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2019-04-17, 01:34 PM
As part of a magic revamp, I'm considering the following change to the bard's Magical Secrets feature. It's moved to 6th level and renamed Magical Mimicry.

Magical Mimicry Starting at 6th level, when you see a spell being cast, you can attempt to study the harmonies invoked and learn to mimic it as long as the spell's level is less than the highest level of spell you can cast. As an action on your next turn, make a Charisma (Performance) check against a DC of 12 + the spellís level. On a successful check, you learn the spell and treat it as a Bard spell. You can only learn a number of spells this way up to half your Charisma modifier (minimum 1); you can choose to sacrifice a learned spell for a different one when you succeed on a check.

Advanced Mimicry (Lore bard) You can attempt to mimic a spell up to the highest level of spell you can cast.

This gives up to 3 spells "stolen", but limits most bards to 8th level max and only spells they've seen cast. It also (in my mind) reinforces the theme of bards being a magpie-like "learning from everything around them" group.

As part of the revamp the spell lists would change (making them either focus on mental-themed spells or on illusion).

2019-04-19, 01:34 PM
I think the most relevant addition from Xanathar's is Find Greater Steed for lvl 10 magical secrets, but overall it really depends on your party and character