of the virgin, Darryl is drawn away from his stunballing to look at her, ready to scowl, if she dare blasphemy.

She gave up her bed for Syber, well thats nice. What the heck was she saying about Jesus though? What does Jesus need more than her? Obviously, Jesus doesn't NEED anything. Well, she's been through a lot, probably slightly delusional or hallucinating. Maybe drugs. I should probably note that in her medical file.

Darryl pulls up his commlink and connects to the patient treatment record to add his notes regarding delusions and hallucinations. He will also suggest a tox screen(To check for potential drug interactions) and maybe a psyche-eval.

That done, Darryls asks, "Y'all gots a little bit more experience that me. Them there Docs at Mercy, they likely to use magic to be helping Ole Syber here? If'n they gots a top notice mage lined up, I don't want to interfere with my backwood style of heal'n. But'n if they don't, a little magic'll help get Syber back on his feel that much more soonerest."

2007-11-20, 06:47 AM
Carson helps heave Syber onto the patient bed from the floor of the copter as it takes off. He climbs up from the rail and shuts the copter door about at the same time that Jupiter clears the tops of the buildings.

McDunk is still swearing under his breath, and finally says, "I got a call while I was working on Syber. I have something...personal I have to go deal with. Sorry to bail on you guys. They said they'd get a replacement EMT out to Mercy to meet with you. I don't know what they've got at Mercy. I never worked there. Syber's gonna live. I'm pretty sure about that. I just have no idea how long he'll be out of action."

The woman covers her face with her hands. "He seemed nice. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. If I hadn't been working late..." She seems to be about ready to cry.

It takes a little less than a minute to get to Mercy, which isn't a huge building. The place seems to be designed to just handle emergency and urgent care issues, as opposed to regular appointments. It is a rounded building with no corners, and the whole place is covered by some kind of large leafed ivy that is planted all around the base. At the moment, there is a man in a pale blue uniform jumpsuit out cutting back some of the ivy around the front door.

There is a helicopter pad at ground level, close to a set of double doors that open as Jupiter gets close to the ground. They are surprised to get two patients, but the man and woman there handle the patient transfer quickly and efficiently. McDunk tells them what he knows.

Just as Syber is being rushed off, a small passenger helicopter lands, white with the DocWagon logo.

"That seems to be my ride. Catch you guys later." McDunk hustles off to the smaller copter. Another man climbs out and McDunk nods to him, climbs intot he copter and it flies off.

2007-11-20, 10:27 AM
Sam had been late to his first day of work, however it was a lateness that he had known about in advance and had been cleared to do with his new employers.

Still that meant he missed the initial group briefing, weapons check out and launch. It took more time for him to go through solo and then he had to wait for an opening, because while Doc Wagon might have understood and accepted his delay they still had contracts to fulfill and couldn’t really wait for him.

After checking out his Doc Wagon Uniform (Camosuit) and a predator with gel rounds, Sam found himself in standby mode in case anything happened. He listened to com traffic trying to learn, but he found himself dozing lightly instead. This night shift was going to take some getting used to.

Then it happened… Some EMT needed replacement. It a matter of moments he was told he was to get to Mercy hospital. During the small helicopter ride he woke up fully while wondering what had happened to the out going EMT? Did he get shot or something?

Hustling to his new position Sam returns the nod of the outgoing EMT, slightly relived the guy was in one piece. Reaching the Jupiter he stops and introduces himself while looking at would he would be working, “Hi, I am Samuel Jones. I understand that I am your new EMT?”

Samuel stood about 6 feet tall and was bone thin, his hair was brown and slightly graying. He wore dark glasses that clearly must have some kind of image enhancement otherwise he would be tripping over things in the dark.

2007-11-20, 04:49 PM

Jake is stirred out of his thoughts by McDunc's words and is surprised to hear that he is leaving. "Damn Dunc, hell of a time to go. Well, if you got to take care of something, that's just how it is. Hope it's nothing too bad. If you're done by the time shift is over, look me up - I'm good for a drink." With that he heartily shakes McDunc's hand and watches him get into the small helicopter.

As the new guy enters our helicopter, Jacob finally thinks to remove his black helmet and the respirator, staring at him for a bit before responding. Man, the way this is going, there'll be just me at the end of the shift. "Hey - that you are. I'm Jake and I'm Tactical Support. You can sit over here and I think Dunc put the scanner back in that drawer." Jacob gestures to Dunc's old seat and a drawer. He chuckles briefly and then stops, assuming a more somber face, "You'll need it when we get to our next patient."

Jacob is almost Sam's opposite. He is a short and stocky human, with cropped dirty blonde hair and small fine whiskers. His eyes are green and, to those who recognize such things, cyber. He is wearing a DocWagon camoflauge uniform and has 2 Predators holstered on his side, as well as an Alpha slung over his shoulder on a strap. There is a small bag at his feet, where he sticks the respirator.

2007-11-20, 05:39 PM

As McDunk prepares to leave, Darryl pats the man on the back and says, "Good luck with your issues. If you need assistance, I am always willing to help my fellow man. If things get too rough, remember, The Lord loves you and is there for you."

When McDunk hops down, Darryl calls to him, "I'll take care of returning the weapons and armored jumpsuit. Toss them up and I'll stick them in the back till the end of the shift."

When the new guy arrives, Darryl says a pray of thanks to the Lord for providing to the needs of the team.

Samuel? Interesting. I was just quoting Samuel 2 not an hour ago.

The 'short' 'scrawny' Troll extends a hand in friendship to the newcomer. The hand has a prayer bead and cross wrapped around it and laced between the fingers. When he speaks, his baritone voice carries a bit of an accent, but nothing that can't be understood. "Yeet, Welcome to tha team."

2007-11-22, 01:53 AM

Flip gives a quick salute to McDunk as he leaves for the other helicopter. [See you when I see you.]

He opens the pilot's door calling out to Carson as he leaves as well. "Thanks for all the help. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you sometime."

Unfortunately, as Syber is unloaded, Flip catches a glimpse of what he'd been trying to avoid looking at for the last several minutes. "Oh god! How the hell is he going to survive that? McDunk said he'll be fine, but how. Well, he was as much machine as man anyway, I guess they'll just have to replace some cyberware. He better be okay. Good luck Syber, looks like you're going to need it." He turns his head away trying to regain his composure. He takes a few long deep breaths as the sight of his friend laid out on the stretcher continues to swim in front of his eyes.

Eventually, he pulls himself back together and prepares himself to take off again. Hearing the discussion going on behind him, Flip turns around. "Heya Samuel. People call me Flip, and this..." he pats the display panels in front of him, "is Jupiter. Jacob, you want to get him up to date on the private channel while I get us back into the air?"

2007-11-22, 02:33 AM

Jake nods at Flip through the partition, "Sure thing." He presses a few buttons on his commlink, while he speaks to Samuel, "This here is our private network - I'm sending you an invitation now."

[Alright, this is our private channel. Usually we're close enough to use verbal communication, but if we are separated, or you want to say something just to the team, this is the way to do it. Here is how we've been doing things. Dunc, that's our previous EMT, and I would go out to the patient, get him stable and back to the chopper. Darryl would provide magical support as necessary and other other TacSup would provide cover fire. Flip takes care of getting us as close as possible, coordinating with any authorities and talking to dispatch. Now, we're down to just one TacSup - me. So until dispatch gets us a replacement, we're going to have to be extra careful.]

He looks at Sam's predator - "I hope you know how to use that, because you very well might have to." And I hope we make it through this shift without any more nasty surprises. I'm growing to like these guys.

2007-11-22, 09:25 AM
[Incoming message from Dispatch]
[Status change: Jupiter to On Call. Sorry, no replacement TacSupp available at this time.]

Carson tips an imaginary hat to everyone as he starts to walk away. "Good luck. Thanks for the lift." He heads over to the wall of the building, next to the double doors, and leans against it, presumably waiting for his van to show up.

Flip gets the copter airborne quickly and heads back to the standby point.

Does anyone want to play Poke the Newbie? :smallwink:

2007-11-22, 10:22 AM
Sam plays with his comlink until he thinks he is set up on the private channel
[Hows this?]

While looking for the mentioned scanner he asks, "Ok how do things normally happen around here."

He knew the general drill, but this team was already working, and it was his job to integrate into how they did things. Plus he was new and everything he might think he knows could be total wrong

2007-11-23, 07:24 AM

[Thank you. I got the message]

Darryl adjusts his prayer beads and bible and thinks about how to answer Samuel's question. He eventually realizes that Samuel was looking at the scanner when he asked and says, "Fer sum reason... 'DW' has done set up the system so's dat whens a bracelet done goes off, cause they did done getted shot of sumfin, we'all gets sent dare. We'all fly in and den cast 'bout lukin for sumone wid a bracelet. We'all use dat there scanner to check dat its da right guy and dat he's paid up. We'all then hauls his broken body to hospital."

