View Full Version : Some easy questionnaires and other ideas for interconnecting a party

2019-04-15, 02:15 PM
Basically just that i need some suggestions for methods for party creation for a group of characters in general and wanted to hear peoples suggestions and thoughts from things such as you answer 1 question about your character and ask the next person 1 question.

Or things like you know 1 secret about this person and all that.
In part i wanna compile a big list and see/hear all the ideas and thoughts people have for me on this because it would greatly help to give me a greater idea.

From things to questionnaires about there characters and more you know all those little things.

That House
2019-04-15, 02:52 PM
My current campaign’s hook as that we were all trying to go the recently discovered “New World” and exploit its resources and people. (Evil campaign, Cristopher Columbus style). The other reason we were leaving is that my first ever character had become king of most of the continent, and people were evacuating en masse. (He was an alcoholic and the least good CG i’ve ever heard of. He had a good heart, but he was just a bad king and a poor excuse for a cleric).

2019-04-15, 06:14 PM
Bonds from Dungeon World work like this (also Hx in Apocalypse World, which is what Dungeon World is derived from). Basically each character class comes with phrases that have a blank where you fill in another character's name (for Dungeon World bonds) or you ask a question and someone says if that applies to them.

For example, the Fighter in Dungeon World has a bond that says, "______ owes me their life, whether they admit it or not." In Apocalypse World, one of the Hx questions for the Chopper is, "Which one of you figures that you could take me in a fight, if it came to it?"