View Full Version : Pathfinder Moon Bats - A NPC Supervillain Race

2019-04-16, 11:17 AM
Moon Bats Race

Monstrous Humanoid 3rp

standard speed 0rp

flexible statistics 2rp

improved natural armor 2rp

DR 10/magic 6rp

Fast Healing 2hp/rnd 12rp

quick reactions 2rp

flight 50 ft good maneuverability 12rp

breath weapon cold 2d6 20ft line 3rp

elemental vulnerability – electricity -2rp

sprinter 1rp

TOTAL : 41rp

“Moon Bats” is a misnomer, because these aliens clearly arrived from a denser planet than our moon. Arrogant and bizarre, moon bats tend to be fighters or antipaladins, living singly in some fief they have carved out as a mini-kingdom. They are bullies and tyrants, expecting others to defer to their whims and tantrums. Moon bats stand about 5' 5” high and weigh about 200 lbs in a compact, bulky frame of muscular build with broad, leathery wings. They love wearing flamboyant colorful costumes and parading with gangs of other nonhuman bad guys, such as rakshasas and hobgoblins.

So here is a deliberately broken race, for NPC Supervillains with comic-book advantages and a comic-book weakness. It has 41RP like a Drow Noble. I can't see allowing a PC to use this but as a challenging boss it might work in, especially with a rakasha cohort and an antipaladin's devil companion.