I still don't understand. If the collar has a strong enough signal to reach all the way to DWHQ, why don't they check the ID and verify the account is paid in full before dispatching us. Well, its my first day... no sense in rocking the boat.

2007-11-23, 08:56 PM
[Just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page and let Sam know the general plan.]

Jacob half-seriously points his index finger at Darryl, speaking in a more relaxed tone, "Ain't a bad system - saved my neck a few times. Hell, I wouldn't be here today, if DW didn't come through when it really counted. Speaking of feeling better, how are you doing, Darryl? You helped us good, but we've got plenty of time left in the shift. If your head is hurting, maybe Sam here can do something about it." And figure out where the supplies are before we've got a client to rescue.

He begins to check over both of the Predators on his waist, proceeding onto the Alpha, in a practiced, almost mechanical fashion. It is better to focus on the next task ahead of them and be ready, than to idly think about what just happened and let it bounce around in his head too much.

2007-11-23, 09:50 PM
Sam begins looking through the drawers and things that hold the medical supplies, "Lets see what we got for a magic use induced headache." As he begins looking things over he summarizes, "So in a nut shell Jupiter gets the call, Flip gets us there ASAP. You guys work out the tactical situation, telling me when to jump and how high. We find the client using the scanner, I stabilize and prep the client for movement, and we getem out. It seemed straight forward enough, the problems would be in the details

Ahh here we are," he finds a small bottle and shakes as few small pills into his hand. To Darryl he says, "You should take tw..." he looks the large troll up and down and make a rough estimate of body mass. "Lets make that three of these." and he hands over three pills

2007-11-24, 07:09 AM
At the Standby Point

Just after Darryl swallows the three pills, the pain of his mild headache lifts, but not fully. It has become much lighter, and more of an annoyance than anything else at the moment.

{1 box of Stun healed for Darryl}

The Lone Star feeds are pretty well cluttered with the fallout from the scene you were all just at: officers reporting shots fired, people in need of medical attention, calling for yet more backup, and so on. It seems that the persons responsible for the mess in the first place have been apprehended by the medium of crashing two squad cars into the fleeing vehicle.

2007-11-24, 10:17 AM

Flip tells Samuel through the holes in the wall behind him, "Yeah, sounds like you've pretty much got the basic idea, but I'll be damned if it's ever gone anywhere near as easy as you just made it sound."

He sits in silence for a few minutes, listening to the feeds from LoneStar. When he finally speaks it is to say, "Well, glad to hear the drekheads who started all that got caught. I wonder what coulda been worth all that."

2007-11-24, 01:30 PM

After giving the pills some time to work, Darryl nods and says, "Yeet, that bein' a bit better. I can still be feeling a little ache, but nuffin' that should be hampering my ability to pray for y'all. With a bitta luck, and a kind word from the Lord, we might have a break till after midnight."

I wonder if DW sends a bill to anyone we go to get and find that they don't have a valid account anymore. Helicopter fees, fuel, payroll, etc. Ouch

2007-11-24, 02:38 PM
Finding various slap patches, bandages, medicines, and medical tools, there were more things then he had really expected to find. But there was something he was expecting and hadn’t seen, or at least hadn’t recognized. “Stretcher?”

Once someone points it out to him he takes a good look at it. Not recognizing how to use it he does a quick search on-line with his comlink to find a users manual or something.

All the while keeping the conversation going with the others, “So how has it really gone?” He knew they were missing a Tac Support so that meant not well, but the detail could make a difference

2007-11-25, 05:49 AM

Flip manuevers the pilot easily around the standard waiting pattern as he continues the conversation. "Well, the newbs aren't working out too bad. See, I'm the only one left here that's been on the job for more than tonight. Syber and I were all that were left after the old team got broken up. We've had a couple of tough extractions so far tonight. Syber got taken down at one, but it sounds like he'll be okay. It was just dumb luck there really. We do dangerous work, and those damn LoneStar drones don't make it any easier."

2007-11-25, 07:55 AM
The stretcher is actually sitting out and open on the patient bed, which is also sitting open. It would seem that Syber was the only one who knew how to fold it up properly. Sam's efforts to locate a manual for it in the Matrix prove fruitless, as he has no part number, company of manufacture, or model name. Browsing by picture produces more results than he could possibly wade through in several hours.

Only Flip can access Jupiter's AI and file system (without hacking, that is). Flip can contact Dispatch directly through the copter, though anyone can call the front office and try to get through to someone who might have information. Just an FYI.

2007-11-26, 06:45 AM

Jacob sighs a bit and looks at Samuel, "No mission ever goes exactly as planned, especially not a rush job - and all of these extractions are just that." He makes a spitting motion and speaks more passionately, and angrily, in Flip's general direction, "Half of those idiot riggers should never be allowed to go near a combat drone - some of them haven't patrolled in person more than 3 months after the academy, if at all. They think it's all like a game, even count up the perps they took down. And then you've got the ones who do 'well enough' to make it into a Fragging Retard Team. Drekheads, who spray down the scene first and blow it up later. The only question they ask is, 'Is it still moving?'"

He stops, and unclenches his right fist, which he has been squeezing tightly during the last few sentences. Shaking his head slightly, he settles down and goes silent again.

2007-11-26, 07:25 PM

Darryl nods along to Jacob's words of wisdom and then offers a few of his own, "Fear not. For as y'all walk through that there valley of evil riggers and their autofire drones, the Lord is with you. Even though your plan may not go as expected, it is all going just fine according to His plan."

Darryl pauses to contemplate what God had in store for Syber, but is unable and then adds, "I know is to difficult to understand the will of God. I just have to be keepin' in mind that I don't have the wisdom to grasp the plans of his omniscient and omnipotent will."

I wonder if labor laws apply to this kind of work. Do we get a 30 minute break after 6 hours of work? I suppose I should have read that employment contract a little more closely.

2007-11-27, 04:09 PM

He sure is serious about this God stuff. Well, if it helps him keep his cool, he might as well worship little blue cubes. His stare is caught by the open stretcher, sitting on the patient bed. Guess it's my job to put it away now. Let me see if I can get how to do it. He opens the current recorded file on his commlink and goes back to when he saw Syber operating the stretcher. It is a little bit hard to make out the exact details, but he thinks he has some idea of how to do it.

He speaks to Flip, "Hey, keep her steady for a bit, I'm going to try my hand at putting away the stretcher and I don't want to fall on my ass." With that, he gets out of his harness, approaches the patient bed and starts to play with the devilish device, making some progress after a few failed attempts. Damn, let me try twisting that end first now. If I ever meet the guy who made this...

2007-11-28, 06:32 AM

Darryl watches Jacob's efforts with the stretcher hopeful that watching will be sufficient to learn how to do it(once he figures it out).

While Jacob works at it Darryl murmurs various prayers as he figures the beads and cross he wears around his neck. He is thankful this job allows him ample oppertunity to practice his religious beliefs without interfering with the task at hand.


2007-11-28, 07:38 PM

Eventually, after a few more attempts and some muttered cursing, Jake manages to close the stretcher properly. He shakes his head and wipes his forehead, taking off a thin sheen of sweat. "Whew" He gives everyone a satisfied smile and sits down in his seat, putting on his harness again. Idly scrolling through the Lone Star feeds he has been ignoring while working on the stretcher, he relaxes a bit in his seat. Ah, real nice quiet time. As they've always told us - a boring shift is a beautiful thing. I should ask Flip if he got any id on that droid. Later though, no need to bring that up again so soon.

2007-11-28, 08:50 PM
Interspersed amongst the reports from the earlier scene, a few of the Lone Star feeds mention a big to-do in Auburn. There is apparently some bank robbery/hostage situation going on there, and all of the Star's Auburn units have been called there. A DocWagon air unit, probably Kitty, the Auburn copter, apparently showed up, and the pilot did some sort of pretty amazing maneuver to get their team into the building on the fourth floor. Twice. Shortly thereafter, a Lone Star aerial unit was destroyed by some sort of missile the perps fired. Four men down.

Condition Serious - 10:00

The orange dot appears on the map about 1km north by northeast from the Standby Point. It looks like whatever it is, it happened on the 169, or maybe just next to it or under it. Flip can make a pretty good guess where exactly it is before he even shifts a control, as a huge fire erupts off in that direction, probably 30 meters into the air. The fire does not remain that high for long, but Flip can still tell where it is.

