View Full Version : Whatís your Favorite Evil Character (PC or NPC), that youíve encountered in a game.

That House
2019-04-15, 06:15 PM
My favorite evil character is my current PC, Quint Latimer, or Draijl, or Count Archibald of Castleton or Duke Reginald. He is a beautiful work of BS.

Heís currently a Bard 2/Warlock 2, (lots of enchantment/illusion, including the EIs for at-will Silent Image and at-will Disguise Self), heís a variant winged tiefling, he has six fingers/hand, goat hooves, wings, blue cat eyes, fangs, blue skin (about this shade), and smallish golden chinese dragon horns. He dresses on the cutting edge of current fashion, is meticulously neat, and plays the violin, the bow of which he reinforced and added a point to it. (He uses the bow as a rapier). I plan on taking the rest of my levels in bard (College of Whispers).

Personality-wise, heís an egomaniacal, narcissistic, psycho/sociopathic, paranoid, manipulative bastard. (My iPad literally autocorrected bastard onto the end of the sentence. It knows who itís talking about). Heís the leader of the party, with high Charisma and all, and is using them to make up for what weaknesses he has. (He sees them as necessary tools that he has to have on hand if heís going to achieve his goal of toppling kingdoms and placing himself at the top of them).

His flaws are many, which keeps him from being too evil Mary Sue-ish. He has a flair for the dramatic, even when it would endanger his plans. He feels compelled to make a mess sometimes, just to break out of the drudgery of maintaing a perfect appearance and all. His physical strength and constitution are low, necessitating brawny allies, and all of his skills are social skills, so he needs a rogue to help him when stealth is needed. Finally, he has deeply repressed inferiority complex, feeling like he needs to prove to his devil father that heís not a failure, but he sometimes suspects he is.

Heís quite a bit of fun to play, his flaws have gotten me into a lot of trouble, such as when Quint killed some nobleís children because they were trying to mess with the blackout drunk party Rogue, but his social skills and bardic magic have gotten me out of a bunch too.

Iíve only played two sessions with him, and it hasnít all gone too well OoC (see my post about IC and OoC conflict for an insight into my moderately dysfunctional friendship with a fellow player), but itís mostly been a thrill.

Maybe someday Iíll write up a list of his criminal exploits, of which Iím sure there will be many.

So what are your favorite villains, whether they were the PCs or the actual enemies?

2019-04-16, 11:18 AM
Three words: Strahd von Zarovich.

A good runner up would have to be a certain celestial in Curse of Strahd though. His warped perception of reality is a limitless source of jokes!