View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next What do you think about my 5e Duskblade adaptation

2019-04-23, 07:36 PM
I was interested in making a true gish for 5e but the more and more I play tested it I realized that there needed to be more and more incentives to be a caster than what either half casting class offered so this is what I concluded. Please tell me what you think of this attempt at a gish.

2019-04-23, 08:16 PM
It is overpowered, making this a 2/3 level caster with the likes of Rapid Casting, Improved Archaic Blade, and Elemental Manipulation makes a better Nova Blaster than the Sorcerer. It also has more cantrips known than a Warlock. Plus a feature that gives a magic weapon at level 1 should immediately be suspect.

2019-04-24, 10:15 PM
Overall it doesn't function as a gish. You have meatier caster that can engage in melee who is more comfortable with nuking and controlling crowds. The challenges of making a true gish is balancing stats to incentivize spell stat but not be reliant on it as well as actions between weapon combat and spells. The only thing your class offers is rapid casting which is once per rest. Action Surge is objectively better in every way.
If we would look at the original we would see the Eldritch Knight is very close to the original so what you need to do is extract more substance from the original.