The orange dot updates as the copter gets moving.

Condition critical - 9:58

2007-11-28, 10:08 PM

"I'm going to have to congratulate ol' Chrome Dome when I see him in the pilot's lounge. Sounds like he's up to some fancy flying," Flip says more to himself than anyone else.

Suddenly seeing the bright light of the fire, and recieving the call, Flip almost shouts in his urgency. "Get yourself sat back down! I think that flash of fire over there is calling for us."

He moves slowly for only a second, giving Jacob time to get stabilized, then the copter takes a hard turn toward the source of the flames.

2007-11-28, 10:21 PM

Jake swears and grabs onto his seat as Flip swerves the helicopter. As soon as the helicopter steadies itself, he gets his helmet on and slings his bag over his shoulder, underneath the Alpha. He speaks loudly in the direction of the cabin, "Don't worry about me, get us there and get us down. Let me know when you have visual."

He gets up and moves to stand next to the helicopter door, holding onto the rappelling hook with his left hand. He speaks firmly and confidently to the other two, "Sam - get your gear together. Don't forget the stretcher and the scanner, they're your responsibility until we get to the client. Darryl, get yourself ready too."

2007-11-29, 06:28 AM

Darryl looks over his shoulder and out the front window at the fire. Hmm.. may be that Michael isn't right for this one. Ah, well, lets take a look before we react.

As the copter starts to move and Darryl is told to prepare, he says, "Yeet, don-nah you worry none 'bout me. I can feel the Lord with me and my soul is prepared for whatever he wishes."

2007-11-29, 11:51 AM
Condition critical - 9:33

Although the distance is short, Flip has to be careful to slow the copter down soon enough to not fully overshoot the location. Apparently, a helicopter has crashed into the 169, creating an enormous mess. The particular location is an overpass, with a two lane rand under neath it. There are no buildings right next to this part of either road, though there are plenty just a little further away.

It looks like the helicopter dropped something that a van just coming through the underpass caught, then the copter plowed into a couple of vehicles, which were then plowed into by other vehicles. The whole scene is a huge mess of burning vehicles and there are some obviously dead people in there. Where the orange dot is, there is a motorcycle on its side and not yet burning, but the rider is not in evidence. It doesn't look like there is actually a person there at all. There is a smashed up semi with no trailer hanging partway off the overpass that will probably fall onto the road below and smash into the cars there with just a little prodding in that direction.

Map (http://dauphinous.coyotecode.net/dwsfrrenton.jpg)
Not all vehicles are shown. I just added a couple to give the general idea. The area that is covered by fire is shown in red. This is a fairly large pile of cars already, and there is traffic backing up in all four directions. This part of Renton has several popular night spots, so there are plenty of people around. The underpass is actually covered with cars, and none of them are moving.

2007-11-29, 12:22 PM

Jake takes stock of the situation and speaks to the rest of the team, without looking away from the scene, "Flip, get us as close as you feel comfortable. We can jump out on top of a car again, if needed. I'll let you take care of announcing us, too. And you might as well let the people down below know they should get out from under that trailer. Sam, we need to be within fifteen meters of the patient for the scanner to pick up the transmitter and get a reading. So, be ready to get cozy with the fire down there. I'm sure you know better than I do what kind of medical gear you need. Darryl, anything you can do to keep that fire from spreading will be real swell. If you can put it out without getting anyone hurt, even better - my thermal is going crazy with the heat down there. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether you'll do more good in the chopper up high, or with us down below."

As he speaks, he is examining the area near and around the motorcycle, zooming in and sweeping the area in a circular pattern and hoping to catch some hint of where their patient might be.

Activating wired reflexes and spending several rounds (until we get to 'landing') observing the area in detail, looking for any hint of our client. Does it look like they might have been thrown from the bike due to a sudden stop, for example?

2007-11-29, 12:48 PM

Nodding at the directions he was given Sam grabs a fully loaded medkit, tucks the stretcher under the arm holding the medkit and then grabs the scanner with his free hand. "Ready"

He feels things slow down as the takes in multiples sights at once.

"They might be under the overpass"

Using Adept powers
Improved Reflexes II
Multi_Tasking, Listen to team instructions and Scan the area of the Dot looking for the client
Enhanced Perception

2007-11-29, 05:09 PM

Darryl is able to control his thermo vision a bit better than Jacob, but all the same, it is obvious the situation is quite heated.

Maybe Raphael can blow away any remaining fuel so that the vehicles can more easily be navigated.

Darryl says, "Little there is that I can do, but I being sure to ask the other servants of the Lord if'n they might be helpin'."

Unsure how else he can help, Darryl looks around for any people, especially people with guns, anti-helicopter missile launchers, and such.

2007-12-01, 05:31 PM

OOC: Could have sworn I had responded to this. Wonder what happened...
Oh, and any directions below assume the map is oriented north. If not, Flip would know and say the correct directions.

Flip brings the helicopter as low over the cars on the overpass as he can, and hovers there. [Alright, everyone out who's getting out] he says over the comm link.

Once the others have disembarked, Flip rises into the air again. He uses Jupiter's loud speakers (assuming he has them) to call out to the cars below. "If you are in one of the cars under the East side of the overpass, carefully get out of your vehicles and move back in a slow and orderly fashion. That trailer looks like it could fall at any moment," he says in his most official sounding voice. Yeah like that's gonna happen. They'll be running and screaming for their lives.

He then moves the helicopter toward the west side of the bridge and hovers as low as he can above the cars there, trying to get a look at what might be going on underneath.

2007-12-01, 07:58 PM
Condition critical - 9:21

It seems that Flip's warning is completely unnecessary by the time the copter gets close enough for people to jump out, as the downdraft from the copter sends the semi over the edge and into three different cars, making a smashing sound loud enough to be heard over the thumping of the copter and roaring of the fire and screaming.

Now within a few meters of the fire, the team can see shapes doing what could best be described as dancing within it. They look like people, only made of fire, which is different from looking like people on fire. It looks like there is a person still in the helicopter, but already well charred and clearly dead. There are a few bodies lying on the ground and burning to a crisp, but none of them could possibly still be alive, either. It looks like the motorcycle rider was thrown away form the fire, as there is someone in all leather and a helmet lying on the ground about 10 meters away from the bike. That person is just starting to get up onto all fours and shake their head.

The underpass is not high enough off the ground for Flip to get the copter low enough so he can see what's going on. He could if there weren't any cars there, but the opening between the road below and the bottom of the overpass is only about 6 meters high.

2007-12-01, 08:11 PM

The sensor wand did it's job and found the client and their info. [Got them, They are under the overpass.] While letting the tactical support members call the shots on how to get down there he scans the info and relays, [Flip our new destination will be, Dr. Sparks –1573 Oriscene Way, Puyallup]

2007-12-02, 01:23 AM

Jake turns to Sam and says, "Good catch there. We'll have to get under there then and you can use the scanner to guide us. Flip - float us above the cars on the west side. We'll disembark there, get the patient and come back to you."

As the chopper gets close to the target area, Jacob opens the door and gets out on top of a car. He turns and helps whoever is coming next to disembark.

2007-12-02, 05:50 PM

Ah phooie. Flame dancers. Maybe fire spirits?

Darryl checks astral to be sure. Hopefully if we don't bug them, they'll leave us alone.

Darryl, not wanting to say too much till he is sure, at least warns the group, "I doon like the looks of that there fire. We'all may wanna give dem a whittle space."

Darryl decides to hop out with everyone else, "Nut much I can do, if'n I canna see." Darryl hefts his riot shield in front of him and hustles along at the rear of the group.

2007-12-03, 08:55 PM
Condition critical - 9:18

Darryl, Sam, and Jacob climb out of the copter as Flip puts it just over the roof of a car. The cars here seem to be empty, but there are plenty of people to the side of the road that are staring openly. One of them lifts up a hand with a small device that is probably a camera and points it at the team.

Now low enough to get a look, it seems that the overpass is damaged. There is some concrete dangling from the roof, and fire can be seen through the tunnel on the other end. A few of the cars on the eastbound side look like they've been damaged by debris falling from the overpass.

