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2019-04-15, 10:24 PM
Iíve been humoring the idea of having both a Spell Point system and Vancian magic implemented simultaneously. My rough draft is:

M-Type Magic
*Cost a flat number of Spell Points
*Can be cast so long as you have enough MP
*Can be cast by any spellcasting class
*Generally weaker than V-Type magic, but more versatile

V-Type Magic
*Must be prepared in advance
*Each spell can only be cast so many times as prepared
*Thereís a limit on how many V-Type spells can be prepared at once
*Exclusive to Wizards, Clerics, and Druids
*Each prepared spell has fixed purpose, but generally stronger than M-Type magic

2019-04-15, 11:45 PM
This sounds like it could get really complicated really quickly.

I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad idea, just that it could get complicated.

For one, you would have to rate each spell individually as to which type it would fit. For another, you'd have to figure out how to have both spell points and spell slots, complete with progression for both, on each of those three classes in a way that balances with the non-prepare full casters: Sorcerer and Bard (Warlock is and will continue to remain a special case).

Personally, what I would advise is to add a tag like 'Ritual' to the spells: 'Prepare', which would mean the spell must be prepared in advance or it cannot be cast. Given that a large portion of the spell lists for Druids and Clerics might not have these - and those two get automatic access to the full spell list for the levels they can cast - a reduced number of spells that can be prepared among those with the tag would be in order. Currently that's [spellcasting modifier] + [Class level].

Or [half Class level] for Rangers and Paladins. Which would mean you'd need to include those two in the revamp as well.

Also, you'd need to consider the expanded spell lists that a number of archetypes grant, which are considered 'always prepared' and in many cases include spells not normally on that class's spell list and might even be exclusive to another class. How would this interact with your revamp?

It's... kind of a daunting overhaul really.

2019-04-18, 12:47 PM
I don't know, I think this could work pretty well.

Your level determines the number of Spell Points you have. And the levels of spells you can cast.

You just split the total number of SP between the spells according to the level you intend to cast them as.

Let's say you are a 5th level full caster with, maybe, 10 SP (for the sake of this argument; it's probably higher by the book).

Every 1st level spell costs 1 SP, Every 2nd level spell 2 SP, and every 3rd level spell 3 SP, and so on.

Keep the ability to up-cast spells if you want, or don't. Totally up to you imho. Upcasting would still cost a relevant amount of SP, so it's not a big game changer.

So. At 5th level you could cast any number of spells as long as your daily allotment of SP is enough.

You could cast three 3rd level spells and one 1st level spell or you could cast ten 1st level spells or anything between that.

However, you must decide in advance how many spells of each level you want to be able to cast, and sort of lock these decisions until you take a long rest.