{North is up on that map.}

2007-12-04, 01:50 PM

Jake takes a quick survey of the situation and turns to Sam and Darryl. He speaks in a low voice, seeing no need to yell, "I think we've got to be a bit careful here. Looks like the ceiling is not stable, so let's not make tons of noise. Sam, you keep an eye on that scanner and step carefully. I'll be on your right side, Darryl can search on the left side. As soon as you get a fix, let us know." As he talks, he gestures for Sam to go down the center of the overpass, points to himself and the right (south) side and then to Darryl and the left (north) side. After waiting a bit for any other thoughts, or questions, he proceeds where he indicated, looking for any critically injured people. Man, this place does not feel safe at all.

2007-12-04, 05:12 PM

Flip takes Jupiter up high above the bridge and cars below. [I'm going to hang out up high until you are ready for pick-up. That bridge looks pretty unstable I don't want the down drafts to cause any more trouble. Let me know when you're getting ready and I'll find a place to grab you.]

2007-12-05, 06:18 AM

As the team disembarks, Darryl mentions, "There be spirits up in that there fires. Us'all should be keepin clear of it."

Darryl checks out the bridge before going in, examining to closely. The concrete doesn't actually hold it up, so we're okay there. So long as the support posts are intact and there isn't any fire near them, it'll probably hold.

Once satisfied with the bridge, Darryl check astrals for anything visible which doesn't stand out with normal vision(spirits, spells, people). Darryl moves around to the northside of the road and again looks around for threats. Again, Darryl checks astral.

If everything seems threat-free, Darryl will slowly move forward and under the bridge. He'll peek into an vehicles he passes, looking for injured people, who might be the client.

2007-12-05, 11:09 AM

"Understood", he replies to Jacob. Using the camera he had mounted on his glasses he sends a live reading of the scanning wand through the comlink so everyone can share the info he had gotten as well and the current location of their client.

2007-12-05, 11:58 AM
Condition critical - 9:15

The scanner reports the following to everyone over the link:

Contract number: 22S35742E77F2
Contract type: Basic
Evac: Dr. Sparks –1573 Oriscene Way, Puyallup

Along with it, there is a reading which indicates that the client is 8 meters ahead, in the south-most lane of the road.

As the team moves up, it looks like some chunks of concrete have fallen onto the cars below. One of them, a small red sports car, has a very large piece and looks completely totaled, as the front end of it is smashed up into the back end of the car in front of it. The rest were smaller pieces of concrete, and the other cars look to have mostly incidental damage. Based upon the scanner's readings, it looks like the client is probably in the sports car.

Darryl:There is a spark of life just barely visible in the sports car, on the passenger side. Nothing else can be seen.

2007-12-05, 01:02 PM

Upon seeing someone injured in the sports car, Darryl says, "Yeet! Over there, I can see someone in that there car. They seems to be quite injured. Maybe Samuel should treat the fellow in place. Donna wanna be 'urtin him by peeling him outta that thing. Once that fella is stable, then we can think 'bout movin' him."

Darryl continues along the north side, knowing there is little he canmay do for the client. Darryl keeps an eye out for any trouble makers while sticking close to any support beams(so he might notice any damage).

2007-12-05, 04:07 PM

Jake nods and quickly comes over to the sports car, giving Darryl a thumbs up. Seeing the smashed up car, he looks at Sam, asking, "Well doc? Can you treat him in place, or should we try peeling him out first? It's your call." While waiting for the answer, Jake takes a quick look around and upwards. Let's hope we can get this done before anything else collapses.

2007-12-05, 05:16 PM
Condition critical - 9:13

All that can be seen of the driver from the front is a hand that is partially severed and gushing blood. The hunk of concrete is obscuring most of the driver's side of the windshield. Lucky for you, the driver isn't your client.

The passenger is leaning to the side, bleeding from her head in a couple of places. Through the windows, it can be seen that she is still breathing, but blood is pumping out of several lacerations and it looks like her legs might be broken. Once the side view is checked, it's pretty clear the driver isn't going to make it, as his head is at a funny angle, and there is a shard of metal sticking out of his chest.

There are a few pieces of concrete dangling precariously above, not too far from where the team is standing. Another explosion above would probably knock one or more loose.

2007-12-05, 05:30 PM

Lets find out just how bad things are, having located the client for sure Sam tucks the sensor into a pocket while moving over to the lady. Once in place he randomly hands the stretcher back to one of the two protecting them and asks, "Will you get that ready please?" It was clear his attention was already elsewhere and he opened up his medikit and began his initial assessment of the client

First Aid roll to see how bad the ladies condition is, and to figure out if she can moved safely

2007-12-05, 05:30 PM

As Flip flies high above the scene waiting for more word from the team on the ground he carefully looks at what is going on below. He concentrates for a moment and his vision shifts into the astral. He lets his magically enhanced senses roam over the area looking for any further possible problems.

2007-12-05, 05:44 PM

Jake takes the stretcher from Sam and unfolds it, stepping away and giving him space before starting. "No prob."

While he works, he keeps a close watch on the concrete above them. If it starts falling, he is going to ensure that Sam and the client are not hurt, in that order. After he opens up the stretcher, he sends a message on the link.

[Flip, we have located the client. Sam will determine whether we can move her right away, of if we need to stabilize her. She's in a crashed car, so we'll let you know when we've gotten her out. There are a few loose chunks above us, so let us know if anything is happening that might knock them loose.]

2007-12-05, 07:27 PM

Not having much to do and feeling like a third wheel here, Darryl takes a moment with his commlink to report the accident and request emergency services for the injured people. He also reports the fire and fire spirits. Once that is done, he also decides to report the accident and associated traffic event to the local traffic monitoring station so that more people won't get stuck and/or inconvenienced by this incident.

Darryl tucks his commlink away and peers in at the rest of the team doing their work. Darryl holds his bible tight and begins several silent prayers for the fallen, the dead, and those affected by this horrible tragedy.

Darryl moves up to stand beside the team as they work, but keeps his eyes on the ceiling, ready to push people out of the way should anything fall.

2007-12-05, 08:57 PM
Condition critical - 9:10

Flip can see the spirits dancing in the fire. One of them seems to have decided to start trying to rip up the road a bit from the top. There is a crunching, tearing sound as it pulls and heaves on the pavement. From below, the underpass seems to be shaking a little, and the precariously perched bits of it look poised to fall at any moment. There is, of course, one large one right over the client.

A Lone Star copter zips into the space and starts broadcasting on a speaker:
"Everyone move slowly away from the overpass. Anyone still inside their vehicle within 10 meters of the overpass should now exit their vehicle and move slowly away." A couple of cops seem to be making their way on foot through the cars on the road, trying to herd people away from the area.

Sam:She needs to be tended first. It will take some effort to extract her legs from the car, and she may not live long enough for that to happen first, unless you want to just do some field amputations.

Jacob:That piece right over the client is going to fall. Maybe in 3 seconds, maybe in half a minute, but it will fall. An action plan for this occurrence would be appreciated ('push him out of the way', 'take the hit', etc.).

2007-12-05, 09:21 PM

Jacob takes another look at the ceiling and makes a decision. He gets up onto the trunk of the sports car and gets ready. His fingers twitch slightly as he activates his wired reflexes. Bending his legs, he uses his cybereyes to measure the distance to the ceiling and estimate how much time he would have to react. When that piece falls, he is going to do his best to take the hit and deflect it away from the client. As he gets into position, he speaks softly, "I don't know how much time we have doc, but do your best. Darryl, while I'm watching the ceiling start thinking about the best way to get her out of that car. I think that piece is going to fall sometime soon - I'm gonna make sure it doesn't hit the client, but if you can make it easier for me in any way, I'd appreciate it. Or if you can help Sam out, go ahead."

God this is going to hurt if they don't get moving.

2007-12-05, 10:24 PM

Sam's hands and eyes never leave the client. While working quickly with needles, sprays and bandages to get her stable enough to move he relays to the others, [Her legs are pinned] he pans his camera and relays a picture so the others can see what he sees. [Do we have anything that can pull the metal apart? Otherwise I'll have to amputate. How much time before the ceiling comes down on us?]

Use first aid to treat client
Use multitasking ability to work out extraction plan (if any)

2007-12-06, 07:31 AM

Not sure exactly what Jacob has in mind to keep the ceiling debris from crushing the client, Darryl at least offers his riot shield to Jacob. It helps the cops when people throw stones and this is kind of the same...

"Here yeh go, this here shield maybe gonna help you deflect summa that there debris."

Darryl prays that 'Samuel 17:49' does not apply, 'that the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell on his face to the earth'. Book of Samuel talking about a stone killing someone while our medic Samuel works on a patient about to be crushed by a stone.

Darryl prays that someone more like 'Genesis 31:45' does apply, "Jacob took a stone and set it up as a pillar." Yeah, that way it doesn't hit anyone and Jacob saves the day. Thats really great that everyone(except flip) has a nice biblical name I can use.

Just to be sure, Darryl casts "Armor" on the client and "Increased Reflexes" on the medic.

The drain is really nasty here, so
Armor - Force 1 (so I can buy off the drain)
Increase Reflexes - Force 3(so I can buy off the drain)

Yes, I know I took those quotes a bit out of context, but.. isn't that the point?

Spells cast, Darryl suggests, "If'n y'all thunk it'd be okay, I can ask one my angelic friends to pull the car out from under that there bridge. I bein' mighty concerned that might attract them fire spirits."

2007-12-06, 08:11 AM

Jake takes the riot shield from Darryl, "Thanks, that should help." Taking a quick look at the picture Sam sends, Jake replies, sending a quick picture back himself.

[See that big stone right above us? It might fall in a few seconds, or in ten minutes. But I'll make sure it won't hurt the client - don't worry about that. As for getting her out of the car, I don't know about any tools. Darryl's a big guy, you might be able to pry it open together. Or if Darryl can summon something to help, that might also work.]

2007-12-06, 03:03 PM

Flip calls down to the others over the comm while continuing to watch the fire spirits. Even despite not seeing the damage from below, Flip is concerned about the others under the bridge. [Hey Darryl, if there's anything you can do about those fire spirits, now would be the time. They're getting themselves riled up. One of them looks like he's trying to tear the bridge apart even more. We need to move fast here.]

Flip has a couple of knowledge skills that are probably relavent here. He is trying to observe these fire spirits and consider what he might be able to do to drive them away or at least distract them for a few minutes.

2007-12-06, 03:10 PM

Thankful for a chance to help, Darryl runs out from under the bridge, so he can get line of sight on the spirits. As he goes he yells out, "Gunna see what'all I can be dun about them there fire dancers."

Once he can see the spirits, Darryl calls up Michael and Raphael and politely requests that they attack the spirits. Once that's done, Darryl will call upon the power of the Lord to smite the foes of modern construction techniques.

Cast a spell. Not sure which, depends on if I can catch them all with an area spell or not. May chicken out too, how many spirits are there? May have to sort this out over PM. I'll update once I get a handle on what I see/can do.

2007-12-06, 03:50 PM
Condition critical - 9:04

Darryl casts his two spells as Sam gets to work tending to the client's wounds. As Darryl turns to head back out from under the overpass, a loud crack sounds and Jacob gets to watch through the riot shield as not just the one large piece, but several of the smaller ones all fall down.

Sam happens to be reaching in through the window when a shard of concrete lands right where he would have been if he'd just been standing there. Another chunk lands right in front of Darryl just where he was about to put his foot down. The large one, though, slams straight into the riot shield, knocking it into Jacob's head solidly. Some of his blood gets spattered on the shield, but he retains his senses enough to muscle it so the concrete slides to the other side and away from the client.

Sam only needs a few seconds more to do all he can before trying to get the woman out of the car.

Flip:Maybe there's nothing to it, but there is an Awakened person of some sort standing on the overpass, watching intently. Looks like a human man dressed in a tan trenchcoat and combat boots.

Flip is pretty sure that someone must have sent these spirits here to do this, but he doesn't know too much more about anything that might apply to this situation. If it was just one spirit, it might be just doing it on its own, but there are at least four.

Jacob:Jacob takes 2 boxes physical damage, but saves the client. Way to take one for the team. :smallbiggrin:

2007-12-06, 04:50 PM

As the large rock hits the riot shield, knocking it into Jake's helmet, he breathes out a grunt, "Ugh." Time seems to slow down and his head feels strangely empty as he pushes against the chunk, forcing it away from the client as it continues to slide down. When it finally lands, the noise seems to speed everything back up. There is a sharp pain on the right part of his forehead and he blinks at the blood on the inside of the riot shield a few times before he realizes where it came from. Close one - definitely not telling mom this story.

He shakes his head a bit to clear it and breathes out heavily, looking at Sam. "Alright doc, what's the story here? Do you need me to help get her out of that car? I'm afraid all I've got is my bare hands." As an afterthought, he looks up again, to see if there are any more chunks likely to come down soon.

If the ceiling looks safe for the time being, I'll come over and see about getting the woman out once Sam is done. Otherwise, let me know what the weather forecast is.

2007-12-06, 05:37 PM

Flip continues to act as eye in the sky, flying above the overpass and watching the area. He calls out to Darryl. [More info for you. There's a man on the (name direction) end of the bridge. I think he might be controlling those spirits. He's definitely awakened, and those spirits are probably acting on someone else's will. He seems to be watching them close. Look for a human in combat boots and a tan trenchcoat.]

They must be getting close to ready. Flip starts looking for a place to set down where it will be easy to pick up the patient.

2007-12-06, 06:03 PM

"I just about have her ready to make the attempt," He spares a glance over to Jacob and sees the blood. Returning back to the client he says, "Once we are back in the copter you're next. Are we going to lose anymore ceiling?"

still multitasking as needed to care for the client

2007-12-06, 06:39 PM

Darryl stops in his tracks when the ceiling drops right in front of him. He turns and watches Jacob deflect the stone. "Thank the Lord! Oh, them there spirit's is gunna wish they was dead."

All the same, Darryl would feel a little more secure with his shield. Sure Spirit don't shoot and if they did the shield wouldn't likely help, but still. Guess he's got the Lord on his side, what more can he ask for.

Darryl runs back out the east side of the tunnel and partway up the plascrete hill to get, what he hopes is a somewhat concealed view of the 'Fire Dance'.

Once he can see the fire spirits, Darryl calls up Michael and Raphael and politely requests that they attack the spirits. Once that's done, Darryl will call upon the power of the Lord to smite the foes of modern construction techniques.

2007-12-06, 09:14 PM
[Incoming Message from Dispatch]
[Status change: Jupiter to Transport]


An inspection of the ceiling shows that there aren't any more pieces that look ready to fall in the immediate area overhead. Jacob drops down off the car as Sam finishes up and steps out of the way. Jacob is able to rip the door open despite the damage, and ducks inside the car. With his head practically in the woman's lap, he muscles her legs free, crumpling the plastic and plasteel. He makes it look easy, though the angle is difficult to work with and his muscles scream in protest. The woman can now be removed with little effort and great care.

Darryl hies himself out and up high enough to get a good look at what's going on topside. There are five spirits visible wreaking their havoc on the roadway and the vehicles there. Michael and Raphael appear over Darryl's shoulders, glowing and winged. Michael seems to grasp something at his side, and he draws forth a glorious sword of flames as he flies into the fire. Raphael pulls a staff out of nowhere, glowing with holy light, as he follows Michael. They dive into the fire and begin to engage the fire spirits, who are only too happy to return the attention.

The man in the trenchcoat, who is on the south end of the bridge, starts walking backwards, away from the fire, as Darryl's two angels come into view and begin battling with the fire dancers. As nothing has really moved, Flip can get the copter to hover over the same car as he did before, which will be low enough to get the team and the client inside.

The cops are mostly just trying to herd people away from the fire and overpass right now. No other emergency vehicles have arrived yet, possibly because the roads are jammed for a fair distance in all four directions. There is a great deal of pointing and staring at Darryl's two angels.

2007-12-06, 09:48 PM

Flip hovers low above the car that the group had used earlier. [I'm ready to pick up you when you are.] As he holds position, he quickly double checks with his MapSoft the location of Dr. Sparks –1573 Oriscene Way, Puyallup. He has some idea where it is, but since it is not in his usual turf, he wants to make certain before taking off.

2007-12-06, 10:52 PM

Jacob's arms are dirty and covered with dirt and some drying blood where he has wiped his forehead, or gotten close to the injured woman and her driver while prying her out. But he is ready to help Sam get her onto the stretcher and carry her out, "Alright Sam, let's get her out of here."

Before heading out, he sends a quick message over the link.

[Alright Flip, we're heading out - I see you're waiting for us. Darryl, how are you doing?]

2007-12-07, 07:50 AM

Darryl holds his ground on the embankment, knowing it'll take a fair bit of time for the copter to get in position, Darryl focuses his love of the Lord to smite the fire dancers.

In between spells, Darryl says over the link, [5 angry spirits. I'm a bit outnumbered. Hurry Please.]

If I can get two or more spirits(without hitting my angels), I'll use a F3 Stunball - Buy off the drain.
Otherwise, I'll target the one Raphael is attacking with a F5 Manabolt - Buy off the drain.

How many rounds till the copter is low enough for us to board? I'll probably keep attacking the spirits from here(unless they charge at me or something stupid).

2007-12-07, 10:21 AM

Once the client is free from the car Sam moves back into place and begins giving Jacob detailed instructions so he can help move the client to the stretcher with careful speed.

Once they have finished getting her moved Sam does another quick check of their client, to make sure the move didn't cause her to take a turn for the worse. One he is sure he tells Jacob, who is at the front of the stretcher so he can look outward, "We are ready to move."

2007-12-07, 11:19 AM

It takes about half a minute to get the woman free without causing further damage to her. In that time, Darryl starts dropping spells to assist his spirits in their fight. The five fire dancers all disappear into the Astral after the second spell, and Darryl's two angels follow. Although Darryl did manage to hinder the fire dancers some with his spells, their numbers are sufficient to keep the fight generally even.

Once the woman is on the stretcher, it is just seconds before Jacob and Sam are loading her into the copter.

The location in Puyallup is about 35km from your current location, almost straight south.

Darryl:That will use up the air spirit's last service. Do you want to call both spirits off as soon as they start climbing back into the copter, or have one or both of them continue to fight until you're all in the copter and moving?

2007-12-07, 12:27 PM

Once the helicopter is within a meter or two 'touchdown', Darryl will rush to join the team. Darryl decides to let the spirits have the fun and doesn't change their orders as he climbs on board.

Given the chance, Darryl'll climb into his seat and get the shield back from Jacob.

"Yeet, dem spirits was mighty wry'll'd up. Didja see which way that there fella in the trenchcoat done went? I did done thunk that maybe he summoned them there spirits and maybe caused that there crash."

That wasn't a nice thing to do. Come on. How hard is it to remember? WWJD. If we see that trenchcoat guy again, I may have to learn him a thing or two.

2007-12-07, 12:57 PM

Jake carries the stretcher to the chopper, going first, and helps Sam get the woman inside. Once he is done dealing with the client, he hands the riot shield back to Darryl, "Thanks a lot, chummer - couldn't have done without it. Sorry, I got a bit of me on there."

Settling down in his seat, he sighs and touches his forehead gingerly. There is still some bleeding near his eyebrow and he carefully wipes the blood away from his eyes with his sleeve. He turns to Flip once everybody else is settled, "Alright Flip, I think we're good to go." A thought occurs to him and he continues, "I think before the next shift, I'm gonna get you a camera, something with a decent zoom. Since you've always got a great view of the scene, it'd be a good tactical advantage for us to share our eyes."

We may not be a swat team, but our jobs haven't been too different so far. Except I've never faced down a boulder at the Star.

2007-12-07, 01:18 PM

Once the client is safely loaded on to the chopper, Sam takes a bit of time to connect her to senors and alarms that would trip if anything about her condition changes. Once confident that the client is stable for the trip he turns to his teammates.

Moving the medkit over to Jacob he says, "Lets see how bad it is." With a penlight he checks Jacob eyes. If they are human eyes and not cyberware replacements they should help him learn if they was a concussion. Moving on to wound itself, he works on it while talking. "Head wounds always bleed more then any wounds of comparable size and severity. Hopefully some spray on bandages and maybe something for the headache I'm sure you have."

Once he has a good idea what Jacob needs he works on it while asking Darryl, "How about you?" He hadn't noticed any signs of trauma on the troll, but that didn't mean he might not need help

2007-12-07, 02:26 PM

Darryl accepts the shield back with the blood on it. Unsure whether he should leave the blood in place or wipe it off, Darryl sits and stares at it a bit. Wonder if I can use that as a magic link to cast spells on him...

When Master Sam-wise asks about his injuries, Darryl responds with a nod and says, "Mighty kind a ya. I'm bein' fine for now. 'Course, I'm gonna have to re-summon my angel friends. I'll wait till we drop off this here doctor. Don't wanna take ur attention away frum the client."

Back to the shield question... Darryl decides to spend the trip to the hospital thank'n the Lord and praying for guidance.

2007-12-07, 03:04 PM

Sam can spray some anesthetic onto Jacob's forehead and then some sythaskin over it. He has to look for a minute to find some that isn't a day-glo color, but he does eventually locate a flesh tone can. It takes just a few seconds to patch it up. The ride to the Puyallup facility isn't too long - about 8 minutes.

The client wakes up about 6 minutes in and starts screaming and trying to roll onto her side.

Two boxes healed for Jacob.

2007-12-07, 03:29 PM

His attention quickly pulled back to the client Sam begins trying to reassure her. "Your going to be ok. You were in an accident and your Doc Wagon contract was activated. We are taking you to Dr. Sparks"

While he is trying to calm her down he does another check on her medical condition to see if he missed something or if something else happened that he was unaware of.

He figured her reaction was normal for a trauma victim waking up in a strange place, but he wanted to make sure there was nothing else to it

2007-12-07, 03:29 PM

Once they are away from the crash site, Jacob takes off his helmet, to make it easier for Sam. After the quick patchup, his head does feel better and he smiles at Sam, "Thanks doc. Much better."

He remains silent for the rest of the ride, enjoying the sudden lack of pain and replaying the dramatic scene with the ceiling coming down in his mind (literally) from his recorded footage for a few minutes. Just like after a debriefing - look at what you faced and keep looking until it doesn't scare you anymore. Alright... I think I've got it handled for now, time to calm down and enjoy the ride.

It finally occurs to him to turn off his wired reflexes and seems to relax a bit in his chair as he does so. When the client wakes up and screams, his hands reflexively jerk towards his holsters and then stop as he realizes there is no danger. He holds his hands up to catch the client if she looks about to fall off and looks at Sam quizzically, "Uh doc? What do we do?"

2007-12-07, 06:45 PM

Darryl hangs back and lets the medic do his thing. When the woman starts howling, Darryl smiles at her and nods. He then says a long prayer for the Lord to ease her suffering.

Heading to Dr. Sparks... Hm.. [Flip, have you contacted Dr. Sparks to let the good doctor know we are inbound? Hopefully someone is there at this time of night.]

Darryl decides he might as well re-summon Raphael in case we need him.

Force 5 (spirit of air)

2007-12-07, 07:28 PM

Once everyone is aboard, Flip takes off again heading in the direction of Puyallup. "Contacting them now," Flip replies.

He uses his comm to send the following message to Dr. Sparks facility. [DocWagon incoming with a patient. Should be there in 7 or 8 minutes. She was banged up pretty badly in a car accident and had some rubble from the overpass collapse on her.]

"Oh, and last I saw the other awakened guy, he was heading south off the overpass. I had a good eye on him this time, and I'd be happy to send ya'll as much as I can, if I get a camara, but remember, when I can it's best for me to wait on the ground for faster and easier drop offs and pick-ups," he says, almost ignoring the woman's screams. He is not careless of them, but has heard the like enough times before it is almost like second nature.

2007-12-07, 07:58 PM
She stops screaming rather abruptly and looks around wildly. "The car. I was in the car with Nemo. Where's Nemo?" She grabs the nearest collar and yanks Jacob to her face with a strength that seems kind of unlikely given her size and stature. Maybe it's adrenaline. "We crashed. I don't remember after that. Fragging piles of fragging fraggers, this fragging hurts!"

She lets go of Jacob and her eyes unfocus. Her entire body is overlaid with an image of a brown bear that lasts for a half a minute. Her legs knit of their own accord, returning to more normal shapes. She shakes her head a little as the visage of the bear leaves her and flops back onto the bed. Much calmer now, she says, "Did someone else come for Nemo?"

Sam:A moment's inspection tells Sam that, while she just healed quite a bit, she is still hurt and should still be taken to Dr. Sparks.

2007-12-07, 08:12 PM

Taking off his glasses he sets it hanging off on of his pockets. This wasn't going to be fun. "I don't know who Nemo is, but the driver of the car was already dead when we got there. I am sorry" Sam meant every word, as he laid a comforting hand on hers

2007-12-07, 09:59 PM

Jake tenses as the woman grabs his collar, but relaxes once she lets go. He shakes his head at her, "I'm sorry. You're lucky to be alive yourself." Probably shouldn't tell her just how lucky. At least he died fairly quickly, though I doubt that'll make her feel any better. He sits back in his seat and adjusts his collar slightly, looking at the woman with a sympathetic expression.

2007-12-08, 09:25 AM
She shakes her head. "No, he wouldn't have died in a car crash. Did someone else come for him?" She looks straight into Sam's eyes. "You didn't just leave him there, did you? Jesus, you did. Turn this motherfragging thing around, right damn now!" She sits up and looks about ready to wrestle Sam to the floor.

2007-12-08, 09:52 AM

"If he had a contract, I'm sure someone's on the way, miss. Mighta been one of the vans though. The area was very congested with traffic, probably just having a tough time making it through to get to him. They'll get there."

2007-12-08, 10:03 AM

"I am sorry. Your accident was very serious, you barely made it. The only other person we saw in the car wasn't so lucky. When we got there it was to late." He didn't like having to strong arm people who where clearly emotionally over wrought, but if she grew more forceful he would have to take steps to put her under. She was clearly a mage and he wasn't willing to bet that her physical wounds would stop her.

Over the comlink he broadcasts [Darryl, she is clearly a mage of some kind, if she tries to force us to go back she could cause us to crash. Can you counter or block any attempts?]

2007-12-08, 03:58 PM

Uh. Well. Uh. [I can try, but I've never really been any good at that. I'd expect the medic to tranquilize the patient. For her own safety. Maybe while she is distracted.]

Darryl says to the woman to try an comfort her, {{ Aw, I'm no good at this, can't I just make a diplomacy or bluff check or something. }} "Ma'am, I understand its hard to accept when people done pass." I lost a puppy once. "Especially when you care for them, but I checked Astrally. He was gone. It wasn't just a car crash. There was that there fire. The bridge did done gone and collapsed partially on yur vehicle. Not to mention the fire spirits and the crashed helicopter."

Darryl cracks his knuckles and shifts his bible from his left to his right hand and says, "Doc Wagon has numerous ground and air based units. If that there Nemo fella was under contract, someone will git the call. If you want to go check it out astrally, we'll leave your body with Dr. Sparks."

2007-12-08, 07:49 PM
Darryl's suggestion of going astral seems to get her to focus and actually think. "No, I don't think I could find my body there. But..." Her eyes unfocus again and she lies back on the bed once more. Her lips move rapidly, but she doesn't make any actual sound. Then she nods. "Okay. He can't be dead. Ursa will find out for me, though."


The place is a three floor building with three helipad circles on the roof. It takes a minute for someone to get up to the roof, despite Flip calling ahead. During that minute, the woman insists upon sitting up, but doesn't try to move more than that.

[Incoming message from Dispatch]
[Stay where you are for a few minutes. We've got a TacSupp for you. He'll be there shortly.]

The person who comes up to assist your client inside is a young woman in a white lab coat. She has a rolling cot following her without being pushed. The client transfer goes smoothly and quietly. The woman clearly isn't in much of a thankful mood, and she doesn't spare a backwards glance for any of you.

2007-12-09, 02:28 AM

Jake lets Sam and Darryl deal with the distraught woman, trying to keep his expression neutral. Sometimes, a little gratitude would be nice. We saved her life and she is faulting us for not doing enough. He does his best to keep a polite smile on his face until the woman leaves.

2007-12-09, 06:58 AM

Damn this mission, why'd Jones and Stitches have to get splatted like that? I was supposed to protect them, and look what happens! Lucky thinks as he climbs the stairs, quickly and methodically,never a foot out of place.

As he keeps going, up and up to the rooftop, he checks his gear: suit, camouflage, DocWagon standard issue. Pistol, Colt Manhunter, personal gear. Polearm, carbon-steel, personal gear. Gasmask, personal gear. Monofilament chainsaw, cars, for the destruction of, personal gear. Restraints, plastic, personal gear. Flashlight, that others may see, personal gear.

Well, that looks to be everything. He thinks to himself as he emerges onto the rooftop, calmed by the listing of kit.

He sees the helicopter, the team inside and around it, and walks over, his stride slow and measured, but covering the ground quickly despite it.

"Evening. I'm the new TacSupp for you lot. My name is Lucas Wainthrope, but call me Lucky. Everyone else does." He says, his accent a strange, foreign one which you can't quite pin down until you realise - he's English.

Now that he has come into the light, you can see him more clearly. He is a tall man, his dark hair shaved close to his skull, revealing a network of scarring across his entire head. His eyes reflect everything, one-way mirrors covering them. He's either cybered or neurotic, and judging by the scarring around his eyes, you'd say he's both. His DocWagon issue suit covers the rest of his body, although he is heavily muscled and earing what looks to be the XL issue of the suit, and that is barely big enough, especially considering his impressive height. His hands are the only other part of him uncovered, and you can see they are also heavily scarred. His right hand is also covered in luminescent whorls which disappear down his sleeve. At his hip is holstered a deadly looking pistol - a heavily upgraded Colt Manhunter. Slung across his back is an unusual weapon - a polearm, in this case one styled to look like a halberd. Around his neck hangs a gasmask, ready to be pulled into place at a moment's notice, and a small chainsaw is strapped to his thigh. All in all, he looks pretty ready.

2007-12-09, 07:18 AM

Darryl, a troll, holding pocket bible in his left hand, immediately offers his right hand in friendship to the newcomer. "Howdy." When he sees the man attempt to bring his massive bladed weapon in the copter, Darryl suggests, "Y'all may wanna 'onsider leaving that there thing outside. Itsa preety darn tight in here awready, awl we need is fer someone to get demselves skewered on that there thing."

Darryl scooches over to make room for the massive bulk of the newguy, who is probably bigger than the somewhat modest bulk of Darryl. After adjusting his safety line, Darryl says, "Howdy" Again. "Names Darryl."

Darryl, anticipating the sort of trouble the team can now get into decides he'll go ahead and summon another angel to help out. Uriel, I choose you.

Force 6 Spirit of Earth - Buy the drain if possible.

2007-12-09, 11:13 AM

A shortish human man examines the new person with a professional eye and seems pleased with what he sees. His uniform is dirty around his arms and chest and has some dried blood on it. He holds his hand up in welcome, "Hey. I'm Jake - TacSup. Good to have you along." Looking at the polearm, he then grins at Darryl, "Well, I think if he puts it on the floor, we can manage to not jump on top of it. Besides, we wouldn't want it to fall off while it's outside - then someone might really get hurt."

It is going to be a bit unwieldy getting it in and out of the chopper when we're in a rush, though. Hopefully this guy knows what he's doing - he's certainly geared up right.

Initial description is here: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3284493&postcount=3

2007-12-09, 04:46 PM

"Sorry, hadn't thought about that. I'll strap it somewhere safe." Lucky grins sheepishly. "Oh, and nice to meet you, Darryl, Jake."

He then tries to find somewhere safe to stow his polearm, where he can get at it in a hurry if needed.

2007-12-09, 09:21 PM

Flip opens up the door to the pilot's seat and reaches around to offer a hand to the new guy. "Call me Flip, Lucky. Nice to meet ya. Welcome aboard Jupiter."

The pilot is a large man in a white docwagon suit. He has broad shoulders and a large round head with a wide nose and wide-set green eyes. His hair is worn in a short black crew cut.

2007-12-10, 08:02 AM
[Incoming message from Dispatch]
[Status change: Jupiter to On Call]

Flip gets the copter up and moving as soon as the door shuts. The polearm can be stowed against the long wall opposite the door without getting in anyone's way. It takes a good 9 minutes or so to get back to the standby point, and the Lone Star feeds are cluttered up with several traffic accidents, including the one with the fire spirits. They had to call in magical support to take care of the spirits and put out the fire, and someone is apparently in pursuit of the mage they suspect summoned the spirits.

Channel 4 news, for anyone scanning the news feeds, is showing footage of another DocWagon helicopter unit that was involved in the bank robbery in Auburn. From the footage, the pilot for that copter is one heckuva hot shot, as he managed to get the copter to fly sideways long enough for his people to jump into the fourth floor of the bank building. Twice. He got so close that the landing rails nearly scraped the side of the building.

2007-12-10, 09:01 AM

Listening to the LS feeds, Jake turns to Darryl, "Sounds like the Star was having some trouble with those fire spirits. What you did probably helped them out a good bit - it's always a pain getting magical support. There's just not enough on the force and you have to jump through special hoops to get one on the scene."

After taking a look at the news, he reviews the crazy stunt flying a few times and chuckles as he speaks into the pilot's area, "Flip, are all of you guys into this kind of crazy flying? I'm not sure whether to be impressed or hope that we never have to do an extraction on the middle floor."

And remembering something, he does something with his commlink. "Lucky, we've got a private comm link here. I'm sending you an invite now."

[Welcome to the team.]

2007-12-10, 09:30 AM
Uh. Well. Uh. [I can try, but I've never really been any good at that. I'd expect the medic to tranquilize the patient. For her own safety. Maybe while she is distracted.]

[Tranquilizing her would be the plan. Slap patches are fast, but they still take time and they have to be applied. When it comes to magical threats, I can't tell if it is a healing spell or a fireball so I would be acting way to late without a heads up or and delay that you could hopefully buy me]

After dropping off the client and waiting for the new TacSup Sam takes the time to refresh the medkit supplies and gets started on the incident paperwork. He references the visual record he had his camera create to make sure he gets all the facts straight.

Once the new guy arrives and introduces himself Sam responds in kind, "I'm Samuel Jones, EMT" If he were standing he would stand about 6 feet tall and was bone thin, his hair was brown and slightly graying. He wore dark glasses that clearly must have some kind of image enhancement otherwise he would be tripping over things in the dark.

Once underway, Sam pulls out a thermos and some dispoable cups he had stowed in his back pack, "Any one want some coffee? Its not the greatest, but caffeine help once the adrenaline wears off"

2007-12-10, 09:48 AM

Jacob shakes his head at Sam, "Nah, not right now. Maybe after the next one. I like to make it through two-thirds of a shift before I start on any cofee - that way when it wears off, the shift's over."

2007-12-10, 11:42 AM

[Like I said, I will always try to counterspell, but I've never been any good at that.]

Darryl goes back to reading his bible and praying, only looking up to respond to Samuel, "Thank you, but I fine these pickups quite excitin' enough widout caffeine."

Lucas... I remember seeing a Lucas in here somewhere. Darryl goes back to flipping through the bible on handed while slowly counting out prayers on a prayer bead with his other hand.

2007-12-10, 06:38 PM

After getting back to the standby point, Flip takes a moment to watch the feeds. "Not all of us, but most are," he says to Jacob with a big grin. "Look at it this way, would you rather have one of us who can pull off that kind of manuever at the stick or someone who's too unsure of themselves to even give it a shot."

Flip can't resist callling over to the Auburn team. [Hey, Kitty and company! You made the news! That was some fraggin' great flyin' outside that bank. Better be careful trying that again though. There's enough paperwork for coming back minus a few grenades. I don't even want to think about what the paperwork would be like comin' back without a copter.]

2007-12-11, 07:54 AM
As Jupiter goes through Auburn, the Kitty DocWagon contact can be seen clearly on the map, and looks like they are probably at their standby point.

[Incoming message from Kitty]
[Yeah, we're watching it. Media vultures showed up at our client drop-off. My wife is going to have a heart attack when she sees that. Maybe my kids will think it's cool, or whatever word they're using for that now, so can't be all bad.]

2007-12-11, 06:46 PM

Jacob is happy to relax for a little bit, after the last extraction. He turns to Darryl, and asks curiously, "So, you were raised religious? What do your folks think of you working here?"

2007-12-11, 07:52 PM

Darryl looks up from The Good Book when addressed. He smiles and responds, "Yeet. Nothing too extreme, we didna live in one of them there fortified compounds or nuffin."

Darryl looks out the window to the south-east, but of course, Georgia is much to far away to see in the dark, then, while still looking south-east, Darryl says, "Fahther 'n Muther, well, they didna exactly feel that my magic was a gift. 'Course, I'ma troll too, soz they really kinda considered that there whole magic thing to really be like that 'last straw'. They wuz sure I was in cahoots with ona dem demons or Satan". At this point he quickly, 'crosses' himself and continues, "or some such thing. Muther was sure that hard wurk'd sweat out dem demons, so I wuz putta work. 'Course being a troll, it wasn't too bad 'tall."

Darryl pauses and runs his huge thumb along the edge of the bible and then continues, "She 'ventually did done figured out that I wuz liking the work and she decided the school'n and learn'n was gunna be my route to salvation. So, I'm prolly 'bout the learn'nest troll around these parts."

Darryl looks back to Jacob and directly answers his questions, "Ma parents wouldn't not want me doing this here work cause I be using my evil powers to 'complish it. Day'd much rather I wuz a doctor or sumfin intellectual like."

2007-12-11, 07:52 PM

Lucky taps his right temple lightly, and then hooks his commlink into the private link.

[Thanks for the invitation. I'm glad that we're organised like this. Makes it far easier than having to shout across a gunfight.]

He then shakes his head at the offer of coffee.

"Don't touch the stuff. Tea's my drink. Well, that and a cold beer, but we're on duty, so that one will have to wait." He grins, swigging something from a flask he has produced. He turns and looks at Darryl as he begins flipping through his Bible, a slightly quizzical look on his face. Looks like we have a believer. Better go easy on the blasphemy then ...

2007-12-11, 08:24 PM

[Sure does.]

Jacob nods at Darryl sympathetically, "Heh, my folks threw a huge fit when I dropped out of the uni. They had this whole plan for me and they were none too happy. I bet they'd be happy if I was a doctor, too. They've calmed down a bit over the years, though. Hopefully yours will as well."

He winks at Darryl conspirationally, "They also think the Doc is safer than the SWAT, and I'm not about to tell them otherwise. Especially not mom, she's always worried the most."

2007-12-11, 09:30 PM

Making a note that this group wasn't big coffee drinkers, so he wouldn't need to make so much next time. Pouring himself a cup he said, "If any of you change your minds let me know, cause the offer is open until I run out or it grows cold."

To Darryl he said, "I always figured any one capable of using magic had alot going in the intellect department."

To Jacob he asked, "You mean aren't we're safer? I know its not exactly a safe job that we do, but I kind of figured the heavy hitters would give us a pass. Not out of respect or some kind of honor or anything, but because they most likely have contracts, and they figure next time it might be them that we come for."

2007-12-11, 10:06 PM

Jake shrugs at Sam and replies, "Well, that last one was no cakewalk. If the entire bridge came down on us, not much we could have done. Or imagine if our client was in that burning chopper? Sure, most people won't shoot the guys that might save their life tomorrow. But that don't mean they'll stop shooting, if you get in front of their target. And if you're not expecting to get shot, you're likely to catch a stray bullet when you're not looking." He grimaces a bit, remembering Syber.

He continues, "When I was on SWAT, we sometimes had the Doc come in and get some guys out. I'd say it was a lot less safe for them in the crossfire than it was for us. You're probably right, most of the time it's not so bad. Just don't let your guard down and keep an eye out, in case it's one of those times when it is."

2007-12-11, 11:20 PM

The pilot remains conspicuously quiet during this conversation. More than one nerve has been touched on, and he'd just rather not join in on the conversation at the moment. Instead, he makes himself busy checking some of Jupiter's settings.

2007-12-12, 06:29 AM

Catching a stray bullet ... that's never been my problem. It's the ones aimed at me I take issue with. Lucky thinks to himself.

"When I was working for the army, the medics had even more body armour than the soldiers. It takes some guts to walk into a firefight and drag out the wounded. My boys, at least, always held up when the sawbones went onto the field. You never know when it's going to be you who's hit." Murmurs Lucky, almost inaudibly, running two fingers gently down the centre of his chest, as though tracing a wound.

2007-12-12, 08:51 PM

Responding to Lucky, Jake says, "Well, the Star usually doesn't shoot the Doc, unless you've got some trigger happy fragface." He makes a spitting motion towards the floor. "Anyways, the gangers and the random runners are not always so sensible. If they think they can take advantage of the situation, they'll shoot you, the client, and any random citizen."

2007-12-13, 12:51 PM

Darryls nods along in agreement as the others talk, only adding something towards the end. "Its that kinna thing dat makes me wanna stay in this here copter insteada goin' out'n see'n da world up close like."

Darryl leans back and ponders the secrets of the universe and how they they affected these last couple missions. After a bit, he checks the clock on his commlink(as well as any incoming messages he might have) and hopes the rest of the night is more relaxed.

2007-12-14, 04:06 PM

Jacob nods at Darryl, "Believe me, if I could help people by never leaving my room, I would. But this is the way I know and the how I do things best."

He also relaxes for a bit and taps out a quick message to his parents via his commlink, sending it to them directly once he is done.
[To Mom, Sayuri Vishenviy]
[Hi Mom, you probably won't get this until morning, but I'll probably be asleep then. Just wanted to let you know that my first day is going well and I have not been shot or injured. The other guys are great. See you in a few weeks.]

[To Dad, Andrei Vishneviy]
[Hey Dad, thought I'd send off a quick one while I got some free time. So far, so good. Seen some flying lead, but none of it headed my way. Don't tell mom, but I was under that damaged underpass on 169 for a bit - I'm alright, and our client was too. We've had a bit of shuffling on the team, but they all seem like good guys. Mage is a little wet behind the ears, but he's doing great too. Alright, see you both in a few weeks.]